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    First paying Venetian wall

    As title says few little bits I could of done better but in the whole think it looks decent. Happy Saturday guys&girls
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    Damp issue

    Hi guys and girls. I have a damp issue in my house, I don’t really ever get involved with the damp proofing side of things so I’m aa little lost on how to fix the problem. It’s an internal wall but I do have a cellar below so presuming the damps rising from there. Would hacking off 1m high and...
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    Comfort stilt straps

    Been trying to find a decent pair of stilt straps, I’ve been through previous posts on here and the ones you guys said are decent Amazon don’t sell anymore, was just wondering if anyone else can recommend where to get some decent ones from.
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    Micro cement

    Been looking into doing a course on micro cement, Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to where to go..... I’ve recently done a Weeks course on venetian plastering and loved it but also want to learn micro. Thanks guys & girls
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    Thoughts on this?

    Can’t get hold of any decent amount of BG finish for a while so thinking of ordering 30/40 bags of this, just don’t want to order it and it’s pony. cheers guys&girls
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    Labourer needed

    Hi, Just throwing this out here, now sure if I’ll get much interested or not but.... Due to an ever increasing workload, we have a position available for a Trainee Plasterer on a self employed bases CIS deductions only •The job would be ideally suited to an ambitious person who is coming to the...
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    Hi, just got off the phone to my local selco and they said they have over 800 bags of finish in stock at the moment, they don’t open until Monday but are able to deliver mine tomorrow Might be worth giving your local one a call if your struggling to find any.