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  1. keithuk

    Start of the Rugby world cup

    Come on England !!
  2. keithuk

    Someone had an Eze for sales on here

    Someone on Fb might be interested ,sorry i cannot find the post !
  3. keithuk

    UK Plastering Machines

    Just want to say a big thanks to Stu ,for sorting out my G4 today ,even though it only went wrong yesterday ,so we lost one day without spraying ,and as it happens rained today anyway :RpS_thumbsup: Also good to have the peace of mind that it has been serviced :RpS_thumbup:
  4. keithuk

    Glen plus for G4

    Anyone know any where in the southeast i can get my generator repaired ? need it done asap and have not really got time to send it away ,thanks
  5. keithuk

    Parex course

    Anyone been on that one ,i only use Weber ,but have a large site coming up in the winter:RpS_crying: ,being a slower setting render for the next day ,seems the way to go :RpS_unsure:
  6. keithuk

    G4 light

    Anyone know how much a compressor is for my g4 ?need one Asap ,thanks guys :RpS_thumbup:
  7. keithuk

    How much !

    Cutting-Edge Marshalltown Permashape Gold Plastering Trowel by Marshalltown Be the first to review this item Price: £120.96
  8. keithuk

    G4 Genny

    Can anyone recommend a company that can sort out my genny in my area of Kent, Whitstable , keeps cutting out ,thanks guys
  9. keithuk

    PFT Northern

    Just want to thank Les for help on my genny over the phone , yes mate you got me out of the **** again ,i will call Gemma tomorrow to order the new parts , but i did get it on the wall , thanks Les ,7 years ago you said "ring me if you have any problems " to be honest at the time i thought once...
  10. keithuk

    More dry weather S/E

    I am even thinking of getting my shorts on :RpS_scared:
  11. keithuk

    Weather in South East

    After tomorrow looks like no rain for a week :RpS_thumbsup:
  12. keithuk

    Stains on Monocouche render

    We are doing a mono in chalk, the builder has got us in way to early,no windows , roof not finished, ect . The roof timber have got wet and stained the walls in areas ,what would be the best brick acid to use ?and is this the best way , cheers guys
  13. keithuk


    I need 20 bags Granite Grey for a customer and they tell me i must order a pallet (40 bags) :RpS_mad: what are the chances of me using the other 20 bags in that colour :RpS_crying: , .never had this before ,is it just me guys ? you can have any colour you want ,as long as it is Chalk
  14. keithuk

    G4 compressor

    Anyone got any advice ,the start button does not stay down ,to fill the compressor . It is spraying ok ,but i,m worried it could turn into a problem .The filters at both ends are clean ,is there something else i have ,not done :RpS_blushing:
  15. keithuk

    Spray with G4 out of water butt

    we are using a water butt so we can add an accelerator to the mix (weber Chalk ) ,but after about 20 meters the chamber seems to clog up . the water butt is raised and the filters are clean .Any ideas guys ?
  16. keithuk

    Xella blocks

    Got a site to mono over these blocks ,have any of you guys come across them ? Thanks in advance
  17. keithuk

    Spraying Rendaid with a g 4

    Any tips guys on r/s and settings would be a help .thanks
  18. keithuk

    What happen to spell check ??

    My 12 year old is watching tv ,my 3 year old is busy and my mrs is dealing with both ,now that s all the people i check for spelling :RpS_unsure:
  19. keithuk

    Ibovit 2 can i use anything different on weber monocouche ?

    Guys you advice would be a great help , i only normally use Ibovit ,thanks Keith
  20. keithuk

    Grade2 listed

    I think i,m right in saying i can use plasterboard in a 2 listed ?
  21. keithuk

    Grade2 listed

    i think i,m right in saying i can use plasterboard on 2 listed ,any input would be helpful.Thanks
  22. keithuk

    Just want TO SAY HI

    Reading loads of post ,some funny some helpful ,what a great site for young and old plasterers to join in
  23. keithuk

    machine talk

    Thinking about hiring me and my G4 out,we spray it for you ?