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    right Iv been asked to price 3 large houses for a friend of mine for board and plaster. I will be honest with you I never price on m2 rates. so my question is what is the average going m2 rate for boarding stud and dot and dab ? we are general builders so we just normally price the job as a...
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    Wanted board lift

    Anyone got a board lifter kicking about that they want rid of near the midlands Let me know. got a job coming up that’s abit of a bitch so could do with one not normally my cup of tea but think it might be handy.
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    Corner trowels

    Anyone using corner trowels ? If so what you using I’m seeing more and more people using them. Never really been my thing as can never get on with them but they seem to be getting better quality etc now.
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    Columbia tools

    Has anyone on here ever has experience with Columbia tools ? I know they are mainly tape and joint tools but I’m looking into them for airless systems so any advice would be great
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    Multi finish !!

    I may be able to get my hands on some multi finish by end of next week. If any one interested message me. Don’t want to get peoples hopes up but hoping it comes of something.
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    What airless plaster do you use ?

    Right iv been on hunt for some different airless plaster just to see what’s out and about I use bagar g or jub now and then. Can’t get on with knauf find it gritty and s**t to flat off been told to try baumit airless sx has anyone ever heard of it ?
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    Tools for sale

    Right I’m a general building and have upgraded a lot of our kit of past few months and this lot is just sitting in our unit taking up space. If I could get £650 Ono for the saw £160 for nail gun £60 for plaster board gunner all these are to be collected. I will deliver up to 15mile away...
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    Any one do airless ?

    Right we have invested in airless sprayer. I know it can be abit of a hit and miss with some people but not going down that route. What I want to know it iv been asked to plaster a room out but it has had gloss paint on walls. Can you spray straight onto it ? or would you go back to the old...
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    Wanted !! Graco Mark v or apx

    as the title really. I don’t mind if ex demo or needs fixing if anyone can help or offer any ideas. Or if I’m better off buying brand new
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    Need help with Airless spraying

    Evening all. I’m a general builder and qualified electrician. I have been plastering for a number of years and have always looked at spray machines but have never seen one in action. i don’t mind spending the money on one but what I’d like to know is, is it the right thing for me. what id...