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    Material prices what’s the best value mono on the market .? What product is the cheapest to you

    What you guys using and what is the best priced material in your area !
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    T shirts

    Made some t shirts and raised money for the NHS ! What you think ?
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    Support the nhs
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    Air problem

    G4 machine !! All set up turn air on at gun and air is coming out but machine won’t start ,! What the problem
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    What you spend your penny’s on

    Anyone else like a good watch ? What you got ? ⌚️
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    All render the same I have been told !

    So people telling me parex k rend Webber fassa eco Knauf mono all the same ? Anyone know anything about this ?
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    Slow spraying r/s

    Slow going today
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    Sand and cement !!?

    Look guys theirs not standard ratio for render it’s about your finish / weather/ sand and substrate Every job will need a different approach! Dash or smooth or tyrolean all need different methods so adjust as you need or you will have problems
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    One I did earlier

    Nice to see a finished one
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    How many m2

    How many m2 are we spraying on average a day /week .?
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    Black mamba

    Anyone used a black mamba R/S .?
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    Mesh prep thoughts ?

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    Cost per bag

    What we paying per bag parex /Weber ect for top coat mono .?
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    Monoblanco who likes it and who hates it ?

    What’s your thoughts ?
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    Cracks in render ?

    Cracks are mainly a substrate issue ? Can cracks be stopped by mesh ? What’s your views
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    Johnson’s mono

    Who’s sprayed Johnson’s mono ? What you think .?
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    No decent posts

    Can’t see any decent posts for a while
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    Why is everyone so negative on this page ? No wonder their is limited content

    What’s up with everyone? No posts off anyone and if people do it’s a hate mission
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    Hand formed

  21. Spray

    Shocking beading

    Any advise welcome
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    Base coats

    So who uses base coats with modern renders like mono ? And why ?