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  1. Heritage Plasters


    I use them all the time. Once you get used to them there is no way you'll go back. So much faster and easier.
  2. Heritage Plasters

    Looking for Internship

    Welcome along. I've heard of that school but never researched it much. I'd be curious to hear what you thought of it. Despite the pandemic work hasn't really slowed down for me at least but I have been working solo for awhile and jump between tile and plaster jobs. What type of plaster are you...
  3. Heritage Plasters

    I need to replace a missing Mitre Rod or Joint Rule - - where can I get one?

    Bon tool:
  4. Heritage Plasters

    Looking for US Equivalent to Casco WallCraft

    I don't think I would trust anything to go straight over tile without some sort of bonder/primer but depending on what you're trying to do with it I think there are products that could work for you. If you're just looking for something that has a fast set so you can sand it same day you can get...
  5. Heritage Plasters

    Patching cornice

    Bon tool carries them: Enjoy!
  6. Heritage Plasters

    Hi! looking for advice please, on micro cement, in the USA

    Those countertops are very possible but you're going to want to use microcement to get that look. Similar application techniques as plaster but your picture definitely looks like microcement or a precast countertop. There are several suppliers for microcement if you do a quick Google search...
  7. Heritage Plasters

    Yankee here. Need some advice

    Welcome along as our hosts here like to say. Lime is definitely deferent than gypsum when it comes to mixing and spreading. You also won't be building work out much and if you overwork it on the wall you'll start to delaminate pretty bad. That said it's not too bad once you get used to it and...
  8. Heritage Plasters

    Hi! looking for advice please, on micro cement, in the USA

    I'm late to the party but yes you can use plaster in a shower. It's all about the prep work. You water proof the area like you would for tile and then start your plaster process on top of that. I would look at Nova color walls2floor system as an option or Vasari Plaster has nice lime Plasters...
  9. Heritage Plasters

    Knee pads!

    Best knee pads are pro knees. I do tile as well and have tried em all. They are sized to fit you exactly, don't bite the back of your leg and distribute your weight across your entire shin. They are pricey but durable and if you're going to invest in some these are the best money can buy. Here...
  10. Heritage Plasters

    anyone fancy this?

    Had one similar last year. I'd be interested but I think the commute would kill me.
  11. Heritage Plasters

    Monday photos

    Mesh tape and then trowel it up by hand. I have corner trowels to get the shape and after it sets but is still green I wet sand it with a sanding sponge.
  12. Heritage Plasters

    Monday photos

    I do my own hanging quite a bit but dot and dab isn't really popular here. I've done a few walls with dot and dab but not a lot. Most walls are framed out if new board is going up.
  13. Heritage Plasters

    Monday photos

    Been wrapping up a project.
  14. Heritage Plasters

    Long Island plasterer

    There are a few of us. I don't live in NY anymore though. Willing to point you in the right direction if you like. Feel free to PM.
  15. Heritage Plasters


    Not a fan of the Skywalker stilts. Have a friend who loves them though. They do adjust quickly and the snowboard style clamps are nice but they're much heavier than my sur-stilts pro S2s, and I don't think they are nearly as stable. This is what I use and highly recommend.
  16. Heritage Plasters

    How would you tackle these corners

    Are you resurfacing the wall to fix the crack as well? As it is I'd cut a piece of wood 1/2" smaller than the finished level of render (wall level and window return) wrap in tar paper, bend lath over it nice and tight so it gives your corner some strength and shape, secure it to the framing...
  17. Heritage Plasters


    You can fix this by making a cut on the edge of the tape on both sides. I cut my rolls or mesh tape 2x on each side. Just the outer band or 2 of the fiberglass. That way when a string starts to form is only about 6 inches long at any one point. Doesn't compromise the mesh and eliminates that...
  18. Heritage Plasters

    Geri R. Introduction

    Hello Geri, Another guy from IL. I used to live in Peoria until about 7 yrs ago. That doesn't look like Venetian plaster. The silver/copper flecks you talked about, did they look like little rust spots? A lot of older plaster used sand that wasn't washed well and often came straight from a...
  19. Heritage Plasters

    If you could change...

    You guys are so much nicer than me. I require 35% up front for projects $10,000 or less and final payment due the day of completion. Larger projects have a pay schedule based on milestones and payment must be received before next phase starts. That way you're never behind on payment. I'll tell...
  20. Heritage Plasters

    Plastering Up To An Angle

    Looks great from here. I never recommended plaster as a diy endeavor but it looks like you should be ok. Don't skimp on your prep and things usually work out. Send some pictures when you're done, I'd love to see em.
  21. Heritage Plasters

    Plastering Up To An Angle

    No need for bead of you tape off along the opposite corner and pull tape before plaster is completely dry. If needed you can use a piece of plastic to lay the edge down by holding it across the edge on either side of the corner to make it blended perfectly.
  22. Heritage Plasters

    Monday blues mug give away

    Little late to the party but those mugs are too good to pass up. :birra:
  23. Heritage Plasters

    Bullnose beads

    If you cut the bead with a miter saw you can get very tight joints. If you don't want to use one of those you can get by marking the bead with a speed square and cutting it by hand. Personally I don't mess with the bead much unless u have to and just do them by hand using a bullnose corner tool...
  24. Heritage Plasters

    Your best Job Of 2018

    Been a busy few months but had some fun jobs this year. Even did a bit of tile.
  25. Heritage Plasters

    Across the pond

    There are several different types of plaster available here. Diamond is popular and made by USG. It's used as a 1 coat veneer system over blueboard. If you ask USG what they recommend they won't say it's a 1 coat product but that's all I've ever seen it used for. National Gypsum makes kal-kote...
  26. Heritage Plasters

    Best way to board this beast

    I think a router with a guide point bit is fastest and most accurate way to go. It looks like you even have a nice piece of trim to catch the inside edge on. (Obviously you'll need some hat track up there for framing)
  27. Heritage Plasters

    Competition Time

    Great, yet another tool I can't seem to find in the states... I think you guys are doing this on purpose. :muyenojado:
  28. Heritage Plasters

    Competition Time

    Old Plasterer told me if you want to be fast don't focus on moving faster, focus on not wasting motions. Never walk up or down the stairs empty handed, and don't forget you can learn something from anyone... especially the idiots. :hueco: Wise old man. He also said plaster done well is poetry...
  29. Heritage Plasters

    Plaster stains on wood

    A little white vinegar on a rag does great. The vinegar neutralizes the alkaline plaster and let's it break apart and come off. And once it dries you'll never know it was there. Careful with oil on unfinished stuff, when they go to stain it you'll see those spots because it'll absorb the stain...
  30. Heritage Plasters

    Skim Coating Drywall walls

    Hello and "Welcome along" as our UK friends like to say. I can identify with your plight in looking for speed skims, or most of the good toys these guys get. (Except Marshalltown stuff.... Still don't understand their love affair with that brand) I think the speed skim a great tool but based...
  31. Heritage Plasters

    How to bring the sand out

    Something like this? Floating it when it's still pretty wet will make it look more course if you don't want the dash finish look.
  32. Heritage Plasters

    New trowel for @Arti

    Sure looks pretty. Is it 14x3.5? Seems like it's on the thin side. Any advantage over a Nela supreflex?
  33. Heritage Plasters

    am i the only yank?

    Welcome Rendog, There are a few of us Americans here. I'm from NY but live in NC now. Nice to get plaster ideas from Europe since info and tools are a little hard to come by on this side of the world. Not impossible, just harder.
  34. Heritage Plasters

    Lets see what you are doing today

    Was working on this today... Had so much rain this week the scratch coat was saturated at the bottom and my corners kept falling off so took forever but I got it at the end. Wish I had a better shot of the scaffold setup. You guys would love it.
  35. Heritage Plasters

    Broke me trowel

    Sorry for your loss Lodan. I have a couple damaged trowels I just can't bring myself to throw away... Maybe a funeral is in order?
  36. Heritage Plasters

    Photo updates

    So haven't been able to check site as regularly lately but I love the media tab to see pictures of people's work and since that's one of my favorite parts of the new forum I thought I'd add a few to it. Great job in the site Danny. I thought it was good before but this is much better. Still...
  37. Heritage Plasters

    Plaster On Wall

    I was always told if you want to judge the skill of a plasterer check their edges and corners. The field is the easy work so master the blending and the rest will come. Algeeman was right about doing the whole wall in that situation. You would probably get a better finish but sometimes you...
  38. Heritage Plasters

    Double edged Darby

    About any Darby your could want here. No idea on the shipping though. I have the 42" magnesium dual edge knob and rail and have been happy with it for stucco. (Render)
  39. Heritage Plasters

    Double edged Darby

    I've got one in the truck, I'll try to get a picture tomorrow. I ordered mine from Curry. Magnesium, smooth on one side, serrated on the other. I think it might have that lip you're talking about though.
  40. Heritage Plasters

    The NELA PlasticFlex Trowel Review

    Good review Danny. I've got both as well and I've found that for smooth walls they are interchangable without much difference but with a textured finish they do give different looks. The plastic tends to fill in any voids a little more than the s*p*r*lex. Both leave a very nice finish but...
  41. Heritage Plasters

    Health and safety madness

    That's insane... I can't believe someone designed and built something like thatt much less bought it.
  42. Heritage Plasters

    Revolution has started

    I've looked at those but I still need power for my lights so I have to drag the cord out anyway since I don't have the cordless lights. (but have seen some nice ones.) and I'm already heavily invested in makita. Hard to change at this point.
  43. Heritage Plasters

    OMG, USA

    Last I saw curry also made bon but that was years ago and may have changed.
  44. Heritage Plasters

    OMG, USA

    They say the first step to recovery is admitting there's a problem. I don't care what the wife says, this addiction doesn't need fixing. (y) @Vincey Do the carbon trowels mark up your wall any? I do a lot of tinted stuff so can't have anything changing colors or leaving streaks but I am curious.
  45. Heritage Plasters

    OMG, USA

    @Vincey Brings joy to my heart to see someone go through all that prep for their trowel. (Good to know someone else is my type of crazy) :reloco: I haven't used carbon steel trowels so I can't say if it will be the same but for the SS ones there is quite a break in period so be prepared and...
  46. Heritage Plasters

    OMG, USA

    Nice kit Vincey. Hope you like it. I haven't bought the plastic curry yet but I just nicked my nela so I'd be interested in hearing what you think of it.
  47. Heritage Plasters

    Friday night Curry

    Not yet. Have been slammed with a few big jobs and haven't had a moment to work on anything else. Hope to have a little time again first of the year.
  48. Heritage Plasters


    We call them cat faces too.
  49. Heritage Plasters

    Friday night Curry

    Ouch. Seems steep considering the trowel is less than $60. I still go back and forth between the nela stainless and my Curry. I will say that the curry is slightly more flexible than the nela. Hope you enjoy it.
  50. Heritage Plasters

    Mounded texture plaster difficulty

    Hard to see much from the pictures but it almost looks like they did a pebble dash technique and then painted it a dozen times. Going to be hard to match that. Have any close up of the texture?