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    work in ireland

    Did u get that message?.
  3. Nicm

    Bonding coat over KA Tanking Slurry?

    Don’t go near it if you don’t know what you’re doing and have to ask questions like that.Put your hand in your pocket and pay someone well that does.That’s what they spend years learning and making a living at.You’re penny pinching and looking for free advice to save a poxy few pound and...
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    Basecoat Render

    I suggest having the guts to highlight your issues to them yourself.
  5. Nicm

    work in ireland

    Welcome.Things are busy enough in that area.I’ll try and message u a number.
  6. Nicm

    Back up mixer

    Yes top class.
  7. Nicm

    Removing solid coving

    Should be a law against removing old cornice.
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    Put a big hefty price on jobs like that and take your time at them.
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    Work in Norway

    Out of curiosity what materials do you use there?.
  10. Nicm

    Plastering advice please

    It’s a very rough job made worse by the positioning of the lights.
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    I spent a few years learning from one of the best and I’m still going strong 32 years later.Fully registered and tax compliant.And I’d still make a show of most of these qualified lads.You’re judged on the work u do not some piece of paper that says u can do it.
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    What do u need this nvq for?.
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    Getting stuck in

    Best of luck.
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    How much aday for a spread in west of ireland

    I find that hard to believe.
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    Crazing on boundary walls

    It’s common enough.
  16. Nicm

    What do you think?

    Take the plastering work off him at a decent price and start getting other price work as well.
  17. Nicm

    Crazing on boundary walls

    Where are you based?.Homebond in Ireland was a joke,when the problems with mica started they virtually disappeared.
  18. Nicm

    Help are own

    Look at the US Mexican border it’s the same aim to flood the US with non nationals.Trump was the last hope against all this.
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    Help are own

    Biden knows exactly what he’s doing,the bigger the mess in Afghanistan the more refugees for countries worldwide.The erosion of cultures and traditions making it easier for the great reset.
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    I always do.
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    Splash brush

    Corona victory from Rambo tools.
  23. Nicm

    Skim over artex ceiling

    Yes a few years learning the trade and then many years gaining experience on top of that helps.
  24. Nicm

    Questions about Lime

    No such thing as a daily rate if your pricing a job.You price It what it’s worth to you.If you get it then it’s your own buiness how quick it’s earned once the job is done well.
  25. Nicm

    Hi All - Fibrous Plasterer Cornice East London

    Welcome,you won’t find a more friendly and polite bunch than here.
  26. Nicm

    Preparing Fletton Common Bricks For Render

    Most plasterers prefer to do that themselves.
  27. Nicm

    New Build Advice Please.

    Why not cut costs on kitchen and bathroom and get a good boarder in?.
  28. Nicm

    Self Builder Newbie

  29. Nicm

    Would I be right to ask for this to be reskimmed?

    He won’t be able to fix that because that work is the best he can do.It’s an absolute disgrace of a job;
  30. Nicm

    Mt black red original or permashape?

    It’s a plasterers own business what he uses but I prefer MT xtralite carbon with a wooden handle.Also don’t let that little issue get you down we’ve all had something over the years.
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    Mt black red original or permashape?

    Use a new trowel for render to break it in.
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    Hi all!

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    Rough plaster in corners

    Welcome.Any photos for the jury?.
  34. Nicm

    Garden Wall & Raised Bed Plastering & Beading

    There’s a bit more to it than research.
  35. Nicm

    Looking for work, plasterers labourer Warrington

    Welcome,just be persistent and somewhere along the line you will get a break,
  36. Nicm

    Qoute for re skim ?

    So you want us to tell you how long it will take you to do a job and how to price it?.:LOL:.
  37. Nicm

    Trowel sharpening

    Got one,absolutely useless.
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    It always amazes me how people come up with these budgets and expect trades to suit it.
  39. Nicm

    skim coat or cement plaster

    Who’s going to carry out this work?.
  40. Nicm

    Could use some advice

    Get out of that office as quick as you can.Make sure and tell that manager he’s only a w**k*r on the way out.Go and work with your father and give it 100%.It’s not the easiest trade but would be better than what your at currently.
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    If you’re happy with it that’s the main thing.
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    Overboarding with spotlights and a ceiling fan.

    If it was me I’d tell the client get your electrician to take that fan down and remove those spotlights.That’s what electricians are for.
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    Scotland holiday

    Isle of lismore lovely place.Skimmed a house there in the recession cos I had nothing better to do.Great people.Scotland is beautiful.
  45. Nicm

    Tyrolean Plasterers

    If u are getting rid of stuff give me a shout.
  46. Nicm

    Material price increases

    €13.50 for a bag of skim here.