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    longest u been of work

    want the longest u been not plastering
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    spray plastering

    we're can i get the skim from ?
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    plastering on site

    been off 3 weeks now going nuts that 250 a meter sounds good now
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    best site light for new housing

    dark days ahead on site .send some pics of good lights
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    new homes

    what a bag of s**t they are everything is cheap .doors skirting , window kichens plumbing .painted all white .not one soild thing about them. then a look at a Victorian house and thing omg what a beautiful house everything soild as a rock
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    hate plasterers

    they tuck my bags beads and said we are in next plot .what other trade does that to somebody. scum
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    mental health at work

    in a 4 Bedder full floor 505.ground floor 335 including grarge. I've been this week 3 set .not 1 f**k**g sit down o less tax and runing cost persimmon site .this house is selling for 2 hound and 30 grand..I've work the ground floor out and I think I can get 40 pound's a day.this is on...
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    ten commandments

    1 van 2 tax 3 mot 4 insurance 5 aa 6 tools 7 pubic liability 8 sick cover 9 Holliday 10 accountant been on site today like a war zone. got a 4 Bedder to skim .250 a meter skim .feel like am living in the 1970s .plasterers in a 4 Bedder next to me start at 630 skimming. it really is a tramp...
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    still boarding and dotting and skimming on site on me own .what I've I got to show for it f**k all not even 1 mate in the trade
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    It s come back, not even drinking, this is how I see my depression, let's say u won qne million on lottery I would look at that money and feel depressed, think what brought in on again is working on my own plastering or my be not don't really, not taking tablets no way
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    Skimming up to nice wallpaper

    Hi all, what do you lads do to protect the paper
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    Not aloud no site

    No cscs card 42out of 50 gutterd feel like having the devils juice
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    These pick up trucks

    Every person I've meet with one of these. Pick up tucks has Been a nob head or is it just me
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    Is it me but always glad to see painters on jobs, I think it because they are on the same page as us, sparks plumbers joiners I can never gel with these tradespeople,
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    Loving plastering

    Yes enjoying work at the moment been on a collage, hospital and university,, plenty of room to work labs everywhere good lighting and clean sites it beet housing anyway can recommend these jobs
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    Who doing the render

    We are render caps by Polish
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    My old book

    Going to get out of the loft and send some pictures when plasterers were plasterers
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    in the wrong job

    it tuck these 2 clown to drill 1 hole this morning a joke they had to swap vans so they could reach
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    taping and jointing

    hi lads how many coats do u use when taping and jointing and is this a quicker method
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    have a good weekend lads

    would love to have come but drinking is the devil in me and I have to think about the missis the one thing I have in life that I don't want to lose so have a gooden and be safe your turely andyg
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    what u all doing today

    Andyg is in the garden thinking about work tomorrow
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    cscs card

    hi all my cscs card runs out this month. is it easy to replace ? blue card
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    Andyg back

    hello how u all doing
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    plastering firms

    they give us 250 per meter y.4 ground workers on my job a van each and fuel card and all the bag of mashing .I ask the plastering contractor for some staples just one staple and I mean 1 he said no u have to supply them out of price .y do they want to f**k us over
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    just been to buy my missis some for shop 25p a stick .can remember when there was 3p a stick and plastering was 2 to 250 ameter .make u think
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    andyg will be the to man on this fourm number 1

    if Ronnie O'Sullivan can do it so can i
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    carboot eving

    f**k**g great
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    yes i am a site monkey

    did ground floor in plot last week lounge kichen bog cupboard .this is 3 days work of me .it was 305 before tax .i can do this in 2 days . because i am a plasterer why should i have to put my body though pain and for want ?
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    not postering

    just had inuff for a bit.i will look but no post
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    green cards

    they hand them out like f**k**g confetti to boarder and un skilled plasterers
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    f**k**g smash it lads

    morning mother f**k**s
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    andyg plastering school

    i need 10 people to enrol. this course is free of charge and it skimming PLASTERBOARD they is no mixing to do u are on the tools from day 1 .this is 5 days training monday. to Friday. no material to buy . all u will have to buy a good trowel and handboard .we will work together as a team .we...
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    work in Nottingham going

    i have phone number
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    nicking my work green cards men
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    working going in Nottingham

    who is down and out god bless you all
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    still not Depresed

    plastering commando
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    board and frame

    not been working out of bucket for a week now . got to say feel more like a tradesman working of spot.when working out of bucket all tool go on floor and then stand on then .when using spot all tools on spot o and no bending down.
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    no joke , llove work at the moment money s**t but feel happy in my self and enjoying site work just ham.u no about my depression and mental health and drinking,but just feel ok .Meet a great man on site today site lad . when out of my way to talk to him.he.s about 64 now come for a chat every...
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    health and safety

    had a bumper hat on today it more of a good fit; site agent, get that off or your gone .; tried my best to say this is a safety hat ?was i in the wrong YES or o they said to me when i buy i it a hard hat?
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    danny honey

    can my missis have some honey ?but can u send it to post office so i can pick it up 2 jars mate please hope they big jars mate cheer happy days
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    robbing steeling

    ill mAke the f**k*r pay
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    how needs a angle trowel

    less tools the better? doing plastering lessons free. u will not mix u will put on from day 1
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    aa meeting night

    go every Sunday, it not nice but promise missus i go,been to 4 how just trying not to get down,After meeting tonight i wlii bring Chinese takeaway back and put a good flim onxxx
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    plastering forum merchandise

    want some ,how do I get mug pens t shirts ect ECT ect
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    right this is me end off

    when I look at jobs
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    car boot

    me and missus went to one yesterday, more like a market than a car boot for a small van to stand Its was 12 pound's, and buyer had to pay a pound to get , bought a nice 2ins scraper made in Sheffield 50p
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    site radio

    got to get one, as I am a skimmer it will get covered in s**t ,want a good cheap one with a battery
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    x factor

    way watch that s**t when u can see my heghog
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    want my trade back

    f**k boarder off and dabbers right off, and give the plasterer the full plot ,they all on green cards ,which is a labs card ,they should been cleaning the site up not f**k**g board,decrace
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    trowel protector

    U like