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  1. Pug


    I've heard of a big local bricklaying company paying eastern Europeans £50 a day and training them on site. I'll get my mate to send me the quality of work they're churning out on £600k houses...
  2. Pug

    complete plastering tool kit ?

    Bet she's a great cook too.
  3. Pug

    Lovely day for dashing what did everyone else get up to?

    That customer is not right. That customer is a c**t.
  4. Pug

    Any hse specialists?

  5. Pug

    Any hse specialists?

    I didn't go home dead this day. Bonus.
  6. Pug

    complete plastering tool kit ?

    Same, I just don't know where any of them are....
  7. Pug

    complete plastering tool kit ?

    Feck spending £11 on a Stanley knife. I usually lose them before I've blunted the blade.
  8. Pug

    Hasnt earned a penny on that job....

    Here's one I did a couple of weeks back. Speedskim and mt. Halogen down lights shining down it.
  9. Pug

    Skimmers Harrogate

    Only been an hour @Marshy!
  10. Pug

    Striking timber (bands and quoins)

    Another vote for cheap cooking oil here.
  11. Pug

    Funeral this Friday all welcome

    Agreed. I don't think there's anyone on here I wouldn't enjoy a pint with..... as long as we didn't talk politics!
  12. Pug

    Insulated board fixings.

    Building regs requires mechanical fixing for insulated boards in my area.
  13. Pug

    Insulated board fixings.

    Ancon insofast insulated board fixings. Get mine off the Internet.
  14. Pug

    Brisbane, Australia says HI!

    Stick another prawn in the barby!
  15. Pug

    Insulated board fixings.

    Dunno about the plastic ones. I use these.
  16. Pug

    Insulated board fixings.

    Should have fixing. If there's a fire the insulation melts and the boards fail.
  17. Pug

    Seeing as you brought it to our attention

    Not sure that BG give a feck about opinions on this forum. Not sure how many regulars there are on here, but it's a tiny fraction of all the plasterers in the uk and BG have a virtual monopoly so they know we can't vote with our cash.
  18. Pug

    Sounds like fun.

    I've always said when I finally lose my sh!t and go on a gun rampage, I'm gonna do it in a wedding dress. Just for the extra crazy points.
  19. Pug

    Southampton job

    I'll bring a paddling pool and an industrial sized tub of swarfega.
  20. Pug

    Plastering victorian solid walls

    Hardwall is for porous, bonding for nonporous.
  21. Pug

    How to tackle this?

    The only difference between a tradesman and a diyer is that the tradesman knows all the bodges.
  22. Pug

    Just checking

    Mine has 2 switches. One to turn it on and one to lock it on. Mines 5 or 6 yrs old though.
  23. Pug

    Never Can Have Enough Contacts!

    Haha! This is Easton fella. It's all fair trade veggy wholemeal middle class quinoa bollix! (Been told you can get a decent fry up in the community center though)
  24. Pug

    Never Can Have Enough Contacts!

    I'll keep hold of your number fella. Did some work in Brizzle last year for a mate and I seem to be getting more work off the back of it. I'm in Easton as we speak. It's a fair old shlep for me to drive tbh so happy to pass it on.
  25. Pug

    Wheres there the most work in uk

    You say this in jest, but in Basingstoke they're trying to shut the Irish center down. (Prime central land worth loads to the council) They want to build center for "everyone" to use so a bar will be a no-no. Mate of mine representing the center says drinking is part of Irish culture as as an...
  26. Pug

    Introducing AeroTherm The Revolutionary Alternative

    I was only trying to get a rise out of someone!
  27. Pug

    Mechanical fixing plasterboard

    Making a mess is short term. Do the job right and it'll last forever.
  28. Pug

    Introducing AeroTherm The Revolutionary Alternative

    Can you use unifinish over it?
  29. Pug

    Washing work clothes

    Makes me laugh at the merchants in the mornings. Everyone in the same trousers, puffer vests and beige timberland boots. Might as well be a uniform. Look like a bunch of cnuts.
  30. Pug

    just get it over with

    It's not the knauf/BG emails the russians leaked from the hacked flynnyman/Vincey accounts the fbi were monitoring?
  31. Pug

    Bottled Water...

    Get a super-duper filter like @Marshy says. Empty bottles are another thing fecking up the environment.
  32. Pug

    im wanting plastering job tauranga

    I think it's the secret island only pirates know about from pirates of the Caribbean. It's in New Zealand really.
  33. Pug

    What are you doing today?

    20m2 ceiling over skim. Had my 11yr old daughter fetching, carrying and cleaning. She'd put most of the lads I've had labouring to shame. Proud dad.
  34. Pug

    Mobile Tool chest/stack/storage

    Sack truck, euro boxes and bungies?
  35. Pug

    Coving or no Coving

    I did an artex course about 12 yrs ago. Cost me £700. Still hasn't paid for itself!
  36. Pug

    Dragons Den here I come

  37. Pug

    Wirral Vets Project

    Liked Lol!
  38. Pug

    Coving or no Coving

    Aha! The penny drops!
  39. Pug

    Advice on speed skim

    Yep. I watched a YouTube video and read a couple of threads on here. Piece of p!ss to use.
  40. Pug

    Coving or no Coving

    Durdle door?
  41. Pug

    Coving or no Coving

    If you were trading in the 70s you'd be telling us how great avocado bathroom suites are... Problem with being bang up to date is it's soon dated.
  42. Pug

    The Plasterers Arms Disco

    One of my all time favourites Gibbo.
  43. Pug

    That moment you realise....

    It always turns up Monday morning when you're not looking for it.
  44. Pug

    Advice on speed skim

    Have to say I love my speedskim. BUT. It doesn't make you quicker. I reckon it makes your job easier on your bones though. Also, on a reskim, 2 walls is enough. Like flynnyman says, the only way to get quicker is to practice.
  45. Pug

    The unifinish video they didn't want you to see lol

    I'm not on Facebook. Can someone tell me what's happening?