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    re plastering after damp proofing

    howdy, i know this has bin covered plenty but jus thort id ask anyways. my birds mam has got rising damp in her house n ive jus started hacking off rede for the damp proof company to inject. after they've bin, my plan was to clean any salts off the bricks with a brick cleaner and then patch it...
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    Looking for work in the leicestershire/east midlands area

    hi,bin fairly busy november and december which made a nice change from last year but aint got owt booked in so far after new years. got the same old same old, jobs coming up in the pipe line but nothing booked in yet. if anyone needs an extra lad on a job or wants to off load some work let us...
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    anyone giv any advice on fitting coving on sloped/pitched cieling? cheers
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    looking for east midlands work

    looking for any type of plastering work in the east midlands area. 07543888759