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    Looking For Work As Labourer/Plasterer

    Hello All And Happy New Year Hope someone can help us out; been off the trowel for about 3 years and looking to get back into plastering as a labourer stroke plasterer. Really want to work with an experienced spread who can help me take my plastering to the next level; would rate my work as...
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    Looking For Work As A Labourer Darlington Area/North East

    Hello All Looking for work as a labourer around the Darlington / North East area; was plastering regular until I gave it up to go and work as a mechanic in Kuwait 3 years ago; looking for just 6 months work before I return to Kuwait early next year; really want to work with an experienced...
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    Shaver Socket

    Hello Just after bit of advice, just connected up a shaver socket in my bathroom and when plug in electric toothbrush there is a quiet humming noise coming from the socket, noise stops as soon as toothbrush plug pulled out, is this normal, cheers
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    Project Management Costs

    Hello All Just after some advice on best way to incorporate project management costs into a quote, done afew big jobs where had to bring in several other trades, doing all the running around and organising everything etc soon mounts up, not included any of that on previous jobs but now intend...
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    Polystyrene Tiles

    Hello All Just putting together a quote for a job just been to see, its a first for me as never had to work with polstyrene tiles before, the jobs 4 ceilings 16m2 / 16m2 / 8m2 / 8m2 all covered with 10 inch square polystyrene tiles, guy wants them removed and ceilings fully skimmed. Any advice...
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    Hand Mixer

    Was in Wicks other day and noticed they were selling hand mixers (pole with handle at top and device at bottom that looks like a bike chain gog) for £12, anyway got one and gave it a go today, was quite impressed as worked alright you get abit of a sweat on but mixes up good, good to have in...
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    Small Damp Patch

    Hello All Just after some advice if this will work; got a mate who has a couple of small damp patches just slighly discolouring the paint work, they are on the inside wall neighbours wall opposite fine, knock back plaster to brickwork in all effected area's 2 good coats of SBR slurry then S&C...
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    Insulating single brick wall

    Hello just after some advice on best course of action on insulating a single brick garage wall, guy has said he only wants the best materials to be used, cheers for help
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    Vapour Barrier (Aluminium Foil)

    Hello All Just a quick question if a thermal board has a vapour barrier incorporated within it, does this mean it can be dabbed to a single brick wall like an external wall of a garage or would you need to have a gap, cheers
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    Insulated Plasterboard

    Hello All Quick question why do insulated boards need a mechanicl fixing aswell as dri-wall adhesive in respect to fire safety, does the adhesive fail during a fire ?
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    Filled In Fire Place

    Hello All Just after some advice, blocked up a fire place hole; dabbed recess then skimmed whole chimny breast wall, that was 15 months ago, lady called me back saying there was a damp patch over the area where the hole use to be and had appeared in a couple of weeks, she has said she had an...
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    Heat Resistant Cement

    Hello All Can anyone recommend who stocks heat resistant cement and what brand, cheers for help
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    White Plaster ?

    Just watched the tall guy on the Youtube link then watched some other vids, some guy laying on white plaster is this Knauf plaster, anyone used it and is it any good
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    Van Running Costs

    Hello All Just had my van back from MOT, it failed with afew things anyway just roughly worked out what its cost to run over 3 years which is about £1500 in repairs (Fuel pump/steering pump were main culprits with other bits and bobs) dont know if this is good or bad or about average. Van is...
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    Money Saving Expert

    Hello All I go on this site now and again ( as it as a forum with a drop down menue; click on the 'is this quote fair' bar and then just look for any quotes ref plastering, people go on there to check if a quote is right etc, read one last night which found quite...
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    Can Anyone Explain This

    Hello All Was chatting to a joiner today who was working in same house as me, asked how things were going and he said he was doing ok but he had noticed afew joiners coming in from other area's to quote on work around here, he then said and this is what I did'nt understand that they were buying...
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    Best Sequence

    Hello All Just after some advice on the best sequence to hit a standard size room on board, my current way is ceiling first with reveals then opposing 2 walls next set then final set remaining 2 walls, should I stick with this or is there a better way I could be doing it, I work on my own so no...
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    Advice On Site Work

    Hello Everybody After some tips on working on site, have only worked domestic since starting 3 years ago and never used a labourer, been offered possible site work to start soon, always planned on doing site work as believe it will make me more rounded as a plasterer, whats the normal routine on...
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    PVA (Clearance)

    Hello All Popped into B&Q this morning for some bits and bobs anyway noticed that they are getting rid of all the Silka super Bond PVA in a clearance sale, its going for £5.60, don't normally use it but have in the past and thought it was ok so got afew tubs, should be nationwide so may be...
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    Waterproofing A Single Brick Wall

    Hello All Looking to waterproof a single brick internal wall and have been advised two methods concerning SBR, any advice on which is best or another method would be much appreciated, first guy advised cleaning wall 100% wire brush, then brush down, apply watered down SBR, let dry then another...
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    Site Work

    Hello All Just after some advice, how much can you expect on site for skimming only, all rooms will be fully boarded out already. I know this can vary from location to location but just after rough idea, cheers
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    Hello All Anyone used this stuff, spotted it today in a timber merchants who sell everything, guy said he has sold tonns of it, its a waterproof render and plaster in one and once dry is completely waterproof but breathable
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    Curved Angle Bead

    Hello Everyone Does anyone know where I can get some curved angle bead, need it to skim an arch way,cheers
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    Damp Proofing (Confused)

    Hello All After some help on procedure for damp work as never attempted any but want to start as I am passing on jobs, whats confusing me is when I have read back through the threads on the subject there is quite a bit of different ways people do it, read up on thistle web site and they recomend...
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    Renovating Plaster

    Hello Anybody used renovating plaster before, got a client who wants it on his walls after they got damp through a leaking drain pipe, the pipe has been fixed and the walls are now dry with only afew salt deposits. do I need to use it and if so how, do i use it the same way as normal, noticed...
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    Damp Proofing (Plaster Removal)

    Hello Have a friend who has just got a company to do a quote for her house to be damp proofed, now what they have said is that all her plaster will have to be removed from the walls, right up to the top. Now I may be wrong but I thought it just had to go to a height of 1 meter, any advice would...
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    Salty Deposits

    Hello All Just quoted on a house that needs 2 walls skimming that were damp due to a leaking drain pipe. pipe has been moved and all fixed, wall just has salty deposits from the drying, its an old Victorian house that has no cavities within the brick walls, is there anything extra I should do...
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    London Rates

    Hello All Just wondering what guys charge for domestic work in London, I live in the North East and charge £150 + matts on average, could you expect to make more in London and if so how much, thanks for the help. Johnathon
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    Garage Conversions

    Hello All Anyone done any of these, seem straight forward enough thou I have not done one, any advice on any funnies that they can throw up and what it would roughly cost for a sparky and builder to do there bit, cheers Johnathon
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    Uneven Ceilings

    Hello All Just after some advice on a ceiling I will be overboarding, its probaly 100 years old so over the years its become uneven with low spots here and there, if I just add the boards they will just follow the contours of the ceiling, how would you guys get around this problem, its also got...
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    Best Advertising ?

    Hello Everybody I have read back through the threads and it seems that the local paper / advertiser is the best place to put an ad, was just wondering how many calls on average per week this generates and how much the ad costs, thanks for all the help, cheers John
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    Myhammer ?

    Hello All Just wondering if anyone has used this site for jobs and what do you you think, cheers Johnathon
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    Quote follow up ?

    Hello Guys Just after a bit of advice on the best way to follow up a quote, at the moment if I don't hear from the client I just leave it, but think it would make more sense to a actually ring them back and get some feedback or something, just wondering if anyone had any tips, cheers...
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    Mould ?

    Hello Just a quick bit of advice ref mould on wall after tiles removed, do I need to prep the wall any different prior to skimming due to the mould or will cleaning it off 100% applying normal PVA then skim be ok. Any advice much appreciated. Cheers Johnathon
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    Renovating Plaster ?

    Hello All Does anyone know what renovating plaster is, a client has asked for it and I have no idea what it is. Cheers. Johnathon
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    Skimming Order ?

    Hello All After some advice on best and quickest way to skim a full room, have been plastering about 10 months and going well but would like to know how you experienced guys go about hitting a full room and any tips you could give me in the best order to do it, cheers help appreciated...
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    Guage ?

    Hello Guys Sorry if this is a stupid question but what are you refering to as a gauge ie getting your gauges in Cheers Johnathon
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    Price Help

    Hello After some help on pricing a job and not sure what to charge, can someone give us some figures on what they would ask for 7 ceilings to be skimmed ( all average size with normal artex ) and a couple of walls, appreciate any help Johnathon
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    Render Over Suspect Damp Wall

    Hello After some advice on the best render mixture to be put on a suspect damp wall ( bottom portion ) client has had two DPC done on the house but wall still suffers now and again from very slight damp. Wants old plaster removed then rendered and skimmed, any advice would be appreciated. It is...
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    Venetian Plastering

    Hello All Happy New Year, can anybody tell me how much the cost of venetian plastering costs compared to what you would charge for normal plastering, cheers johnathon
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    Overboarding A Ceiling

    Hello All After some tips on overboarding, was told that you should always overboard as opposed to ripping ceiling down etc, but if ceiling in bad way and sagging can this be overboarded and whats the best way to determine where the struts are, cheers Johnathon
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    Hello & Question

    Hello Everybody First time on the forum, have spent the last two hours reading all the posts and really impressed how helpful this site is. Have only been plastering for 1 year, really enjoying it and everythings going really well. One problem I need help with thou is quoting, everywhere I look...