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  1. TheWand

    Stabila level recalibration

    Anyone had it done? Is it free under the warranty? Do you have to send it away?
  2. TheWand

    Customers a knob

    What can i use to write on a plasterboard so that its still visible after its skimmed? Can only think of using them red spot things that still show through the skim for spot lights etc. Need a fair few to write the message if i used those. Tried it with coffee and its shows up but disappears...
  3. TheWand

    Tapit needs a hug?

    :risas2: Whats up with Tapeshit. Ask a genuine question about his product and the geezers got a aching hard on about it. Im guessing no one put there arm around him and caressed his flowing mullet to say everything would be alright? Better to have tried & failed blah blah blah
  4. TheWand

    No Bonding for Chases?

    Expanding foam...... Boom :numberone: job done. Gonna start puting these tips in xmas crackers
  5. TheWand

    The WANDerer Returns

    Now then bitches, good to see this place hasnt changed and is still full of chancers.........:tonto::tonto::tonto: Been upskilling during this bullshit virus, had to adapt with limited plaster so one coat sponge is the future, need to get every metre from the gear these days. Been smashing that...
  6. TheWand

    It's been too long Brothers

    Is this place still full of the plastic fantastic super duper flex one coat sponge monkeys!! Ive missed this place Long live the circle of trust
  7. TheWand

    Japanese Knotweed Conference

    Anyone making the trip to Cardiff for the inaugural conference?. It's gonna be a hoot. Anyone wanna meet up for a fruit based beverage just Pm me.
  8. TheWand

    Mitre Moderator

    Hi Buddies, Just wanted to introduce myself as the new Mitre Moderator. Its a new section for tips and tricks on cutting mitres freehand. I don't want any chancers posting in this section. its purely for the elite among us so its clearly going to be a small niche section. Don't worry buddies...
  9. TheWand

    Cemetone PVA

    For all you bargain hunters B&Q doing 6 litres for £8....................seems a steal....................:RpS_thumbup: Av never used there PVA before but with freeflo being top notch im assuming the PVA will be decent gear as well
  10. TheWand

    Who's this crazy dude

  11. TheWand

    New Wand Range....Names required

    Got a new wand coming out soon so just wondered since you were all so percipient helping P1SS if you could help me with a new name. I dont mind the coursers and chancers participating if they wish Thanks in advance TW
  12. TheWand

    Half mask respirators

    Whats the best ones that you boys & girls use??
  13. TheWand

    Sometimes things are even beyond The Wand

    http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  14. TheWand

    Just Landed

    Hi, I'm the Wand, Been creating magic with my blade for 20 years if you need any tips for improving and becoming awesome like me in all aspects of the trade. just let me know