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    Plasterboard suggestions for the ceiling of a small en-suite

    Try using a wallpaper steamer on the grouting, only hover it over the grout, this will make it a lot easier to remove.
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    Plastering advice please

    Looks like close up pics of the moon! Terrible. As stated above needs re skimming. Could be poor trowel technique or improper use of plastic trowels used too soon? Get another reputable plasterer in, don’t let the builder pull the wool over your eyes.
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    Plasterboard suggestions for the ceiling of a small en-suite

    Do you have an extractor fan fitted? If not get 1 as will help reduce mould/ moisture buildup
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    Fireplace help advice

    Done a repair job recently, inside area was skimmed, generally ok but the top section just cracks from the heat so had to disagree. The area had over 100mm clearance.
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    Kick in the nuts

    Atleast you get a good tan lol.
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    1st job nerves.

    Just relax and engage with the customer, sheet up and keep everything clean and tidy. Don’t over do it and do what you can handle! Speed comes with experience. Good luck
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    Kick in the nuts

    Yep I hate plastering in the heat, especially when doing lofts.
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    Renovation of bathroom

    Remove and re do is best option.
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    Difference between a Darby and a Speedskim?

    Try the plastic flex version on final pass, works a treat!!
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    Fireplace with log burner installed

    Thanks. I used fire cement to fill cracks and took the loose bead off and made good. Ended up ok, apparently they used normal emulsion to paint the inside
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    Fireplace with log burner installed

    I know the guy who done it, he’s a local builder, used to play golf with him lol.
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    Fireplace with log burner installed

    Found some victas heat resistant filler online, going to use that on the cracks and top section. Will explain to the customer there’s no guarantees as never used it before. Luckily I know them personally so will work out. Thanks
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    Fireplace with log burner installed

    I know, didn’t really fancy it but he lives down the road from me lol.
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    Fireplace with log burner installed

    Unfortunately not. I was thinking I can just use multi to feather in then advise to use fire proofing paint, would this prevent cracking?
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    Fireplace with log burner installed

    Hi all. need some advice on a little job I had come through. Customer had a plasterer come and plaster her fireplace ( log burner in place) their are some cracks inside where he skimmed with multi and he attached a plastic flex bead on the top inside area, he apparently realised his mistake...
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    Curved ceiling tips

    I done one like this before, bloody nightmare on your own. If I do one like that again I’d deffo either split the ceiling or get extra spread as it’s just not worth the hassle.
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    New lad done a good job?

    Did he put that price in for 1 day skimming it all?
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    New Build Advice Please.

    I call it whacky foam lol, guys house I was working on recently loved using it.
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    Would I be right to ask for this to be reskimmed?

    It’s a nice feature to leave a massive hole in the corner lol. Terrible job background not prepped properly/ suction not controlled, dirty architraves. Obviously don’t know the situation but his work is poor to say the least.
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    We came out of Europe

    To be fair it’s the people who chooses who leads us and dictates our ways as a nation. Look at terrorism, western people don’t understand why bombs go off and kill “civilians” around the world. We are all to blame for our governments actions. in relation to Scotland they just want their...
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    Jack it in, Gutted, help!

    Speedskim wouldn’t do that, you can still use that as it’s banging. Go back to using your mt to trowel up, that should help flatten off and fill those hollows. You can still use your flex trowels just use for the later stages.
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    Jack it in, Gutted, help!

    I would find out his daily routine, spend sometime studying his routine and driving routes. Then find out a black spot where he is vulnerable and give him a fecking beating.
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    Jack it in, Gutted, help!

    I was thinking the same
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    Jack it in, Gutted, help!

    Sounds like a right c**t, don’t let him get you down mate as he’s just an anal t**t! Put a light like that on anyone’s work will show up the slightest of imperfections. As the other lads said if it showed up in natural light etc then fair enough but this is just a joke.
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    Which speedskim?

    I use the speedskim to flatten 1st and 2nd coat, lay on with mt and trowel up using ox ultra flex.
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    Scrimming angles on reskims

    I personally do. I can see why some won’t bother though, I just think putting new scrim on not only looks good from customer point of view but is reassurance that there won’t be potential for cracking after job complete.
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    Public Liability Insurance

    Just have to suck off a hobo every now and then.
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    Public Liability Insurance

    I’m with construct a quote, get 1 mill cover for £58 a year.
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    best way to remove van sign writing

    But look into it first! Haven’t tried it myself. Just to be sure.
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    best way to remove van sign writing

    I heard white spirit on a cloth works.
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    asbestos worries

    Overboard is best method but if you really didn’t want it lowered it can be bonded then skimmed.
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    Sponge coat.

    Not saying all are bud, just with how government want more housing, more pressure on contractors to finish jobs on time so I understand how it all goes. I do feel for people who spend £300,000+ on a new build when to a trained eye there are many issues.
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    Sponge coat.

    Typical site mentality, chucking houses up which end up with numerous issues and poor buggers paying out the arse for s**t houses these days! Don’t get me wrong trying out different methods is fine but Iv seen plenty of s**t site work from numerous trades because quite frankly it’s not their rep...
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    Great season

    wow that’s great! True fan then, iv supported them for only few years now, only just got into watching footy but I love their style of play. yes we deffo need a decent striker, I like Haalland he looks good but very expensive.
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    Great season

    Emotional game for us with Aguero last game.
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    Great season

    Haha yes but it’s all about the CL now. Leagues ours.
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    Starting out

    If your struggling to get in a gang maybe start off offering as a labourer? You will learn as you go then skies your limit.
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    Great season

    Come on Man City!! CL final is ours. And we may have Kane next season.
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    Skim stripes

    Sometimes when using same gear for 2nd coat, if your timings off slightly you run risk of dragging the plaster over the 1st, so basically your putting 1 thick coat of skim on which causes issues.
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    I've got a bucket full of hard plaster, what do I do lads?

    Yes if you try hitting it you may crack the bucket rendering it useless lol
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    Artex fail

    Was there any water damage from the hole in the roof? Seems strange but I agree with artex it’s best to overboard to get guaranteed result.
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    Please help - why is my ceiling like this?

    Was it a hot day when it was plastered? I had a similar issue with an artex ceiling, now I just overboard to be sure.
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    Plastering one hit bit of a slog

    “The problem with Scotland is it’s full of Scots” classic
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    Plastering one hit bit of a slog

    Have you been watching braveheart recently by any chance? Haha
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    Should of paid mate

    Reminds me of demolition man when the car turns into foam lol
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    Pregrit - any good?

    I used pregrit on a glossed wall and it worked a treat! I gave it a key then put pregrit on, let it dry for 24hrs then it’s good to go.
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    European super league

    I agree it’s a bad idea and just greed from top fat cats to earn more dosh! However I don’t feel the teams should be penalised the way Neville said. Reason is it’s a decision ultimately out of the players/ coaches hands, yes give these teams a hefty fine or whatever but the guys on the ground...
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    Bonding coats

    Plausible deniability I like it!