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  1. plasterjfe

    Pft minijet 3 phase and generator

    Decided to sell our pft minijet. 3 phase runs the same worm pumps as a g4 or 5. Its a gravity fed machine comes with 12.5 kva genny - briggs and Stratton. Brilliant machine very portable and powerful. Everyrhing u need here to get spraying. If interested message or ring for price/details...
  2. plasterjfe

    Rotor stator 6.3. Cheap and good

    Been using a rotor stator from lord and downing. Its an after market version, their own brand. I have been counting up to compare. 15.2 tonnes so far 8 tonnes of that being weber chalk wich wears rotor stators hard. So a tad over 15 pallets and still running. 20m hose running average 20 - 24...
  3. plasterjfe

    Durham. Lad wanted for machine gang

    My mate is looking to start a lad on the machine with him installing render mostly. Very experienced gang will teach u all u need. Message me for his number
  4. plasterjfe

    Cheap labour still a prob

    Well I just had an email from a so called reqruitment agency/trades supplier. It said all tradesmen available EU and British but maimly polish direct from poland with cscs cards from 15 per hr What chance do our own have with a govt who does not fully support apprenticships (but says it does)...
  5. plasterjfe

    Sprsy Renderer

    Anybody looking for some extra work pm me we have a range of stuff ongoing from big to small so can suit any capability or availability. Must be top workmanship
  6. plasterjfe

    Where is everyone based

    Where ate all the spray boys based. Might have some work to throw the ways of some with a machine too.
  7. plasterjfe

    Base/starter track + rail system track

    I have 11 lengths 2.5m of 50mm aluminium base track for Ewi systems. Protectors brand the best there is. Also 2 boxes (x50 2.5m lengths) of holding rails for the cavity rail systems over timber frame. They hold the eps into place and fix via a packer to the subframe. Protector profile number...
  8. plasterjfe


    Its here. Been using this monocouche this week. Parex say we are the first to use it over here (or up norf anyways) so the guinea pigs I suppose. The pallets dropped last week so we got stuck into it It is BL10 colour code brilliant white render. I am guessing it could be the answer to...
  9. plasterjfe

    Any spray gangs quiet.

    Any quiet spray gangs? Might have a few hits week after next ? Must be tip top workmanship mind. 07921711838
  10. plasterjfe


    Looking for a labourer to work with a machine gang. Primarily looking after the machine. St Helens or Radcliffe areas
  11. plasterjfe

    Thin coat render

    Some mesh coat and some finish coat available on new build. North west. 07921711838
  12. plasterjfe

    Knight mare set today.

    Scaff lifts at 1.5m so sore head. Bottom lift is 1.2m away from wall. Interesting when you ruling. No access for machine so had to set up in a room and spray out the window loading up etc. Genny fuel issue keeps stalling for a split second every so often. Water pressure fluctuating from the...
  13. plasterjfe

    Got a day tomorrow on the machine

    Lab wanted for day in Bolton. Just for now its a day but could be more if all works well. you know the score 07921711838
  14. plasterjfe

    Work abroad

    Tenerife or similar. Just wondered if anyone has done any stints around the Spanish islands or the canaries. My mate is wanting to go and spend some time away and work at the same time but we don't know anyone that might have been to the canaries. Basically he needs to know the crack and if...
  15. plasterjfe

    Generator. Briggs stratton

    I had my Genny back from service yesterday. Today we run a spray but the Genny kept on cutting/stalling only for a split second but without losing ignition. Ie- it kept on going just about so we didn't need to start it every time. The only thing I can think of and see is that the fuel seems a...
  16. plasterjfe

    Man for the day tomoz cheshire

    Late call this I know but could do with a man to trowel some acrylic in front of me tomorrow. Good experience for a spread or experienced renderer welcome. Its that simples really
  17. plasterjfe

    Who's getting same day

    Monorex. Anyone on same day with a 2pass spray and mesh on 15mm bead ? 7n block work ?
  18. plasterjfe

    check this out

    you tight Bar######S
  19. plasterjfe

    joint cement

    hi dry wallers doin a tape n joint job at the mo and i have joint fillered it all today. its a 3 coat system by the way per the bg spec of 1 joint filler coat followed by 2 joint cement coats. tomorrow i want to joint cement it out but wonder if the first coat will dry in time for me to get...
  20. plasterjfe

    anyone using/used remtox chemicals

    brother in law needs some work doing and were looking at remtox. All i can see on the net is that they are now dissolved as a company, but we have a quote from a company supplying a remtox spec so far. job is in stroud
  21. plasterjfe

    Coventry/Kettering ewi

    Any small outfits installing round here ? Small job in brick slip and dash probably onto phenolic. Will be photographed at stages for a case study so it must be done by the right people who can actually install
  22. plasterjfe

    Knauf marmorit self cleaning paint

    Autol. 1tub of 25 quid
  23. plasterjfe

    Feb plasticiser

    25 ltr drum with approx 20 ltrs in it. 15 quid
  24. plasterjfe

    Parex DPR fine

    2 tubs of off white leaning to a grey shade. Cover approx 25 to 30m Its usually 80 plus vat from the rip merchants you can have em both for. 65 quid.
  25. plasterjfe

    JUB self cleaning paint

    Top line paint not the typical nanosil this is the highest spec of self cleaning paint on the market - nanox. Its a creamy white colour they sell for hundreds. Its here for 65 quid. Contains micro fibres for bridging cracks and will do for going over texture or smooth render. Suberb coverage.
  26. plasterjfe

    Dryvit Texture coat

    1 tub of fine texture 30kg so around 14 m2 Colour is known as pancake looks a bit like a pig colour. Good for beginner or contrast bands. Retails at 80 notes yours for 25
  27. plasterjfe

    Mains cable supply

    Anyone come across a mains cable feed from an overhead line that is fixed in the middle of the gable with 2 branch offs ? I need to get this re sited I assume but any one done it and if so please tell how much it cost
  28. plasterjfe

    The Grand designs thread

    Thought I would start a thread on all topics grand designs as it does crop up time and again..... Just watching one now on more4 EWI render on the outside with the boarding done wrong :thumbdown: Naughty boy I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
  29. plasterjfe

    Chimney breast damp

    I know stacks and breasts can be problematic when damp is concerned and I just wonder if you damp lads have any causes or tell tale scenarios that are common with breasts upstairs and down. I have a job to look at but dont want to get the client spending un-neccessarrily if it wont fix the...
  30. plasterjfe

    Wet dash/ dry dash chips

    Got 6 bag of wet dash in white and plenty of 6-8mm chips to go with it. The chips are white spar so would be good on their own for a dry dash job. I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
  31. plasterjfe

    PFT G4 X (the neXt generation)

    So I read on here these are now being sold in the uk ? a lad on here says he has an X. whats the crack then what can they do and how do they stack up price wise compared with the current g4
  32. plasterjfe

    white acrylic texture coat DPR

    3 tubs of. (big tubs 30KG) will cover 14/15 m Sq per tub 1mm sand fine from Parex marble white RRP £80 plus vat from merchants
  33. plasterjfe


    anyone know how many metres a tub of Algicid will do ? data sheets on their website are dreadfull cant get any info of there that i need
  34. plasterjfe

    automatic water pressure switch

    Water Pump automatic pressure control switch & Power cable clutch pump switch UK | eBay This little feller is cheaper than the machine mart job and has wires and plug. all you need to do from looking at it is add 1 more round pin male plug and that saves opening up the pedrollo wiring. will it...
  35. plasterjfe

    dpr acrylic texture sand fine

    marble white around 30 M squared worth (just less than 3 full tubs but you get about 14 m out of a parex bucket of fine (1mm) £130 they usually sell at £82 per tub plus vat from encon etc
  36. plasterjfe

    lad with a mewp licence ipaf

    Need a lad with a scissor lift ticket for a touch in manchester any takers
  37. plasterjfe

    apu bead (window seal bead)

    We use these on various systems for the junction where a thin coat render meets window frames and soffit. Now it is the spec on most systems now to properly seal off the system at a window frame, otherwise your into backwrapping and thats a chew on. All the systems spec em and I should think...
  38. plasterjfe

    machine security

    Anyone know of a tracking device that can be fitted to a machine and genny that can be hidden and not recognised as being such ? Thanks
  39. plasterjfe

    Rotherham / Sheffield painter/decorator

    Anyone know any decorators for some pricework,
  40. plasterjfe

    skimmin spray

    anyone spraying skim up north? got some work for that will need a coupla lads on and I thought how nice it would be to get it spray skimmed, its Rotherham way
  41. plasterjfe

    EZE - Speedskim - Refina skimming spatula - devices

    Whats the crack with all this lark. seems to be alot of devices with big pu moulded handles on the market / Are they all the same or what and what does each one do ? any in use on render ?
  42. plasterjfe

    a day in lpool dashin good money for an easy friday

    Got a small job it will need butter coat and dashing. Scratch and bead will br already done and cured.
  43. plasterjfe

    anyone dashed onto

    OCR or similar ? its only small areas. dont want coloured dash reciever, its gotta match an old site mix thats on next door
  44. plasterjfe

    ocr 10mm spray

    Wondering if u lads are spraying this atm as i cant decide on same day or overnight. It will be 12mm scraped back to 10 and then sponged. Its onto block 7or9Nm
  45. plasterjfe

    render beads

    got loads of corner bead - the galv type render bead that is commonly used by wetherby on their EWI dash/thin coat systems, it is galv type white powdercoated and the spine has a plastic strip/profile clipped onto it going cheap too got around 100 of em
  46. plasterjfe

    tin man (ceiling fixer)

    any lads near cheshire/shropshire border ? whitchurch way ish have agreed to price works for ceilings to a timber framed building that is obviously mostly timbers but some steel to get around where mf solutions will be needed along with some noggs to go here and there etc decent sized ceilings...
  47. plasterjfe

    chop saw

    who is using chop saws on a regular basis? I want some buying advice - looking at them on the net there seem to be metal cutting and joiners type - surely they all do the same depending on the blade
  48. plasterjfe

    fixer/boarder for exterior render board

    need a couple of lads for a small project onto a timber frame, job is near crewe
  49. plasterjfe


    any decent renderers this neck of the woods ? got a nice little job
  50. plasterjfe

    transit van

    03 plate with 81k on the clock duratorq engine swb low roof very very clean £2950 NO VAT you will not find better for the money