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  1. BobbyJack

    Guess where

    10 points to guess exactly where I am having the time of my life chasing pollock and Mackerel since 7amr
  2. BobbyJack

    Sea fishing off almwych

    Went off Anglesey on Saturday. Top day with a bit of rain in the afternoon. Caught an abundance of dog fish, couple of bollusc and mate caught a red Gurnard.
  3. BobbyJack

    Render on timber?

    Built a garden room. Wrapping walls and ceiling with 8x2 T&G moisture resistant floor sheets. Roof is getting GRP. Originally was going to clad the walls with timber but our peg now likes render. So can render be applied directly to the wood with a grit primer and mesh or is it a no go. Open to...
  4. BobbyJack

    Anyone help with this

    Mate sent me this. Lived in house for 20years and this has appeared over last 2 days. Any ideas
  5. BobbyJack

    Day out

    Day out last weekend in northwich. Good day. Birroeed some gear off my pal. Caught 12 fish. Not a clue what was what. This was biggest thing I got. Anyone sellng a course rod?
  6. BobbyJack

    Spray loft insulation

    Anyone had it done. Looking at options at the minute and this is one of them but I don't know anything about it other than each companies own personal selling points
  7. BobbyJack

    Time of year

    So the fish probably aren't arses about time of year and temperature etc but other than standing out in the cold is this time of year still good for getting the rod out. There is a small chance of getting out for a day on weekend but if fish are like birds and fly South for the winter is the...
  8. BobbyJack

    Finally finished the feature floor

    So it's been a bit of a process and a learning curve but I've finally finished the centre piece of the house ready for the log burner. It's a compass in micro cement and a little Venetian plaster. I created my slab from concrete and stone then made the top smooth and neat with a bit of self...
  9. BobbyJack

    New toy

    Woke up today as a 36 year old. Nice pressure from the missus. Very happy indeed
  10. BobbyJack

    Gorilla tubs

    Is it me or are these things getting smaller. Got a new one last week and I swear I have to do a few mixes just to get a reveal on
  11. BobbyJack

    Log burner question

    So I'm putting in a multi fuel stove. It's in the centre of my gaff so It will be double fronted with glass to living room and dining on the other side. On the internal fire place walls I have boarded them but someone mentioned to me that even with a porcelain tile the heat could remove the...
  12. BobbyJack

    Can finally say ive done it

    Been using a twitcher more and more lately working in wet angles. This morning I finally managed 4 walls on one hit plus the window reveals. Only a 2 bag bathroom bathroom and ceiling didn't need doing but I got it done in one. The edges came up alright too. Had to brush and trowel them...
  13. BobbyJack

    Next day out

    Anyone been to whithaven. Looking at this for the next day trip
  14. BobbyJack

    First outing

    Well it's 4am nd I'm knackered. Already rethinking this fishing lark. Will update as the day goes
  15. BobbyJack

    A new beginning

    So here's the latest addition to TPF. Thought I'd share my latest purchases then. Got a box from fleabay to store bits and hopefully anything caught and got some mackeral bait from tackle shop near me yesterday
  16. BobbyJack

    Anyone used this before

    Working on a site today and noticed this knocking about. I've used bg magnetic before but never heard of this
  17. BobbyJack

    Tricolour ceiling

    Started a job today. (Yes I know it's Sunday but busy as fook) will be fitting it in between other work as it's not to far from home. Will put pictures up of the process. Started today with a 4 hour session consisting of mainly prep work. Sheeting up the area including floor and fixings such as...
  18. BobbyJack

    Who wanted colour pics

    Cant remember who was getting bored of grey Venetian jobs the other week. I felt the same as it's all most customers want for the last year or so. Anyway this week I got 2 colour numbers. One for a fireplace shop and one for a fireplace job so here they are
  19. BobbyJack

    Little polished ceiling job

    Thought I'd put some finished pics in the appropriate section. All waxed and buffed. What a grueller of a job but great satisfaction in the finished result. 124 sq metres
  20. BobbyJack


    On a Venetian ceiling in knutsford this week. Decent size lid at 90 metres. Have to say whoever plastered the lid before we started did a great job. Probably the best I've been on to. Anyone here take credit?
  21. BobbyJack

    Couple of things

    Firstly today I did a good deed. My very good friend did a short weekend plastering course as he works for a basement conversion company and wants to learn more skills to get involved in more of the work. Albeit it was a 2 day course and i said he would be better in the long run doing something...
  22. BobbyJack


    Just got a call from a company called prestige building supplies in Rochdale, Manchester. Offering 100 skim bead and 50 litres of pva for 99 quid plus vat. Incentive for setting up an account with them. If anyone is interested ask for Chelsea 0161 393 3060
  23. BobbyJack

    Prem 2017

    Who do you fancy to lift the trophy. I've got money on e/W bet on spurs. Got 12/1 and it pays out on top 3 spots
  24. BobbyJack

    Renderer required burnley

    My mates house. He's after someone to go and give him a price. Any takers drop your number on here and he'll call you direct. Currently got some pebble dash on. He's not arsed about what it gets rendered in as the house will be rented or sold
  25. BobbyJack

    Smooth render in hale, manchester

    Just got a call asking for venetian externally for a chimney. Explained the difficulties of venetian outdoors. The lady wants a flat smoothfinish in a colour. She doesnt want a scratched or stipple k rend. Who can I pass her number on to?
  26. BobbyJack

    Nice little micro job on

    Started this little number in Oxford St London on Thursday. Adidas store. All floors turned from Tiles into microcement. 400 metres in basement that gets finished tomorrow. Then 2 more floors to go at.
  27. BobbyJack

    Venetian plaster

    Morning all. TPF was built for plasterers about anything related to plastering. Over the years the forum has asked and answered pretty much every question regarding plaster and surrounding topics. Tied together with an abundance of photos, so to set things off for the coming year I'm writing a...
  28. BobbyJack

    plasterers labourer required, Bury, manchester

    Preferable to be able to drive. Any experience is nice but not essential Not for myself directly but a plasterer who works for us needs a new labourer
  29. BobbyJack

    tile on ashphalt

    Can someone tell me the procedure for tiling onto ashphalt floor. Does it require a primer of some kind before adhesive.
  30. BobbyJack

    eng v wales

    What's your thoughts. Think Wales might turn us over
  31. BobbyJack

    skills poll

    So who can do what. Are you a solid spread or can your skills extend to all areas. Do you specialise to one area. For this om not asking what you can do but what you actually do day to day. If you can plaster and render in and out but only render externally mon to Fri then tick the external...
  32. BobbyJack

    Horse tip?

    Been given a horse for tomorrow. It's showing 33/1 so I'm not fully convinced but I can never help but betting on a tip. Not that many tips ever win 5.20 Kempton Links bar marbella. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  33. BobbyJack

    battersea, London next week

    Looking for someone for next week in battersea. Neat clean for high end apartment. Skimming onto board. Some patching too. Ideally from the area but if not then I can sort accommodation out Rob 07854893257
  34. BobbyJack

    water quality

    Talking with a lad today about setting plaster off faster using dirty water etc. Question came up about hard and soft water and if it makes any difference to plaster working times. Anyone any thoughts
  35. BobbyJack

    fire rating

    Anybody know how long gypsum 12.5mm pink fire board is rated to in minutes. Need 60 min fire separation and not sure if single or double birding is required
  36. BobbyJack

    come on palace

    Got money on palace to do man u. Never know
  37. BobbyJack

    own up

    Anyone want to stick their name to this. The job is in Warwickshire. Not sure if exact address but it's a new build house near Hatton. it's a fckin disgrace. The whole house has been plastered by a tw@. How am I supposed to put a polished stucco on this When the thickness of the...
  38. BobbyJack

    golf betting massive offer

    Mate told me about paddy power offer on the golf so I rang up registered and placed a bet. They have triple odds and paying top seven places on each way on the open before it all starts. Max bet 50 quid or 25 each way. I got 25 each way on Rickie Fowler at 33/1. They triple the bet so my account...
  39. BobbyJack

    P1SS taped protection

    Got some tape with drop down plastic protection from Ryan. Used it this week to protect an area. Worked very well and looked like a crime scene when all set up. Very easy to put on and does a good job. Recommend it
  40. BobbyJack

    tools of the trade

    My new gear arrived today. All 110v festool sander and extractor and polisher. Also my new trowel case. Don't care how G** I am. So now we have all bases covered. Lad I work with has 240 sander and extraction.
  41. BobbyJack

    trowel protection

    My mate just bought this to protect his venetian trowels. It's a belter. Gun case. The trowels can be put anywhere. It's a foam pad full of cubes where the trowels can slide in and out of. Works a treat. 45 nicer. Will have to order one
  42. BobbyJack

    Finally used the magnetic

    In between a job today I came home and put the magnetic plaster on little girls bedroom wall. Didn't think bag would cover the wall given the sq/meter age output so put a flat bead part way up. Plan was to put mf on top half. Had a part bag left in garage and when mixing didn't have enough so...
  43. BobbyJack


    Did a lid and 2 walls Wednesday afternoon. Everything normal. Re skim to a bedroom. Went back yesterday afternoon to finish the other two walls and noticed what looked like leopard spots all over the ceiling. They weren't on the walls. I hadn't done anything different. Finished with nela as...
  44. BobbyJack

    Nela Venetian Trowel review

    Evening. After a torment of trying to get a review video on here i have given up and just putting the written version on. Its a combination of me not understanding time limits on new you tube accounts and also being a bit of a useless twit. Danny even offered to post the video if i could get a...
  45. BobbyJack

    scoop 6

    Anyone having a go today. Possible 15 million quid up for grabs from picking 6 horses on 6 set races. All for 2 quid. Already been to bookies and got mine on
  46. BobbyJack

    search facility

    I remember seeing a post thread recently with someone asking how to post a video. I can't find it so typed it into the search. Nothing related to video comes up in the search. So in short how do I post a video up.
  47. BobbyJack

    world cup sweep???

    Just having a brew and got a call off a mate. Do I want to go in the sweep. As a gambling man its a yes. Rings me back with my three teams picked out of a hat. I get feckin Bosnia Honduras and Japan, **** sake. I've the difficulty of the national sweep would ant mods like to do a world cup...
  48. BobbyJack

    a poor spread

    Got a lad in to give me a lift on weekend. Hall stairs landing at my mates house so they can get moved in. My mate was at the house all day with us.This lad went to college and has been plastering the last 6 years or so. I gave him the bottom of the stairs while I did he top half off a ladder...
  49. BobbyJack

    primer problem

    Went and painted cementone green primer on artex living room ceiling yesterday morning after giving it a scrape. Was a short stipple. I always use this on artex and never had a problem. Went back this morning to plaster it and had a tough time. The primer usually gives a longer working time...
  50. BobbyJack

    city have done me again

    A scrappy goal at 88mins for city. Was looking at about £650 gutted