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  1. Pug

    One for theclemo

    Based on actual events?
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    Hook on beads

    Anyone used them? Any good?
  3. Pug

    More British gypsum woes.

    A small selection of boulders from this mornings mix. What should've been a piss easy 12m wall was a right ball ache. And to top it off the old boy wanted to stand and watch.
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    Anyone else ever leave notes
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    Employing casual labour.

    How door you go about it legally? I could do with someone to help out but only a few days per month. Had a look online but lots of conflicting info and everything I've read says the building industry is a bit of a nightmare for casual labour. Any help gratefully accepted!
  6. Pug

    The times they are a changing

    Been plastering a full refurb/extension/loft conversion for a regular customer of mine over the last few months (time no issue so I've done a room a week) Anyway on site today and I'm the only bloke there. 2 decoraters, sparky and my labourer are all lasses. I loved it!
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    Oi Oi!

    Thought I'd reintroduce myself as I've not been on for a few years. Ain't been in the best of health recently so I stick to small jobs. One set and feck off! On a serious note. I had throat cancer and had to have my voice box removed. Lessons learnt.... 1. Wear a mask if you're doing anything...
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    plastering sand

    Just a quick heads up. Did a scratch coat today on an extension using 25kg bags of plastering sand from the diy store that states "its got our name on it" Feck me! Every bag had a handfull of 10mm pea shingle in it, thank Christ it's being pebbledashed!
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    Rusty Fireplace

    Anyone got any tips for cleaning one? It's going to be used so hammerite's not an option! Cheers lads.
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    Tape and joint

    Got an extension to do and the customer wants it taped and jointed, I've told him that i could skim for the same price but he's got it in his head that it's the new thing and he wants it done his way. Question is, can you 1st and 2nd coat same day? I was taught not to but i don't want to be...
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    Help needed urgently!

    Guys, I've got a gaping great hole that needs filling by this evening. Mother in law's coming over later and I don't think we've got enough food in the house
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    Drying a room out

    Went to look at a job this morning, Empty house, pipe burst in the loft, 100 gallons of water has brought a ceiling down, 30m2, lathe and plaster which has already been overborded and skimmed. Lathes are sound so was going to tear down boards and reboard. Question is, will the exsisting ceiling...
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    Home made tyrolean

    Got a feeling this has been asked before. I've got a rush job to patch some tyrolean but nowhere round here stocks it, can i make my own with silver sand and cement? Colour's not an issue, it's going to be painted.
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    here's my excuses before you start! first ever time I've ever done it, i think the sand might have been a bit coarse, I'll put a bit of building sand in it next time, and it rained just after I'd got it roughly done, by the time it stopped and i got back to it it had pretty much turned. any...
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    anyone know the mixes for sand/lime pargetting? the missus has just caught me looking at some on tinternet and wants some on the back of the house. always fancied having a go as well.
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    crb check

    Been approached by a builder who would like to use me (recommended by a friend) but he wants me to have a crb certificate (i look dodgy as fcuk!). Had a look on the web but not sure which type to have, if push comes to shove I'll ask him what he wants, but wanted to look like I'm a bit professional!
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    krend prices

    just a quick one, what are you fellas paying for krend (base and finish) and where are the best deals? only a small job though, 60m2. cheers boys
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    went to the van auctions today for a recce at prices, all good! when i got home i rang my bank about a loan, apparently when asking for a loan now, the words "self employed" and "van for business use" mean they won't even look at your books let alone lend you money. (french person)s. the wifes...
  19. Pug

    block paving

    anyone know what the going rate is for supply and fix block paving (per m2) for the domestic market is? priced a job up this evening, seems awful high...
  20. Pug

    lime finish?

    evening all, got a job tomorrow, making good half a bedroom wall. originaly going to be s+c and multi, however builder and home owner have decided to use a sand and lime render followed by (this is the bit i'm not sure about) an n.h.l. putty mixed 1 day before!? the builder does alot traditional...
  21. Pug

    Scribing render

    when is the best time to scribe into sand and cement render? during rubbing up or later? got a job coming up where i've got to cut 'blocks' into it (only lightly) never done it before.. cheers boys
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    anyone know how to calculate material quantities for repointing?
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    best plastering book?

    my birthday 's coming up, instead of p*ssing any birthday money away i thought i'd buy a usefull book. any recommendations boys? (god i'm getting old!)
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    blown plaster

    went to look at a job today, 20yr old house, quality build lookin at the outside.... inside EVERY SINGLE WALL was blown. you could pull the finish and base coat off in lumps back to the breeze block. any ideas why this might of happened? got the job but am now worried the same will happen to my...
  25. Pug

    country finish!?

    started a job today reskimming a flat above a pub, happy days! however..... its a very old place (1700s) beams etc, and the customer wants the reskim to be in keeping with the "character" of the place, in other words really lumpy and uneven. prepped the whole flat and started skimming, had a...
  26. Pug

    safety officers suck ass

    kicked off site today for moving some harris fencing 6" so we could get our screed pump hose down from where we'd finished working. what a w**k*r! >:(
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    Aches and Pains!

    I'm 40 and have spent most of my working life on building sites, on the hod, digging holes and now plastering. I've got a copper bangle, take cod liver oil and see a chiropracter every couple of months. Any other old buggers out there got any remedies for aches and pains (other than staying in...
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    Great site. Been working for myself as a plasterer for 2.5 yrs after 18 yrs of labouring, Lots of good tips, am of to wickes tomorrow for some bond it! Pug