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    i have a client who is demanding a stone effect over external insulation has it been tried and tested with pics
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    anybody no why the onboard compressor wont shut down when air hose is closed
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    acrylic set up

    im looking to start spraying acrylic with the ritmo m 240 what sort of set up are you guys using ?
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    self leveling

    I have 50 bags of the sika flex leveling compound to lay and want to try through the ritmo m has anyone tried this and at what water setting + speed . Thanks in advance
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    mp 75 setting for ritmo

    Does anyone no the correct water setting. Thanks in advance paul
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    liquid screed through a ritmo

    Has anyone tried this before , and what sort of area ? I've been thinking about it for some small extensions etc . Thanks in advance for any replys
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    water pump

    can anyone recomend a good quality waterpump i can hook the ritmo up to, been running from mains (with no problems before anyone asks) i have a job next week where water is abit of an issue .thanks in advance paul
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    patching alpine finish

    got a wreck of a job tomorrow i have various panels of alpine which need patching .going to dub out the patches and was going to go over the whole panel with alpine finish has any1 tried this before or am i going to have to use a pre rend 1st , cheers lads
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    pft road show

    just wanted to say how much i enjoyed the first show today and have to say the ritmo m and l are fantastic machines there is nothing they cant do and ill be placing my order this week ,i would reccomend that anyone thinking about buying a machine goes along to see the toys inside and out also...
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    ritmo m

    been toying with getting one for some time for the smaller jobs etc i like the fact we dont need to lug the genny around and it will plug straight in to 240 v does anyone have one ? and are they worth the £££££££££££££
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    dash receiver

    looking for a decent pre bagged receiver for a job, we were ment to be using scott rend but it only comes in 2 colours which the client isnt to keen on its 4.45 per bag looking for somthing the same? k-rend & webber are all around the 7.50 mark and as always trying to save a few quid does anyone...
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    i have a job where the fireplace wall always has a small hair line crack down the brest which most fires will have ? the client wants us to make sure it never comes back i hacked it off fire cemented the crack steel meshed rendered up and skimmed still came back , the brick work wasnt the best...
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    parex parmurex

    starting a new render job on monday and we have been asked to use this gear any feedback would be great . hoping to stick it on at 10mm . 310 primer .then a fine sand dpr
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    plastic /galv bellcasts

    as above does anyone have a prefrance we normally use galv ones but thinking of trying the plastic
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    16inch tyzack

    does anyone no where i can get 1 of these cant find them anywhere
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    dashing over dash

    evening all i am tendering for 10 houses to re render 90% is sound dry pebble dash now we all no about these overcoating renders which would cost a small fourtune im thinking about just giving a good coat of sbr and banging on 1st coat of cpi followed by a standard dash receiver .can anyone...
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    had a call from the above company who deal through rowebb there product is very similar to cpi gp but they can do it in lots more different colours which sounds good for the likes of dashing . has anyone used this before ,if so was it any good
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    knauf multi finish

    going to be trying some of this gear out if i can find a supplier can anyone tell me a rough price we should be paying per bag . cheers paul
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    thin coat advise

    i have a new build house to render using parex dpr its all on to new block which is all over the place . would it be best to pull out beads where needed and thin coat or just ocr the lot prior to top coat . we dont have a big demand for this type of finish around our way so i do not have alot...
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    catnic lintols

    We have just started wih a new builder who insists on using steel catnic lintols above all doors + windows the job is to be done in monorex with lintol features now the underneath of the lintol is where the problem lies , he has told me not to bother doing anything with the underneith part but I...
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    trade ins

    one for you machine dealers ive got my m-tech going in to ian gracie hopefully next week to get fixed . and when it comes out i am looking to get rid and get another ritmo as we hire the old one out up the road most of the time . now do you lads do deals like this ?new / second hand isnt a problem
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    evening lads been giving the machines a good go the past few weeks trying to not let them beat me been doing most with the ritmo but had a big mono job come in so i unleashed the m-300 but i continue to get the same problem with it after set up she just wont add water i don't no if the regulator...
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    yellow pine

    Was ripping out an old estate house today and found some lovely yellow pine now I've heard that this makes a great float ! Any of you golden oldies recommend these ?
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    18 v senco screw gun

    As above having a clear out only been used a few times sensable offers
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    re dashing

    I have 2 or 3 dashing jobs to do before winter sets in and they are all re dashing over solid dash now normaly we would sbr then 2 coat but the weather is starting to turn so I was thinking of trying k-rends 1 coat dash receiver which is desighned for this purpose .have any of you lads tried it...
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    over insulation

    Have a job where the client has used a knauf insulation board never done acrylic before could someone please describe the process start to finish . Much appreciated paul
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    blending in

    1st post in this section lads ?? Been asked to do a curved wall and they have asked if its possible to use a variaty of colours all graduly blending in to one another is this hard to achive ??
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    old stone wall

    evening chap im on a job at the mo which requires a thin coat of somthing over some old dusty stone work it needs to be kept very tight as the stringer for the stairs comes up the wall so strapping isnt an option, in the past we have used bg renovating plaster but its long gone ,and i cant...
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    m-tech 300

    For sale with new generator new hoses all ready to go . Pm me for details .new machine forces sale
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    is it just me ?

    Or did the back of a multy bag used to say 2 1-2 hours to set start to finish was looking today and it said 1 1-2 hour I think I'm right cos it was going of like fock
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    glue gun

    Tried beading up to day used a glue gun worked really good especialy over lintols
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    Got a job to sort next week painted block which some plank rendered anyway I've got a pallet of hpx and a pallet on cpi spair from different jobs my intention is to hpx with mesh and mec fix . Now the head scratcher I have to order my k rend direct from larne as no one local stocks it do you...
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    re render

    Been to hack off a few gable ends today which were just 1st coated on top of lightly painted sand and lime brick came off a treat .now normally I would hpx mesh and fix but they want a cheap job and I'd heard you lads on about render aid and was wondering if this would do the job as said the...
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    doing ok . but !

    Past 2 days been spraying few probs with water pressure which we have sorted out ok my only concern is the spray which is coming out is very ferosious! Is there anyway to remedy this on the .m-300 I'm spraying with a 12mm cap and the air is set back to 12mm the stuff is flyin out and doesn't...
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    genny fuel cost

    On a typical days spraying how much fuel do you guys use esp the sjl lads I'm heading miles away from nowhere tomoz but unsure how much to take ???
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    my machine hates me

    today was ab it of a wash out at our end so i made a wall down at the store and thought id have a play with the m-tech 300 i was going through the sett up which in all honesty Ive been struggling ab it but it was going really well all air was out of system and pressure was set i was well chuffed...
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    damp in between coats

    i have a job to do over the summer where the roof on the house has been bodged and water has trickled down the wall between the 1st and 2nd coat as a result of this and the bad weather we have had over the winter most of top coat has blown the top coat comes off a treat but scratch is abit more...
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    Where is the best place to get them
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    dont you just love it when

    Got a call from a sparky mate of mine thu night saying he needs some patching done asap I said ill do it sat just a little job so I thought turned up and celling is f**k*d and walls are covered in tile adhesive huge blobs of the stuff I now have to work sunday as I'm booked up all next week and...
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    diy sos

    Sitting watching diy sos and seen them dot dabbing straight over painted walls and bear plaster walls I always bond it first any of you lads just go straight over !!!
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    how to stop the mess

    Do any of you lads tape up windows doors facias etc when spraying
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    euromix cpi

    Finished some large panels today and just wanted to recommend this gear it goes on like cream ,rules of great , and takes up well but not to the point where you can't work with it ,anyway just wanted to mention it as its not that very well known
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    3 phase cable

    Anybody looking to get rid of any !!!
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    another stupid question

    When finished spraying do you just turn machine of at master switch and use water hose to clean all parts or do you have to run water through aswell
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    back pressure

    When you guys talk about watching the back pressure does that mean the position on the water bottle that sets ur mix to thin to thick if you no what I mean also where can I get one of them tubes that pop on to the hose outlet just to check the mix before you put the spray hose on . Hope that...
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    I've a job with some cast lintols to be rendered I normaly take the grinder over them or mesh them .just to get the discussions away from m2 prices or site cards so how do you fellas go about your lintols
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    whats going on bg

    I don't no if I've lost my touch or not but I'm finding it hard to get a good finish I really don't think its me because I think I'm s**t hot !! But seriously it seems very gritty I'm thinking of starting to use board finish but its probs the same .I no this is a talked about matter but its...
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    weep vents

    Is there a nack to spraying round these stupid small vents or do you just have to grin and bear it the house I'm on is covered in them thanks paul
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    parex mono

    Spoke to parex rep other day and he told me this should be applied at 18mm in one pass surley that would slump !!!!!
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    went to see a job today its 2 gable ends which have been boarded out then vapour barrier them eml with 2 coats sand and cement its very solid but the lines where the eml meet are showing hairline cracks i dont really want to strip it off as it is sound is there any product which could be used...