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  1. Heritage Plasters

    Photo updates

    So haven't been able to check site as regularly lately but I love the media tab to see pictures of people's work and since that's one of my favorite parts of the new forum I thought I'd add a few to it. Great job in the site Danny. I thought it was good before but this is much better. Still...
  2. Heritage Plasters

    Funky Texture

    I have this large home on the lake here that is getting this strange custom texture. It was made up based on what the home owner described and I'm calling it 'European' because... why not?:D The client didn't want any 'holes' in the surface but likes the lumpy look so everything gets coated...
  3. Heritage Plasters

    Everyday plaster kit

    Hello everyone. I've had a great time the last few weeks learning about the differences between plaster in the US and UK. I've found a lot of similarly but quite a few differences as well. Since I was planning to refresh my plaster bag anyway I thought I'd share a few pics of what I drag with me...
  4. Heritage Plasters

    Fun with scaffold

    Had this ceiling to do today. Contractor says feel free to use his scaffolding but a lot of it had seen better days so believe it or not we were rather selective and came up with this setup. BTW, OSHA planks have a lot of bounce in them when they get 10' out. Have to think light thoughts. :frio:
  5. Heritage Plasters

    Tools you miss

    I was on a job the other day and I didn't have a couple seemingly trivial tools and was surprised how much I missed having them all day. Made me think what tools fall into that category for you guys across the pond. Here is what I was missing: My silly home made bucket scoop. They are quasi...
  6. Heritage Plasters

    Mixing drill help

    Hello Everyone, New to the site and impressed with the know how around here and I thought I'd get some thoughts on mixers. I've read a lot of the threads and some of the options aren't really avaliable here in the states. Here is what I've been using for years: Not a bad drill but need to...
  7. Heritage Plasters

    Hello from East Coast USA

    Hello everyone, I feel like I've found a gold mine! I've been plastering for about 16 years here in the states and its very hard to find much of a community that knows plaster. Most of the wall finish around here is drywall and with a few exceptions hardly anyone understands plaster here...