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  1. Vincey

    Noticed this a lot

    Just recently sone folks seemed to of forgotten it has been a strange year or so , mainly mean some customers have gone from being ok and understanding of the current climate too pre all this cov saga and think where’s there’s a blame there’s a claim types demanding instant miracles again
  2. Vincey

    His first trowel

    Bought the apprentice his first trowel today, a lovely 12inch Nela carbon, boom if this lad comes good I’m hoping for a Caribbean holiday paid for in a five star hotel as a return present from him one day to say thanks
  3. Vincey

    Increased scaffolding costs

    Hasn’t affected us at all , just had to think outside the box
  4. Vincey


    Got to hall stairs landing job, refused to skim it as they have new floor down, nightmare job
  5. Vincey

    Exterior Cladding

  6. Vincey

    End of furlough

    These are obviously just back from it and taking the piss three of them to change a light bulb ffs
  7. Vincey

    Fiat ducato

    Anyone have one , been reading up they are supposed to have a good payload, fair play look ugly but I’m wondering weather to get a mwb one
  8. Vincey

    Getting stuck in

    Took on an apprentice, this is week two now , massive move for me tbh as always been a happy lone wolf , gotta say though am really enjoying it atm,the actual sign up and getting started has been most stress for me all this official stuff I hate it paper work and chatting to office folk but hope...
  9. Vincey

    Overnight render

    Was working up the road today and noticed a neighbours wall looked a lovely colour but think they forgot to go back in the morning to scratch it , was rock hard
  10. Vincey

    Nightsearcher light bulbs

    Anyone know where might sell the bulbs for these , I got a few a couple of years ago when they were posted on forum
  11. Vincey

    Happy tradesmen day lads

    Apparently for all the trades like us that have battled through these unprecedented times Have a good one
  12. Vincey


    I’m quite new to the health app on iPhone just wondering do you lot check how many steps you do each day and if you do how many do you do , yesterday for example I did 14,000 just being at work is unreal really
  13. Vincey

    Best van signage

  14. Vincey


    Seen this last week , rolls Royce convertible and the number plate must be worth a bomb Bet it would be worth more if that D was a B also lol , any ideas of who the driver could be though ?
  15. Vincey

    Apprentice questions

    A few questions if any of you know would appreciate the help thanks , trying to get my stall in order for taking my apprentice on but really struggling as I just not got a clue about it all Do I have to have him signed up to a contract before a certain date to get the funding ? The college said...
  16. Vincey

    I got a date tomorrow with a college chick

    Well it’s the local college liaisons officer , she’s been really helpful Tbf trying to guide me through taking on apprentice, a lot of new stuff for me, never employed anyone before and fingers crossed the apprentice does the whole course and enjoys it too
  17. Vincey

    Rendering hats

    Thought there’s not been any tool reviews of late so gonna post up review on the new rendering hats out , it’s uv potection factor 50 with a built in neck cover that comes out the back but the best bit I found is the front cover acts as a face mask if you gotta nip to the shops or something
  18. Vincey

    Nothing New

    Went to new job yesterday got all the outside to do it’s a strange project but will be ok when we are done , they asked me to look inside because “ everyone is quoting crazy money for just a few bedrooms “ well says it all really want it done but won’t pay the going rates for a decent job this...
  19. Vincey

    Van prices

    Is this about right lads for the spec ?
  20. Vincey

    First day back tomorrow

    first day back tomorrow after a brilliant caravan break but I’m sure I read in a thread somewhere it’s illegal to plaster in a certain heat Any links anyone Thanks
  21. Vincey

    Summer styles

    Morning lads I never been a shorts for work kinda guy , question for the shorts wearers should I go for work trouser shorts or just plain cotton jogger type shorts , mainly working outside so thought might as well get some Thanks
  22. Vincey

    Work hard Play Hard

    Loving the Uk break now , three days in feel like I’ll never be able to work again this could be game over for my plastering career , retirement ahead , sod the camping and caravan club show me to the motor homes forum
  23. Vincey

    Carry on Campers 2021

    Come on who else is tenting camping caravanning or glamping this year across the Uk Gotta get away to try have a bit of fun this year and unwind
  24. Vincey

    Old school

    Before pink grip , I mean before Weber bead adhesive
  25. Vincey

    Morning burgers

    Got these from Costco , in a box of six , keep in freezer then 3 minutes in microwave in morning they are just like Mac Donald’s breakfast baps so nice I’m having two today for extra energy
  26. Vincey


    For the poor guy , I did the inside and quoted the outside but never did do the outside as he was on a budget, it’s shame for the guy to see it like this within 2 years year
  27. Vincey

    Biggest Boom since the 1940s

    That’s what they recon is on its way lads get ready for the ride if you aren’t already riding this year , it’s bonkers out there , best time ever to be in the trade, prices on the up too
  28. Vincey

    Knauf exterior screws

    Anyone got a link for these I could order online from finding it impossible to get from merchants, I’m after the 40mm external not internal screws for a Knauf aqua panel job Thanks
  29. Vincey

    The Snail

    That’s what I call my brother at work he lost his job through this pandemic so been coming out with me a few times atm it’s hard trying to get him into the physical aspects again but hopefully with a bit more time he’ll find a flow It’s saved my sanity also Tbf no more lone wolf going bonkers
  30. Vincey

    The holy grail

    Of render , silicone thincoat crack resistant crack free super dooper render has ..... Cracked Well blow me down
  31. Vincey

    Worked instead of holidays

    Finished this place off today, normally would be away in caravan now but with the things way they are decided to work instead, front and back is Weber pral m in granite grey, repointed the roof tiles and got finished just before weather goes crap
  32. Vincey

    We tried Airless plaster today

    Tbf is a good system will definitely use it again
  33. Vincey

    Holidays 2021

    Can’t wait , already missed my Caribbean winter break, just sitting in the sunshine today wondering how many folks are gonna jump on the caravan and camping this year Uk style ?
  34. Vincey

    Sparky with balls

  35. Vincey

    Little repointing job

    Just finished, chimney repointing job Got a good price on it too
  36. Vincey

    The prb

    I got a job with another lad I know he’s got a pallet of prb , does anyone use accelerator with this to get the same day finish, normally use Weber which is fine but not sure about this prb, Thanks
  37. Vincey

    Render season starting

  38. Vincey

    The job no one wanted

    Skimming up and round this front door , I’m sure half the jobs I get are only because no body else wants them
  39. Vincey

    Gotta share the good news

    I’m one week away from a full year off the fags lads Don’t want to start going on like some super sonic hero but I’ve even surprised myself , a full year in the depths of my mashed up brain seemed impossible when it came to packing up , absolute mind duck to start with but I’m feeling so good...
  40. Vincey


    Any ideas on how they made these steps Want to do same at my house Thanks
  41. Vincey

    Best loft I ever seen

  42. Vincey

    Old school vans

    Bet these bring back some memories for folks
  43. Vincey

    Karcher strikes again

    Just ordered one to try only £88 for the whole kit , reaches 4metres high I’m thinking ideal for using around the house and possibly clean up on some dirty renders if it’s needed too , a 4 metre pole plus my standing height could easily reach the top of most houses this is proper mid life...
  44. Vincey

    Any plastering tool sales

    Anyone seen any special offers on anything anywhere ? If there is please share , might as well have a tools splurge to end the year
  45. Vincey

    Useless labourer he is

  46. Vincey

    Plastic beads are so last year

    Roll on the tiles , technical stuff I’ll have you know
  47. Vincey

    Mono Sealer

    Does the Parex 25 litre coverage do 120m2 anyone know? thanks
  48. Vincey

    Some good news

    Yesterday I had a Weber application manager come and check me out , was final job for me to become Weber approved, has been a goal of mine so will be celebrating tonight, might not change a lot in my life but feels like I have achieved something good in a s**t year Got a new cup too and a few...