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  1. bodplasterer

    Tamworth lad looking to get into plastering/labouring

    If anyone in the Tamworth area is looking for an apprentice/labourer let me know as I know a young lad aged 18 not driving due to not having money but is keen as mustard to be given a chance............ Cheers Bod :) p.s sorry have not been on in a few years lol
  2. bodplasterer

    Glove trowel

    I have been on a job the last few months and there have been a few occasions where this device would have come into its own basically it's a trowel attached to a back of a glove to get into areas where normal trowels cant reach but yet it don,t exist!!! Come on i cant be the only one who have...
  3. bodplasterer


    Just been to look at a job and the lady has got a damp company in to sort the damp as she just presumed thats what you do, he apparently also showed how damp it was by using a damp reading machine :rolleyes) Personally i thought it looked dry and it ain't even an external wall it just has a bit...
  4. bodplasterer

    Paper tape

    Right started the job with the paper tape today 2 weeks later than it should have been! We still haven't been given rates and all the ceilings are 6x3 boards so there is a fair bit of taping to do in each flat :RpS_cursing: Also got told today that the reason for the use of paper tape is because...
  5. bodplasterer

    Paper tape

    Got to start a job monday and its all skim on board but it's got to be paper tape.......what my question is has any one had to do this in the past? and what method of fixing the tape worked best? I was gonna attack it by buttering up the joints and applying the tape that way if theres a better...
  6. bodplasterer


    Why is it when you ask em for rates they all seem to have that smug look about em that you want to stab em in the face!
  7. bodplasterer

    Marshalltown plastic angle trowel

    Marshalltown NEW Adjustable Inside Corner Trowel, EA917 | eBay Has any one used one of these yet?
  8. bodplasterer

    Site manager

    Been on site all week and the site manager is a woman :-0 But in all fairness she's mint, knows exactly whats going on and is very approachable and seems to get respect off of everyone, the last site I was on the site manager was a right cock. She came in this morning and her nose was all cut my...
  9. bodplasterer

    Too hot for plastering!

    Bleeding hell how hot was it today luckily we had 2 sets on before 12 and called it a day for a pair of pints in the local :RpS_thumbup:
  10. bodplasterer


    Right done a ceiling today and all round the edge was cove that went straight into the ceiling and had a beading just below and what looked like a doddle job turned out to be a nightmare any one experienced these sort of ceilings before and what did you find to be the easiest way to tackle them...
  11. bodplasterer

    This is what its come to.

    Ha Ha just spotted this on gumtree is it any one on here? Cheap plasterer wont be beaten by any price Plastering & Tiling Services bristol Exeter
  12. bodplasterer

    Render over ply

    Right i have a job to do its not alot only 16m2 and its over ply is there any systems that can be used as they want a scraped render there aint room for insulation as the facial board is about 10mm from the ply also the ends are block and there is a cavity which i have been told by the builder...
  13. bodplasterer

    MOVED: probs ?

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  14. bodplasterer

    lime render

    We have a job that needs lime render the only trouble being its on thermalite blocks do any one know what spec is needed?
  15. bodplasterer

    MOVED: Rendering large areas

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  16. bodplasterer

    MOVED: Good morning,Goodnight

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  17. bodplasterer

    MOVED: My rep has been lowered

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  18. bodplasterer

    MOVED: cpi euromix ocr

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  19. bodplasterer

    Tape, n, Joint or Skim

    We have a few houses to do and they are all dri lined but the customer have come back asking if tape n jointing would be cheaper than skiming whats the average price per m on taping supply and fit? I know what the down sides are but this aint an issue the woman running the site has it in her...
  20. bodplasterer

    Out of date toughcoat

    Been offered 92 bags of toughcoat for £2.50 a bag but its 3 weeks out of date the rep at the merchants was telling us in there technical data he recons it will be fine for 6 months after the date is out but not sure we have got alot of thermalite blocks to float soon and toughcoat is better on...
  21. bodplasterer

    Coving prices

    What is the going rate on coving price supply and fit linear meter? Its been a while since weve been asked.
  22. bodplasterer

    Improved hawk invented in 1895 This was invented in 1895 so why dont we see them today?
  23. bodplasterer

    Lime plastering prices?

    I have some idea of the prices from how long the process takes but was wondering what other people are charging, I know church has alot of experiance with this one so some advice would be appreciated, Ive done it a few times but always working for some one else never had to price it myself.
  24. bodplasterer


    I work with another spread, and most days he brings sandwichs as i dont ever, maybe once in a blue moon but i usually go to the nearest burger van or sandwich shop, what do most of you do?
  25. bodplasterer

    Who's working tomorrow?

    I hate working saturdays but i got to render a garage round tomorrow :( fingers crossed its gonna snow ;)
  26. bodplasterer


    I have a job to do its on a back of a 4 storey house, on there at the moment is smooth sand and cement render but it has alot of hairline cracks, they have tried hacking it off but it is rock solid and just damaging the old brickwork, they have asked me if they can go straight on top with...
  27. bodplasterer

    Resiliant bar

    Hello fellow spreads been away for a while got burgalerised and had me laptop nicked :( just got round to setting up the pc, anyway resiliant bar gotta do a job tomorrow and i am gonna need some resiliant bar, only trouble is wheres the best place to get it and how much is it?
  28. bodplasterer


    Just done a front of a 3 storey house smooth render on thursday turned out quite nice :) and all we had to do on friday was the heads and reveals so thought we had a cushty day planned nice half day finish for a friday ;) anyway turned up friday morning to find the whole front been attacked with...
  29. bodplasterer

    The stupid things people say

    Why is it when your plastering now and again people will tell you, I bet your good at icing cakes. No i am not good at icing cakes i have tried it and its bloody difficult >:( If ive heard this once ive heard it a thousand times, another one is, you make it look so easy i always tell em "it is...
  30. bodplasterer

    Is there such a thing as the perfect finish?

    Right how many times you just finished a wall and thought that looks lovely then all of a sudden the sun shines in through the window and tears your f**kin work apart and looks more like a rock climbing wall? everyones kicked a halogen too close to the wall and seen the terrors that lurk...
  31. bodplasterer

    k rend prices

    Does any one know what the average price is on this stuff?
  32. bodplasterer

    Hollow render

    Done a rendering job last year on a small extension and had to go back the other day as it has gone hollow :(, what i cant understand is it has only gone on one side we did it all round on new block work the same day and the rest is solid but right at the back it has blown there is a small...
  33. bodplasterer

    Air test

    Doing a job at the moment and on our spec we have been told to take the plaster right down to the floor and leave no gaps between the floor and wall this is due to a air pressure test and needs to be completley sealed. Sureley there needs to be some sort of ventilation and not be completley...
  34. bodplasterer

    Doe this make sense

    Working on the job at the mo and its a a reskim turning an old building into flats, well on the skirting lines the walls are all over the place and skirtings are not going on flat. Any way we didnt quote to bond walls only fill in chases and skim. So well we now have to bond the walls to...
  35. bodplasterer

    Funny story

    Heard a funny story today. Urban myth or the truth not sure as it was a friend of a friend situation. This guy had some plasterers working next door on an extension and needed a bit of work done on his kitchen. So he asked the spreads if they could do it next week well they said they couldnt as...
  36. bodplasterer

    Being a plasterer sucks

    Just got home from one sucky day, been stood outside a bath room all day waiting for a plumber to finish as he kept saying he will be 10 mins when he was in fact 3 hours :( When we actually got in there it was too late to get a set on, so got all the dot n dab done and set it all up, when i...
  37. bodplasterer

    Mixing hardwall

    Heres a little tip for you, if you only got a small van and find it hard to fit a mixing bath in, cut down a water butt, you can still mix 3 bags at a time and they are alot easier to clean, the only prob is shoveling onto the spot, so to combat that just cut down a shovel as well.
  38. bodplasterer

    The eye hospital

    I know i know every one tells you to wear safety glasses but who do? Well i do since i had a trip to the eye hospital, man it was mighty painful. I was on the first trowel on a big ceiling and a bit of fat slopped into my eye. Carried on working and finished the set, then went to site office and...
  39. bodplasterer

    Domestic or site?

    Which do you Prefer? Each one has there up side and downsides, at the moment i am mostly doing domestic (been lucky enough to stay off site :) ) Last year was on the same site for about 6 months done my head right in :( Doing flats every day in day out gets a bit demoralizing. So at the moment...