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    Overboarding - edge treatment

    Hello, After pulling down lath and plaster in a few rooms (for wiring/pipe access as well as the ceilings bowed) I'm hoping to just be able to overboard the hallway. The question I have is what do you do when you get to the lip at the landing floor? Do you cut the plasterboard slightly short...
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    Just another new joiner saying hi! Have bought an Edwardian house that I'm doing a full renovation on, rest of this year will be electrics/plumbing and general building but here and there and definitely next year I'll have to become a "good amateur" plasterer... Whatever that is! - Martin
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    What would you do?

    Hello, as per pictures I've plasterboarded up a doorway. To the sides there are areas where plaster has come off its lathes. Aside from ordering a very small amount of lime/horse hair mix... Is this something I can PVA then fill in with a bonding or one-coat plaster? Or anything else...
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    Patch up or start again

    As per pic below, started to take apart a doorway I intended to brick up only to find the whole (small) wall is lathe and plaster. In this instance, what would the professionals recommend? 1) apply timber batons to the inner door lining and then plasterboard just the door opening, followed by...