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    200 M2 dubbing out Darlington area must start 14th - 16th Dec

    Hi I need a squad to help me quickly dub out approx. 200 m2 lime render... don't panic I will show you what to do... its only dubbing out not rocket science... and before the critics on here start with their opinions... its 3 coat work... the dubbing out will be protected with mortar fleece for...
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    Renderers needed

    jobs are in newcastle call me on 07710467523 cheers
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    Wallcrete dyes

    Hi been asked to do 65 m2 of wallcrete effect but dont have mates etc also the old building is random stone so mat imprint wont look good as not random enough. so im going to carve the stone work out myself I have load of dyes left over from marble plastering bought from mike wye... will this...
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    Renderers wanted

    Im looking for a small team 1 and 1 squad to help me out as and when required in the Gosforth area i only do external rendering so if your interested then Send me a message through here Contact me via my website professional plastering, wall coatings, external monocouche rendering, eifs...
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    lime render barbados

    jobs finished now 3 coats NHL 3.5 2,600 bags 4 left over... should have been a QS... A few pics and videos here
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    I have to do 170 m2 thin coat on new build in Bristol... 14th December onwards need laborer and a GOOD spread to help me.. 5-6 days work... and any heads up on cheap digs appreciated cheers
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    site supervisor required aberdeen

    hi any of you lads got a generic site supervisors card preferably living in aberdeen?
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    Anyone used this system yet

    i have been asked to price a job using this system 70mm cavity and 80mm EPS the fixings are £4.00 each has anyone done this system yet? StoRotofix Demo - YouTube
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    Votes needed for Steph (The Pink Plasterer)

    Hi Steph AKA the Pink Plasterer The Pink Plasterer has been nominated for the women in business awards Lets try and support her if you feel like it... shes a bloody good spread ( hahahah and no not been there just a nice hard working lass ) hahhaha im laughing as im typing... i should have...
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    the real green deal
  11. Render Systems

    Terraco Handy Coat

    This is great stuff for taping and jointing, Terraco are looking to have some of their skim coat products reviewed by plasterers and dryliners have a look at it I will ask Danny to arrange samples etc Cheers Steve Handycoat plaster and leveling compounds | Terraco UK
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    L0ok at this

    I want one of these
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    Nice job for next year

    Got email last week to do another lime render job in barbados next year on another plantation house... im seriously thinking of going back to do it :rolleyes)
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    A wall i did

    first post heres a one i did last year
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    getting tired now

    this website seems to be going round in circles.. people ask for advice... we give it to them and sometimes some work comes our way... or the people we give the advice to get a contractor to do the job after taking our advice... it doesnt matter as i thought we were all on here to help people...
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    Eifs training

    Hi well we will be up and running very soon taking bookings for courses, what you will get is a introduction to solid wall insulation EIFS/EWI it will be a 3 day course where you will recieve full training in retrofit EIFS applications there are training bays where you will be able to apply a...
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    lanko latex and microgobitis

    grab a bargain here eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace or give me a call
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    EWI Gangs wanted Teeside

    Hi lads been asked if i could find 60 men to do retrofit eifs on 600 council houses in teeside would be happy with 20 joiners 20 labourers and 20 good spreads i know jasper is having a hard time finding men.. whats going on? anyway PM me for rates job starting june
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    at last

    well i eventually got back to work this week even though its meant dodging the showers, yesterday was a complete washout... but look at today (in the north east at least) no rain forcast till sunday so im off out now to do 100m2 of acrylic topcoat...
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    anyone in berkshire

    hi any of you lads near berkshire? and can render?
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    Barbados job

    Hi the lime render job i did last year in barbados has just won award and the lime render got a big mention... hope it brings some more nice easy work my way...
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    Been entered into competition

    Hi just had some news from architect about the water tower job i did last year, the job has been short listed in best design under 250k have a look at the job here AJBL - Projects - The Water Tower i got a mention in the magazine as well.. and before i get any stupid comments about finish, it...
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    for sale

    Venetian Polished Plasters sensible offers please
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    Seen it all now

    Well thats us well and truly s$rewed... hahahah never think this will catch on though
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    EIFS Training

    i set this up a few weeks ago for on and off site training cos its the chicken and egg scenario now ie how do you get experience fixing eifs systems if your not allowed on site? which will be happening very soon, will be teachin the the basic retrofit systems only though... any thoughts lads...
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    Watford job starting this week

    as it says above need a squad on there asap... approx 6000 m2 to get at... skimming only sorry about the short notice the t**ts just called me today... anyone available? usual required CSCS card UTR Number
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    Watford job starting this week

    as it says above need a squad on there asap... approx 6000 m2 to get at... skimming only sorry about the short notice the t**ts just called me today... anyone available? usual required CSCS card UTR Number
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    4000 m2 skimming Haverhill

    what it says above to start early march anyone interested? have posted a map below to show where my 4 jobs are and all starting around marchish
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    3000 m2 hardwall Whitham Essex

    3000 m2 hardwall and skim job starting in 2 weeks time need 2-3 squads must have CSCS £4.75 per M2 labour only float and set £2.00 per M2 skim only... if interested and have 2 good squads let me know asap... dont winge about the prices they are what they are... need local people as digs wont...
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    Abu dhabi work

    Hi i was asked to price 19,000 m2 of EIFS EWI in abu dhabi last week by one of the biggest companies in the gulf... also a mate of mine knows the contracts manager so it could be mine if i want it... however the cost of me getting brits over there as well as renting accommodation will cost a...
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    Look at these prices

    Ok lads i have been tendering for a company now for 18 months and have now got the go ahead for the following jobs at these rates if i want them... 12,000m2 of skimming in Watford @ £2.50 per m2 Wellingborough skimming 7,000m2 @ £2.25 per m2 I cant believe the prices as they are...
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    Polished Plaster Video's

    Hi here is an excellent link for all venetian plaster application techniques just spent this afternoon watching a few BEGINNER
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    Sample day today

    well i hve been snowed under for 2 weeks now and it looks like another week at least before i can did the van out... cant even do any samples in the garage as to bloody cold so janes in for a surprise when she gets back as the kitchen is MINE... doing some lead look external render samples...
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    lime render york area

    Been dropped in sh*te today i need a spread to help on a lime render job near york 200m2 approx next wed - sat to scratch it then following tues - friday to top coat any takers?
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    200 m2 parex mono labour only price wanted off machine men preferably

    Ok chaps looking for machine men near york to put on 200 m2 of parex mono start around 14th august fixed price only per m2 PM me if interested
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    Rolls of mesh???? where are they

    Well i was in manchester on wednesday hoping to buy 10 rolls of mesh... never got them...
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    Old fashioned NHL 3.5 Finish on farm house

    Hi Chaps Im doing an old farmhouse this week the extensions are built in blockwork but they want it finished in an old style with undulations in to match the rest... anyway here are a couple of vids
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    thin coat application and finishing

    Hi did a better vid for the thin coat application and finishing
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    keeping your stilts clean

    cut the bottoms of an old pair of trowsers and tape them below foot rest... or leave them in the van and use a scaffold
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    Thin coat plus a song

    Thin coat application by the geordie warbler
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    Thin Coat Guide

    Hi thin coat is exactly what it is but has a couple of exceptions on varying backgrounds. the top coat is allways put on as thick as the grit size in the mix and no thicker as it will not finish properly on cement board or lafarge aquatech you first apply your base coat to 3mm maximum then...
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    Quoin Cutter

    seen this on ebay today... good idea but expensive... im going to make one out of plywood...
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    Thin Coat Application Video

    Hi chaps i have had a few questions about how to apply thin coat systems so here a video of thincoat over OCR with mesh
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    Cheap Mono on ebay
  45. Render Systems

    Anyone near Manchester available for 3 - 4 days

    Hi I have 3-4 days work on at the new Media City building Salford Manchester starting 12th of July its only 150 - 200 m2 of Marmorit 2 coat OCR 15mm max with mesh on concrete then 5 days off then 2 days applying thin coat acrylic must have CSCS and UTR as well as PPE, PM me if anyone interested...
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    Thought you may like to see a wall i finished today

    Hola chaps just finished this today :o
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    EIFS and Thin Coat Systems

    Hola chaps lots of questions etc about EIFS and Thin Coat Systems so I thought I would post this catalog link where I get most of my tools from have a good look at it you may see something you like
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    Nice one today

    I gave a mate a lift to price a roofing job today... he didnt get it but i got whole house to render in mono and all internals... plus £20.00 for the lift ;)
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    How to guide for Kirk on lime mortar and plaster

    SPECIFICATION: External Hydraulic Lime Renders Preparation: follow good working practices, ensuring that the background is thoroughly clean. If removing vegetable growth using biocides check that these would not react with the render causing stains. If the background is saturated check for...
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    Polished plaster application 3 stage videos

    Heres a wall i did in my sons bedroom over 3 days. 1 hour to first coat it 1 hour to second coat it and 1 hour to wax and polish it First and second coats Waxing Finished wall...