1. C

    Please can you help with this....??

    Slightly off topic yet I feel this is so important to so many people who probabily use this forum! Please can everyone sign this petition and share on LinkedIn, facebook, Twitter or any other forums & social media which you all use. In advance, THANK YOU...
  2. K

    Looking for a labourer/apprenticeship role , SW London

    Hi All, I am keen to become a plasterer and am keen to find out if anyone is keen to take me on as a labourer/apprentice. I was a scaffolder for 8 years and gave that up to travel/live abroad, i came back home and decided to take a different career path by becoming an estate agent which i have...
  3. brad myers

    Looking for a plastering apprenticeship in Leeds

    Is there any plastering apprenticeships in Leeds? I'm 18 and nearly finished level 2 in college, Don't drive but want to get out there working as college tech same things over and over again