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    Shite multi

    Any you guys noticed a difference in multi lately, been using bags that go out of date mid august so no problem there. It seems to hang around for a good 3 1/2 hours then on the last pass it tears in areas, Almost like the skin is flaking off. Then usually after that long you can run your hand...
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    Evening all. Anyone used baumit mc55 over painted render? Got a job to do over solid painted tyrolean, was going to mesh coat and pin, then scratch coat, when cured apply 10mm kzp 65 with sponge finish Any opinions much appreciated
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    Base coat with mesh

    Hi there I have recently been using bagged renders instead of sand and cement. Sometimes 2 passes fresh in fresh and sometimes scratch then topcoat. Occasionally using alkali mesh in the base, but always wondered why some lads leave the mesh slightly exposed in the base coat before they top it...
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    Evening all. I’ve got a small over render job using parex parinter but the customer wants a 1.5mm thincoat finish, I have been told you can’t use this on parinter.....has anyone successfully used a thincoat finish, if so what’s the best process?? Many thanks
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    Ewi training

    Hi there I’m after doing an ewi installation course, the trouble is I live in Cornwall! Anyone know of a decent course in the south west area??
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    Dry dash receiver

    How do you guys compare a pre bagged dash receiver to a sand and cement coat. I have found s+c to pull in a little quick at times. Does the pre bagged give a longer open face time??