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    Fire place

    Need to skim a fire place. Told the customer no point skim will crack. Thinking of smooth render or float whatever you whant to call it! HaI'm sure some one told me years ago lime render better with high tempruture surrounding Becouse it expands better. Is this true or have I being dreaming! Ha
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    Good night sleep

    Anybody got a top of range mattress any suggestions lads.? Is nectar any good need suggestions I'm going round circles between difrent makes. Worse than plastering trowels!
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    Stay or walk. Away

    Stared a job after somebody scratch coated the house and got the boot! and huge it a huge house. The owner Doesn't know what mix or nothing about the Sctatch I've done my my mix 5 1 half lime thinking the scratch is 4 1. It blown in some places, he asked me to try 6 1, do I walk away from this...
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    Eye laser surgey

    Anybody done it? Any good
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    Scratch coat

    Doing a job house being scratch coat 2months ago. Scratch OK bit dusty but it sound! In two mind to sbr the scratch before the finish coat?
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    Has anybody used this on sound paint and is it OK?
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    Going Rate

    Does anybody know going rate for dot dab and skim. need to price 10 houses up.ive being day work for 15 years so no idea. By the way Wales not London. So I'd think Manchester liverpool close enough! Ha
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    My self I'd clad rsj first and then skim the cladding Joiner doesn't agree but I'm a old school plastrer lol. And I whant go somewhere else so it a excuse lol
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    Any good tilers on here. Being offered a tiling job I'm not one for being a jack of all but I fancy a change.
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    Porch need dashing. 1 inch reveal one side of door nothing on other side. no reveal at all not even half inch and it blown becouse they have tried to build reveal up. Any idea before I tell you my idea to see if you agree! Ha.., By the way dash is getting painted.
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    Paint sprayer

    Has anybody used one. Can anybody recommend one for me please.
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    Off the plastering for a change ha. Can anybody think of a reason y some one can't visit a loved one in a care home it a bloody joke. Havent seen a very close relative of mine for 9 months. My point is y can't they organises bookings they come to special room in the building your wearing...
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    Got 800 pounds levy bill through post by citb. Haven't had apprentice for 10 years can't get my head round it. Every year ther something wish leave me along. Any ideas??
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    Electric pulley

    Any good? I've seen one in screwfix
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    Chimney work

    Wondering how many of you when doing chimney change the led soakers. Becouse led last for years if it sheltered from weather. I usually just put a new led flashing round. Chimney becouse whith some scaffold just nightmare to replace soakers!
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    Any property developers on here

    Iv got 8 years to pay for my rented property my idea was to keep it as a pension but ther so much hastle to it. If I sell clear morgatge I'd be 120 thousand in my pocket. Would anybody advice me to sell and put a deposit on run down house. And be more of a property developer. Or stick to this...
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    Private plate

    Who got private number plate? Should I have one? If it lands number 3 I'm out lol Number one choice Hide age of car. Number 2 sentimental birthday present etc. Number 3 loook at me I'm better than you poser other words lol.
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    I've started using a proper steel not stainlessl trowel when toweling up on last towel and finish is much better. I think you can get more preshure whithout pushing to hard if you know what I mean lol anybody else tried this
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    Patching ceiling

    Is it posible to patch a new ceiling whithout showing inperfection. When the sun hit at certain time a day? I don't think so! but this painter on job thinks you can
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    When I over skim I think it a better job to fix new beads. But sometimes Il chip the corner and feather in. But in this case I can't I can't be bothered to chip skim off becouse ther no angle beads on corners. Other side wall huge and it perfect but they have done a s**t job on reveal for some...
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    Expanding business

    Before this covid19 arrived I was thinking of taking two lads on but it on hold now till next summer! What it is I've being a one man band for 20 odd years. I'm starting to feel the affect of wear and tear over the years. My plann is to take subie plastrer on and a young apprentice on would...
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    If the economy doesn't start off slowly Monday. I've only got one word to say this country fuked. People will be out of work not spending ther money little shops and pubs are fuked after June trade men are going back to 100 pound a day if your lucky! Y are some people so negative to kick...
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    For the 70s 80s lads

    Brings memories back. The young generation might enjoy. I think we had the tale end of the best times. Hope your all OK as I say hard times never last good times do
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    Il be back

    OK lads I'm off for 12 weeks till this s**t is over it all doom gloom on here at the going try keep out of this coronavirus s**t and adjust to this new life for the sake of my mental health and family. I wish you all the health and happiness in the hard times ahead but we will...
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    A thread to make u feel better

    No case in China in 3 days can this be true
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    What can all 195 countries learn from this pandemic. To stop this happening again at such a scale. Becouse I wouldn't say we are the brainest of all people no offence lads. But I would say we have got more common sense than borris Johnson and the house of parilment put together and to me that...
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    Lime work

    Any lime expert on here. Had a quote today for materials 28meters x8 square meters spunge finish. All in bags plus the harling for key. Have a guess
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    Lime or sand cement

    Went to see a job today old stone house in middle of nowhere. He was keen on lime mortar on the outside so I told him that a waste of time becouse inside sand cement and it going to cost more in labour . I told him the other option sand cement waterproofer and it going to work out cheaper.what...
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    In two minds do I take a nother apprentice on. Or just carry on like I am get a hand when needed. Does anybody on here take aprentice on and what the score whith grants to keep them thanks
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    Mixer drill

    Need a new. The one I've got working OK but can't switch it off the switch nackerd I'll do like a stand by one. Don't whant spend to much but don't whant cheap one any recommendations. Thanks
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    For the depressed plastrers

    Reminder to make you feel better from 21 of December the night are geting lighter. Mery Christmas to you all
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    Rusty nails

    Went job today bloke boarded round the velux window he has used galvanised clout nails some of them ar rusted wondering if they bleed through I haven't seen it happen before any ideas?
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    K rend

    I've being thinking about this over last couple of years. As sand cement and hydrolic lime is time served. And we still use it after over 100 years. Is k rend and other similar material going to be that popular or is it going be a one hit wonder like artex.
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    How many days do you give people I usually give them a week.piss me off when you got ask people for money after you given them invoice . From next year I'm going to have black book for people that don't pay and I will not work for them again.
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    Hippo bag

    Thinking of having one. I'm allowed to keep a bag for 6months. Are they any good.??? Like the idea I can keep it for 6months
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    I hope it rains for 6 weeks solid

    Mp be out campaign for 6weeks before general election i hope they get soaked through lol. But I do need a couple of good days to do a chimney
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    Beads whith dashing

    I've just started using plastic beads on chimneys whe dashing becouse it less hastle. Background white anyway. But myself I prefer to go over bead and get a nice feather edge corner looks much better than the bead showing more proffesional. Does anybody else do this or should I stik to my old...
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    Same old story lol

    Promising hardest winter agagain lol. I'm still waiting for the one they promised 5 years ago lol. Are we going to get hope not anyway building site have closed before 1963 I think does anybody rember that?
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    Weber insolating board

    Need to insolate outside of a house haven't done much of it. Just heard that you have to be regesterd whith weber to cover your arse is this true??
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    Swimming pool

    Has anybody rendered inside a concrete swimming pool / fountain. Need the middle part filled up. Thinking of keying whith stiple coat and then build out. Anybody done something like this before?
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    Render grip

    Is this stuff any good. Always used stiple polymore.
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    Any of you lads being or going abroad this summer whith kids. Hopping to save a bit for next summer or summer after. The prices are stupid for a family of 5 and they say it cheaper to go abroad who does maths. 4 5 grand might pull the kids out of school. half the price out of peak but Mrs...
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    Speed skim

    Got a external floating job whant is spot on thinking of using Darby haven't used one for a while. Wondering if my refina speed skim rule it ok or will I damage it Has anybody done this. Or should I stick to my Darby. Not keen on Darby I might just use straight edge
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    Jobbing the UK this winnter

    Need a change this winter I'm going to travel a bit whith work. Chester Manchester Liverpool mid Wales somewhere 2 to 4 hours from me in bangor North Wales. Il only be working Thursday Friday Saturday. Indoor work only. Must be able to accommodate if money good premiere in wil do Just need a...
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    Hay fever

    Does anybody suffer from this. Being working round trees. I'm fuked fatigue and joint hurting bit sniffles.. I' feel like being in the ring whith Mike tyson
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    Am I missing something

    This painter painting member of family house 2 rooms hallway 300 pounds. glossing everything difrent colour on Walls. They think he's the bloke does not stop for lunch. I think he's lost the plot. I painted little cottage for 450 but that was all white and I thought I was cheap lol
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    Render mesh

    Has any body used this stuff whith sand cement any good??
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    How many of you use galvanised eml mesh before rendering. I'm in two minds what to do. Stainless stupid price compare to galvanised. Has anybody had any comebacks using galvanised eml rust coming through??
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    Backing coat for dash

    I like to get my backing coat rhight for dashing. I'm going to use granet stone. Any tips how to darken mix just a touch whithout using colour Feb.