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    Laser measure

    Just picked one Up in aldi £29.99 and its spot on. Measures up to 40m. Will measure linear m, m2 and m3. Thought id let anyone know if they were on the look out for one
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    Whos watching it then?

    The biggest fight since Alis day. The richest fight of all time. With the potential to be boring lol. Who's watching it? If so where and are you staying up or waking up? I'll be going to bed around 9. Wake up at 3 then round to mates and were all having pizza for breakfast. Fight is due to...
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    Refina s*p*r*lex

    14" Hardly used £25 delivered
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    Timber frame

    Building a timber garage at home and Was going to osb then shiplap it but now debating whether to acrylic it. Im still going to osb it but can I just buy some 25mm polystyrene as a cheaper alternative to renderboard? Also what fixings would I need? Seen some that are like a drywall screw...
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    Popped rivet

    Gibbo sent me a lovely worn in carbon trowel the other day, really nice to use. However the top rivets gone and has a tendency to chatter if youre not careful. I tried gorilla glue as the merchants had an open tub but didn't work at all. My next idea is either A 2 part glue or re-rivet it...
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    Refina hop up

    Got a 1300mm Refina hop up for sale. I bought two a couple of years ago when I was doing ceilings day in day out on the insurance and had a lab to move them. now keep one In the van as a spare and the others sat in the lock up looking lonely. Probably not worth posting it so anyone local...
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    Coventry Plasterer wanted

    Pretty sure I know most of the spreads in my area that are on here but if anyone's wanting some work get in touch. Turning it away at the minute and I hate doing that . Mainly boarding, dry lining and skimming. Occasional float and set work. Would prefer someone who drives and I can give them...
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    Anyone famous

    If you could meet anyone famous, living or dead, who would it be and what would you ask them? Mine without a doubt would be Muhammad Ali.
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    Hammer fixings

    I have a workshop to dab using 40mm insulated boards and want to use secondary Fixings as its over existing render. Can I just use ewi fixings? All I can find specifically for plasterboard are twistfix galvanised fixings and I don't Particular like the look of Them.
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    retaining garden wall

    Ive been asked to price a garden wall in mono. its approximately 6m long and .75m high. its currently tiled and had small coping stones on the top. it hasnt been tanked the other side. I have no problems actually doing the mono but im unsure of the prep work. a couple of the tiles have come...
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    Strange job

    Just been given a job by a regular builder. They've fitted some new windows and doors for a firm and need them patching up. Turns out the customer is having the room plastered soon and they only want it boarding bonding and beading ready for him to do. Builder said why not just get him to do it...
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    I have been converted!.....I think

    I've had my super flex for a couple of weeks now and struggled to see the hype. I was getting a shitty sandy look and kept me going back to my Mt. asked @scottie5 a couple of questions and decided to follow his method. This morning I spent 10 minutes with some 600grit wet and dry making sure...
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    Bg hoody

    Any of you wannkers get one for the caption competition?
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    Had a thought yesterday. Do you think it'd be viable to buy a dehumidifer and hire it out to customers after the jobs finished? Obviously not all would want it but k get so many people asking how soon they can paint it and can they get the heating in to dry it out. I always advise customers to...
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    Just had a tub picked up by my merchants and this tub says microgobetis 3000 where as all the others I've had have been microgobetis 2000. Is there any difference or is it just a newer version?
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    screed rules

    Looking at ordering a couple of ally rules for the few screed jobs I do a year. So far ill use levels or 4x2 timber but want something a bit better. What sizes do you use? 2x2? 3x2? Not sure what lengths to order aswell. I was thinking a 2.4 or 3m and then a couple smaller. And finally do...
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    well that was weird.

    Went to a see a job weds evening. Poxy bathroom ceiling had a leak from the flat above. Rip down. Re board and skim. 2 maybe 3 6x3 at most. 1 bag of finish. Be out of there by 1. Told him it'd be £180. There was an awkward silence which happens when it's too expensive he then says that sounds...
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    anyone willing to go halves?
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    external tanking system

    Ive got 2 jobs to price in the same street (funnily twin brothers) and they've both had retaining walls built in their sloping back gardens. The first job was done by an unknown builder. He assured the customer it was lined but there are obvious signs of damp on a few courses. The customer...
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    Just took my latest order from wack wholesale. As per usual they chuck in a load of freebies. I told them not to bother trying to sell me **** tools so they've sent stanley fatmax extreme snips and said theyd send me a couple of mixing buckets. Turned up today and I expected the crappy normal...
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    EZE spat

    Ryans asked me to let you know what i think Firstly. its the same as their excalibur or r****a's s*p*r*lex spat. it does the same job but is an updated model. the main selling point is the fact that you can change the blades. I was sent two thickness'. One i'm guessing is the original...
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    Burnt my first bridge today

    i'm not normally one for burning bridges but it happened today. We do a bit for a property developer of the asian persuasion. in the last 6 months we've done 2 full house reskims and a couple of smaller jobs for him. hes my mates contact so i never deal with the money, just get my day rate off...
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    storage heater

    anyone got any ideas as to why it wouldnt be holding charge? charged it weds night on 3, thursday it was cold so thought it needed a full charge. turned it up to 6 last night and this morning it was cold again. my uncle is a spark and i normally get him to come round and have a look but the...
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    refina 14" s*p*r*lex ss trowel

    had it for a couple of months. used it once, didnt like it. been sat in the van since and i need to make room so i can buy more trowels!! make me a sensible offer
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    damp on ceiling.

    Right when we moved in 18mths ago everything was fine. Over the next few months we had two mould patches appear. Checked the roof for leaks. Nothing. Back of the boards was bone dry. Kept bleaching them until we decorated. Checked the loft and insulation was only 50mm so i added an extra...
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    black diamond.

    Anyone ever heard of black diamond plaster? Working with an old sparky at the minute and he pulled out these 2 bags of plaster. One browning and one finish. Both in plastic bags like the cement bags.
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    Thin coat system

    We've got a thin coat job to do but wanted to ask some questions first. its an insurance job on a new build where oil has been thrown over some brickwork. the insurance have sent round 2 lots of industrial cleaners to try and remove it but its still stained so they have told the policy holder...
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    We've started to get a couple of damp spots around the house. 2 on the bedroom ceiling, 1 small one in the bathroom ceiling and now I've noticed 2 small patches in the recently painted dining room on the external wall. (which is a small extension). I've checked in the loft and the ceilings are...
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    its true, dominos stopped plastering!

    MIXED LOT OF PLASTERING TOOLS | eBay locations a give away and by the look of the user name, his mrs is selling them for him :rolleyes)
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    contracts managers

    Fuc.king cun.ts the lot of them. Take their anger out on the lads because they couldn't cut it on the tools.
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    Been speaking to Rich and Paul alot about rendering and I want to get more into it. Rich has been telling me about the marmorit/thin coat sort of stuff and Paul has been explaining wallcrete. is it worth getting into the acrylic side of things without a machine? is it best to become an approved...
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    plasterer needed for tomorroow

    I agreed to work tomorrow and I've just remembered rangers are on the telly midday, anyone fancy a shift? Rich? Casper? Ya know, someone local.
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    this. is. genius

    i cannot tell you how much i love this photo
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    Whos going to do us a couple of guides then? Kirks not about so its gotta be tony?
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    i was driving past a new lidl currently being built and they've used the terracota type square blocks, i've only ever seen them used in portugal. why would they use them and not normal breeze blocks?
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    Plastic beads

    Right lads, we've got a dashing job on. Nothing out of the ordinary but its got to match the existing. its canterbury spa but for some reason they've used white plastic angle and stop beads. our problem is we only need approximately 3/4 stop beads and 3/4 angle beads. we don't want to go buying...
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    van racking

    I'm getting a new van in the holiday and need ideas for racking. its mainly to hold levels, screws, drills etc. any pics or hints would be much appreciated.
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    and another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust

    plastering tools( professional plastering kit) on eBay (end time 09-Dec-10 23:17:39 GMT)
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    Dodgy Boarding

    So our team (me and stolen stilton) turned up to a job his week, a shop in warwick for a builder. he got some lads to do the dabbing and we were just there to skim. there were big gaps everywhere, half inch step in the boards, reveals 30mm out. and the cheeky **** had the nerve to leave us this...
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    tight b*****d

    bonding plaster,board finish,plasterboard adhesive. on eBay (end time 11-Nov-10 20:08:15 GMT)
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    the most informative video you will ever watch in your life

    everything you need to know about pva YouTube - RichardsPlastering's Channel
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    right you bunch of bellends ;D i've got my first proper rendering job to do all on my lonesome. never had to measure it up before so could do with a bit of help. i've got an extension to render and the side of a garage. the extension is a total of 36sqm. the garage is 13sqm. i'm going to render...
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    i've done it boys, Ive left the bloke ive been working with for the last 8 years. so i'm completely on my tod. got a few jobs lined up and going to phone a few people we used to work for, see if they can give me anything. i'm a bit nervous but the excitments taking over it. no more doing what...
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    Board Props

    just been down to aldi and theyve got Heavy duty board props, £5.99 each. just picked up 4. get a 3 year guarantee with them aswell.
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    thin render

    i've just been to see a job where the customers had some french doors taken out and the doorway blocked up. the cowboy brickie has left 10mm for render. i'm pretty certain this is too thin to use s/c so what i want to know is what is the minimum thickness for ocr? i've never used it before so...
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    Bellworth Finshes LTD

    Has anyone heard of them or done any work for them before? They are based in Meriden. I messaged them about some work they were advertising for. They've got someone to do it now but said they will need someone in the next month and will get back in touch.
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    tool belt.

    i'm after a new tool belt for when i'm boarding. sick of the belts with shitty little pockets, nowhere to put your screws. anyone recommend one? preferbly a decent leather one. the suede ones are shi.te.
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    i had a lesson in plastering today

    we're working for a builder at the minute, rip down, board and skim a huge ceiling. he pulls up with fireline boards on his van and i thought nothing of it, got talking to his 18 year old son who works with him and told him we only use fireline when we need to. then said thats all they ever use...
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    rubbed up tryolean

    just thought about this. why arent people using sand and cement and tyrolean. then rubbing it flat as it says is ok to do so on their site, as an alternative to mono? surely its cheaper?