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    Roughcast Ritmo

    Not an area I'm experienced in to be honest as never been asked for it till now. I've a Ritmo m and gonna be pumping and then casting a Gable tomorrow. I've a new 10 mil cap and new R/S but my water bottle has the red increments, not the green,but has the green lightweight float?. Any pointers...
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    Spraying then rubbing thin coat

    Think I recall someone on here(possibly Rigsby)doing this? Seems a good way to bang it on and less messy but customer likes the floated finish. Is there a knack, ie 1 or 2 passes etc ,then rub a dub?
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    Cement board cracking

    Doing a job as per Architect spec on a timber frame build. Spec is HP12 on Multirend carrier board to be finished in k rend tc1,5 silicone. 2 weeks ago I based and meshed 3 dormers and went this morning to prime them. I noticed cracks on joints and stress cracks on 1 dormer cheek. I'm reluctant...
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    Hopper and Compressor for thin coat

    As above ,anyone use these for 1.5 thin coat or are they not suitable cheers.
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    What do you guys pay (or expect to pay)for a standard semi detached gable only. This year I've been using a couple of firms and there prices have been all over the place from £250 up to £500. Seems to depend on how busy they are as to what they charge,making it tough for me to quote accurately.
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    Knauf Presto

    Only a small job but how's this gear behave as in spraying,setting etc Cheers in advance.
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    Ritmo L

    Helped a guy out on Friday with setting up his recently bought Ritmo L. I own a Ritmo M so set up was relatively simple and we were spraying in no time but we had problems when I put the gun down for 5 mins and then started up again, the material was fine and after 1 minute went pissy, filling a...
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    Ali frames

    When rendering to these what's your method? ,without putting a stop bead against the frame. Some of my customers don't want this and we've been using different tapes only removing when the reveals are cut back to stop scratching the ali frames. Problem we have is removing the tape after...
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    Used this gear today and to me it's every bit as bad as Blanc du littoral. The machine bridged after 5 minutes strangely (Ritmo) and adjusted the water to get a decent consistency but the gear just wouldn't spray nice and the cap kept blowing off the gun. As with blanc,the stuff turns to piss on...
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    Afternoon sprays yet?

    As above really, its getting that tricky time of year when you risk applying in the afternoon.Going to try one tomorrow, only 35 metres in Parex and start spraying about 2pm. Bloody weathers all over the place up in the north west right now ,but noticed the material is taking that weekend bit...
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    Ritmo users

    Set the machine up on Friday and was getting a reading of 2 bar from mains water so thought to give it a go. Usual set up,primed with water up to top of rotor and set at 350 then sprinkled Parmurex half way up the mixing shaft.Started up and dry powder came through before machine jammed. Just...
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    Pump tester

    Long shot but anybody on here got a spare pump tester they could sell me as the brain dead apprentice left ours on site last week. I know that they are about £75 new inc but just thought I'd ask on here first lol.
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    Changing flow bottle on Ritmo

    Any of you chaps done this yourselves?, started up the machine yesterday and there were loads of fissure cracks in the bottle. Eventually the water pissed out leaving the Ritmo redundant .Cant understand it as I drain the water everytime its cleaned out so Jack frost doesn't crack it.
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    Parinter again

    What you lads paying a bag for this gear?
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    Tidy G4 on ebay

    Looks a bargain or somebody,plenty extras also.
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    Fine balance with the Ritmo

    We usually use the G4 when weve a few elevations to spray,but pull the Ritmo in for smaller jobs. Anyway,Ive only used the Ritmo a handfull of times and when were happy with the material consistency we then connect the pre-wet hose and have the machine set to speed 8 or 9 . Everything is fine...
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    Ritmo air line connectors

    Do any of the Pft guys stock these as its looking as mine are knackered?. The machine cut out mid spray today and I traced it back to the airline so jiggled the fitting (one way valve) with the cleaning tool and plugged it back into the comp outlet which just shut down again. Never had this...
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    KVA Genny size for Ritmo?

    Got a one off build to be Rendered in Mono but theres no juice on the job. Client says hes happy to provide a genny but not sure which size we need being a single phase machine and that. Cheers in advance for any replies
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    Ritmo airline woes

    areet all, seem to have a blocked airline on the machine pipe and tried jetting water through it which hasnt worked. As soon as I connect to the machine the compressor cuts out. Is there a better way of clearing this?
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    G4 mains water

    Set up the G4 to spray a gable on thursday using mains water. Connected up and got a reading of 3 bar pressure which was great and started spraying at around 260 on the flow bottle. Mid gable and the material starts to get pissy so climbs of the scaff checks the bottle and the reading is now up...
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    Maite meterage

    Anyone know rough meter coverage of Parex Maite on to Cement board?
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    Ritmo water problem

    Fired up the Ritmo yesterday but unless you press the flow meter button it wont put water into the hopper when the motors running.Connected it through water pump and also mains with good pressure but still no joy. Is it fooked or something im doing wrong? Heads up to John S for helping out...
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    Where are they?

    Noticed over the last few months a few of the old regulars are missing ie Goody, Mcplaster,Spunky and Les and Warrior arent posting much anymore. All good lads to boot with good advice.
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    Water Butt

    Do you guys make your own, adding fittings etc and is it simple enough to do?
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    Dirty Dirty

    Left the G4 with a fellow spread using MP75 and the c**t has left it in a right state:RpS_mad:,looks like its been used for target practice. Anyway,ive cleaned all the hoses and mixing zone but its all over the body and looks pony. I like to look after my gear so im well pissed off and wondering...
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    G4 question

    A mate was asking about different Rotors and Stators on the G4 and couldnt understand how it could give different outputs when the starwheel is feeding the mixing zone at the same rate regardless of which R/S is being used. Hope the thread makes sense.
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    Quick one for the PFT guys

    Would the Ritmo 1.3 Powercoat motor be capable of pumping render as Ive noticed the Ritmo M has a 1.5 kw motor?
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    Another Ritmo on the bay

    Ritmo Powercoat with skim set up under rendering machines. Looks a great bit of kit fr the right buyer.
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    Downsizing possibly?

    Getting tired of lugging the G4 and Genny about and looking to use something smaller as most of my work is domestic. Only hearing good things about Ritmos but cant afford a new one and I know they dont come up for sale second hand much,but what would be a reasonable price for a used one set up...
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    Any one on Mono tomorrow?

    Only 13 metres, but has to be on and finished tomorrow and weather forecast is shite. What can you do?
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    Team Mono lol

    Been spraying quite a few small panels with a guy following up with the rule (well a derby) and he just cant keep up,leaving me dropping back with the serrated ,spatting and then resuming spraying all over again. Ive tried to get him used to the serrated edge but hes a bit of an old dog and cant...
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    I think thats how its spelt, anyway a recent mono job we did has a small scrape miss on one elevation and the client has picked up on this . The client is fine about it and I explained that if I were to scrape the area the patch would turn lighter. Conditions were poor that morning with it being...
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    Pressure plate clogging up

    Hi all, Last 2 jobs when spraying Mono weve been getting wet and dry spray coming out of the gun. Weve dismantled the rotor/stator(new) and noticed a large dry build up around the stud on the base plate therefore only leaving a small hole for the mix to pass through. Every time we fire up we...
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    Weber Pral M Price

    Alright all, What are you guys paying for Pral M as every merchant around my way (North West) varies between £9.50 and £11.00 plus Vat. Usually use Parex but Client wants Silver Pearl Weber on this one. Cheers for any replies
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    Advice please folks

    Hi all, Ive just got the go ahead on a Mono new build job but the brickie has recessed his quoins, sills and heads so I have only got 10mm to work to. I need to apply this nice and tight but dont want the blockwork ghosting so would Sbr or Microgobetis be the way forward...
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    Mono Internals whats your method?

    When we have applied Mono into internal corners we use a short tooth saw blade with the handle removed to cut back. This way seems to take a while but the results are good,we have tried the angle plane but it digs the render and leaves a nice blue steak on the opposite side, is there a better...
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    Monorex gf

    We used GF for the first time this weekend and had big problems with it tearing. It sprayed nice enough but was skinned over after just 5 minutes of being applied. We use Monorex all the time and get on fine with it but this stuff was a whole new ball game. Background was parex Maite .:confused:
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    D63 Rotor & Stator ?

    Hi all, Does anybody have a rough idea on longevity of D63s?. Weve probably only done 150 bags of Monorex with the last one and its goosed. I know we need to get a pump tester ordered asap as weve been lucky up till now with it going at the end of a spray, but thought Id get a bit more mileage...
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    M TEC Monomix

    Hello all, New on here but read many posts on the machine forum. Anyways I only take on small domestic Mono jobs and ive been offered a 240volt Monomix for a grand. Would it be a worthwhile investment or not worth the bother. The machine looks a bit battered but seller says I could see it...