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  1. Nicm

    Render mix

  2. Nicm


    Anyone use one for paper tape?Which brand is best?.Have a job coming up and builder wants paper tape used so thinking of getting one.Homax and Delco Zunder got good reviews.
  3. Nicm

    Soccer fans.

    Not really a soccer fan myself but read a bit about this guy.Did any of you older guys see him play and was he as good as they say he was?.
  4. Nicm

    Always have a back up trowel.

    In case you fall and f**k your regular one up.
  5. Nicm

    Would you do it again?.

    To all the regulars here would you pick this trade again if you knew then what you know now?.
  6. Nicm

    Back on 18th May.

    As above outdoor work to be allowed resume in Ireland.
  7. Nicm

    New brush.

    Bought this a few weeks before the lockdown,it’s probably the best I’ve used.The brand name is a bit ironic.
  8. Nicm

    One of those days.

    Could have done with the clemrope.
  9. Nicm

    Jobs ready.

    These few outside walls are ready for you said the builder.
  10. Nicm

    New stuff.

    Santa came early.
  11. Nicm


    Well done Mark Williams.A great game to watch.John Higgins never gave up,a real warrior.
  12. Nicm


    Sonny Liston died on this day in 1970 aged 38.I’ve watched old fights over the last few days and am by no means an expert.There was some serious hard men in that era.
  13. Nicm

    Expensive trowel

    Has to be a mistake.
  14. Nicm


    Well done Katie Taylor.
  15. Nicm

    Match fixing

    Bit of a problem with match fixing in the League of Ireland recently.I understand it's to do with money being made on match results.The question is how can a team let goals in on purpose,surely it can't be easy to do this and make it look realistic.
  16. Nicm

    Virus ?

  17. Nicm

    Oldest plasterer

    What age is the oldest plasterer you know?.I know one man he's 62 and most young lads would'nt lace his boots.Great man with sand and cement whistling away to himself all day.
  18. Nicm


    Higgins has Selby under pressure,still there should be a comeback.
  19. Nicm

    Thank you Brexit.

    Looks like we're getting a united Ireland at last.(This should be fun!).
  20. Nicm

    Thanks Ryan.

    I recently bought a carbon trowel from @Plasterers1StopShop and was sent a stainless steel one by mistake.I messaged the shop through this forum to enquire about returning it and was told to hang on to it to save costs (to Ireland) and was then sent the carbon trowel.This was an amazing goodwill...
  21. Nicm


    Driven mad this week,wires everywhere I turn.
  22. Nicm

    What time do you go to work at?.

    Today I'm scratch coating a house about ten miles away so out of bed at 6am,make a bit of lunch and have a couple of cups of coffee.Leave the house around 7am which is a bit early but we have to move the mixer to the job to get set up for 8am.It will still be dark enough at that time but by the...
  23. Nicm

    Shortage of Plasterers.

    In my opinion in Ireland anyway there will be a shortage of plasterers and indeed other trades over the next few years.There simply is'nt anyone coming through the ranks and when you live in a rural area it takes years to build a name up.It would be interesting to hear other opinions.
  24. Nicm

    Putz angle tool.

    I'm thinking of getting a Putz angle tool,just wondering what other plasterers think of them.Thanks.
  25. Nicm

    Joint filler

    Recently I've been giving a local plasterer a dig out,he's a good bit older than me and I've a lot of respect for him and his work is top notch,really old school.When it comes to skimming he uses joint filler over the self adhesive scrim.I've always just flushed out the joints with skim at the...
  26. Nicm

    Hello everyone

    Nick here.25 years at the plastering game.I think this forum is great,and I'm using the nela s*p*r*lex because of it.