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    k render what application?

    sorry mods, wrong bloody section :RpS_blushing: please move. need a little help guys, looked at a render job earlier to be k rendered but its over old flat s/c render...... whats the best application here!? 1 coat system?? or 2 coat using a base k rend then the top coat etc.... iv not done...
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    large ceiling roses, how to fit.

    hi lads, sorry if in wrong category please MOD move if so. just a quick bit of help, been asked to fit 2 rather large and heavy ceiling roses end of week, on fresh plaster ceilings. ill tell you my method i was going to take as fitted few before but nothing as big! watery pva to kill the...
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    concret floor DPM failed, walls damp, best fix?

    hi guys, i do a fair bit of damp proof work for local companies but always tend to shy away from taking on my own jobs even though i pretty much know the methods used, as they have the certificates and gaurentees which i dont. but i looked at a friends house this evening that he just...
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    how to scratch lines in render for that block effect?

    hi guys, been a plasterer for 14 years and can honestlt say iv never had a request for this, untill now. but i dont know how to do it? what sort of tool should i use? and at what time of the rubbing up method should i do it? im firmiliar that once the render is rubbed up and sponged it can...
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    can i k-rend over tyrolean?

    hi guys, great forum you have here. im new so hi first of all :RpS_biggrin: iv been plastering for nearly 14 years now and am very good at traditional s&c exterier rendering, however i have question about k-rendering. never really done much of this over my years and the little i have done...