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    EWI window cills

    he shouldnt break the system, mostly depends what site office and product rep say
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    New paddle mixer

    get makita mixer 1150w, its fast and solid and get bigger paddle if u mix alot. tools over 1200w needs good gen. there is one on ebay for 249.99
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    Lol who is goin to check the jobs been done properly. She must have big spyglass in a office
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    Rates ?

    Can u guess lotto numbers for 2nite aswell and share em with us. Pretty sure someone will give u prices for exchange then:)
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    wetherby silicone finish

    why can u just basecoat with scrim, then another coat of w adhesive and fine it down like s&c and paint u like
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    What has happened to all the government funded ewi work?

    little bird tweet me that eon wont kick off this year, hope its not true
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    Window sills

    been using vergetrim under cills cause "boss" was to tight to pay enablers to cut back old conrete cills, now houses look daft:)
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    wetherby silicone finish

    U need gaffa tape car sponge patience:) Tape the area lay on realy thin coat of acrylic rub up with plastic trowel take off tape Rub up edges with sponge to blend in rub up with plastic trowel again on edges practice first This is roughly guideline how to patch up acrylic if u cant do it right...
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    Ewi my own house

    J20 cream dash receiver tends to bloom.
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    Ewi my own house

    Yes, onto maite, cheers
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    EWI VS Cavity

    There is no need to pin boards upto 12m height. Over that winds are stronger and pinnin is needed. Wet fix only boardin needs sticks to wall atleast in60%, wetfix with pinnin 40%. Personally i will pin every board no matter what height for peace of mind. Wetfixed boards only can be ripped off...
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    Ewi my own house

    Make sure any water wont go behind system, all gaps between boardin are filled in with expanding foam, pins not stickin out or hammered in to much, any lips on boards needs rasping back, scrim is overlaped atleast 100mm, stress pads every corner every opening, dash it then. Parex is good powder...
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    straight or rasping

    Polysterene and mineral wool boards are only ones u can rasp back. Over 5 years since we do ewi havent seen many people rasping boards. Cause in most cases its mechanical fix onlyand boardin follows shape of the walls u get odd lips which should be shaved back. On phenolic all u can do is patch...
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    More Dash footage

    Yes it's way easier with pool trowel to flatten and quicker. Don't have to play with render so much to get nice flat finish. Cheers
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    More Dash footage

    Would use pool trowel to flatten receiver instead square trowel to no trowel marks or I'm just it fussy
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    Isnt better to teach one to lay on instead just payin him for feedin the hopper. U got to spread then spray then spread again. Does not look u can get a lot of meterage done in a day
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    Looking for EWI job

    Got nvq lvl 2 in EWI, 7 years exp Been using rockwool parex weber wetherby. Acrylic Pebbledash and scraped render finishes. Most of work done in South Wales but can travel for a right money, if interested mail me Thx