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    Photo upload
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    Album added

    Hi Lads, ive figured out how to add pics in the album so ive added some examples of my work, would like to hear your gentle lol:RpS_thumbsup:
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    West Midlands Work Opportunity

    Hi All Due to increase in work and projects running at the same time, i will be looking for Experienced and competent Plasterers/tackers/dabbers, on sub- contractor basis working across the West Midlands (West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, Evesham, Lichfield initially) scheduled to start within the...
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    Site work with ocr

    Hi all been asked to price a job using weber OCR in areas that are to be tiled, any ideas as to what the going rate is that subbies are being paid on site at the moment as not used ocr much at all, especially on a commercial site and dont want to under cut myself or over price for that matter as...
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    Weber OCR Advice?

    Hi All been asked to render using weber OCR, as ive never used this before would appreciate any application advice/tips ect. substrate is mainly old brickwork, fairly weathered as face of bricks is shot and parts are new block work where doorways have been bricked up, so was thinking would need...
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    Skimming with a spongefloat??

    Hi all heard a few comments on hear about using a spongefloat on skimming.....Never seen this done, can anyone shed some light on this for me, is it quicker,better finish ect?
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    Thieving skumbags!!

    Got a job on at the moment with a tight deadline for completion, Myself and the lads all grafting our nuts off 7 days a week workin till 8-9 at night, going great bungalow all boarded and dabbed and most ceiling skimmed on sunday only to arrive on site this morning to find half of the ceilings...
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    Market for Venetian marble plastering?

    Hi All, i run my own plastering company and have been interested in polished plastering for a while and was thinking of doing a course at goldtrowel. Are clients hard to come by for this type of plastering? and how long does it take to realy get the hang of it as im not expecting to do the...
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    plastering Machine, worthy investment??

    Hi all im new to the forum and would like your opinion, was considering investing in a machine to spray mainly skim finish and perhaps monocouche render occasionally. what sort of meterage can you cover in a day using a machine for finish? and any recomendations as to which machine to go for...