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  1. rocky1

    Thistle stainless finishing trowel for skimmerRob

    Well well , what can i say about this little beastie. I purchased this in 12"/ 300mm to go with my 14" trowel for smaller areas. This trowel looks the part,has an excellent handle, it feels really good in your hand ,it's tough and reasonably light and well balanced ...but it is stiffer than a...
  2. rocky1

    effin cats

    just completed a domestic at 6.30pm :RpS_cursing: overskim covering extremely uneven artex , some falling away, millions of crap to be shifted around,water tap miles away, couldn't swing a cat in there, which is a shame as the old lady had 7 cats! and 2 dogs. It stunk. Worse of all one cat...
  3. rocky1

    today's a good day

    Finished at 7.15pm last night, next job starts tomorrow so off to builders merchants today where I have been coveting a circular saw, running my hands over her, making googoo eyes, wishing she was in my arms .But today was different as I let the moths fly and the new Evolution Fury came home...
  4. rocky1

    have you seen this tranny (110v)

    that got your attention. The realisation that I may be living in a time warp on a different dimension to the rest of the world became apparent to me today when, whilst browsing tools upon the intranets , i found myself looking at 110v transformers. I'm currently and have been using for many...
  5. rocky1

    new collomix r1300's on ebay £135

    Just spotted 110v Collomix mixers on ebay , R1000 and R1300 £90 and £135 respectively + 9.99 delivery from Gypsum tools. A spread i knew had one of these for as long as i remember so that's a good reference for me. I'm pretty sure they were expensive once, German built too. Collomix R1300...
  6. rocky1

    site labourers who borrow things.

    Been doing some work for a small builder/mate of mine .He has a general labourer working for him,he's not a kid he's 30. Yesterday he was asked to strip some wallpaper so i could overskim a section of wall. He asks "got a scraper" with his little troll-like head already in my bag. Picks up my...
  7. rocky1

    speedskim 1200

    Hallelujah brother , I been con.......I SAY IIIII BEEEEEEN CONVERTED, YES SIR I SEEN DA LIGHT. Help me ...I have been assimilated....
  8. rocky1

    about to pop my blue-grit cherry

    :RpS_blushing: Just picked up 7 lids to plaster over painted light stipple. I have ordered a couple of tubs of the blue stuff for the first time and i am getting butterflies with anticipation, will it be love at first roll or will i be left feeling blue ?:RpS_crying:
  9. rocky1

    serviced my Refina megamixer

    Well i've had a bit of time on my hands this week and i was looking at my M22 Refina megamixer in the corner and thought **** me thats dirty,you deserve better than this. I've had it probably 15+ years, can't remember when i bought it and it only packed up once when it needed a new lead. I...
  10. rocky1

    No custom avatar

    Try as i will and done searches for advice, but cannot find a function to display a custom avatar?
  11. rocky1

    "Hartwig" trowels anybody

    Just ordered a pair of these as a couple of general workhorse trowels. I,ve never heard of them but they are made in Germany which could be good ..or not in these modern throwaway times who knows. TBH I bought blind,i was caught by the colours and logo, but they,ve got to be better than the...
  12. rocky1

    exterior basement render... waterproof?

    Hi, I have a customer with an old townhouse with a basement wich is below footpath level. Below the garden wall , not the house walls ,some of the exterior render is cracked and blown. I would like to re-render the lot . The surface is also painted. I was thinking a SBR/Ronafix slurry, then a 2...