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    Getting boring now can you all stop posting questions about fking plastering.
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    New tools

    Not done any plastering for quite a while but in the back of my van I have a Rfina flexi trowel thingy which I bought quite a while back and the flexy Spat thing on a pole from Plasterers one stop shop done two ceilings today well all I can say its magic the pole thing flattened the ceiling...
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    Road Tax

    Why is the road tax £140 a year on an 06 Transit and £225 on an 08, don't make sense to me they seem the same vehicle.
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    Transit Roof Bars

    Bit of a long shot, anyone got any brackets for an Autorack Mega Bar system.
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    Garden Wall

    Would you render down to the pavement or use a stop bead I know it should be bead but down to the pavemet seems to look better.
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    Anyone use SBR in the scratch coat rather than waterproofer?
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    Ford Transit

    Ive got an 08 Transit and the cargo door has started playing up, wont open on the remote only when it wants to sometimes have to drive it round the block and then it will open cab doors are fine. Is there a way of opening the cargo door from in the cab? any ideas anyone.
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    Wrong forum I know but you never know, need a bricklayer for an extension in Wimbledon
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    NIC Class 4 contributions

    What the fck are they all about?
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    Going out to Belgium next Sat for a week clients supplying ime assuming its Knauf finish anyone knows what goes on in Belgium plaster wise, it is in the Flemish speaking part so probably wont be that French **** which I am ok with but would rather not.
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    Any accidents over Xmas

    I managed to smash my little toe on the door last night and either broke or dislocated it, hospital tomorrow fecked if ime spending Boxing Day in A&E
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    Its alright JJ its pigeon fanciers lung not asbestosis
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    Thin coat acrylic

    Got a job to quote a stitch repair on rendered painted blockwork which involves cutting a meter wide section out of the render obviously the repair will stand out a bit and the surveyor Is saying all the render to come of and redo, I am reluctant to do it as the blockwork is thermalite,may have...
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    Rendering over dashing

    Got to look at one tomorrow, haven't done one for years was thinking not to bother with waterproofer in the scratch as its quite damp down here and the stones should hold it back.
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    Krend beads

    Got a small job to do on Thermalite blocks, all patio door and not much render is it best to use 10 mill beads on top of the HPX or use 15 mill bedded in the basecoat.
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    Cant get a spread

    Fking killed myself today putting on a great big 10m2 ceiling cos no one would help me, Gibbos to busy, Nisus and fat Beddy said there passports had run out, big nose didn't even offer even the Smart boy didn't ring:RpS_crying:
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    Plasterer Cheshunt

    Bit of a long shot need someone competent for one day on Wednesday, skimming, in Cheshunt Hertfordshire 07952536580
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    Invoice template

    Anyone know a invoice template available without a VAT collumn
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    Lucius birthday today

    To late nearly tomorroww:RpS_crying:
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    Logs me out

    Forum keeps login me out.
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    Anyone got a Nokia Lumina, going to sort me out a new phone tomorrow as its pissing with rain again its either that or a Galaxy which i dont like and i dont want another useless Iphone just wondererd what they are like.
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    Old school scaffold

  25. lucius

    Wet clay?

    I take it that all the wet weather has made the clay unworkable?
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    The next one that brings a bucket of muck all the way up a ladder and thumps it down on the spotbord and says this one is a bit stiff i am going to decapitate,
  27. lucius

    Sto bucket coat

    Was at a car boot this morning in east herts and a guy had around 50 tubs mostly Sto armour reinfocing base coat and some K finish his number is 07759409530 if any one is interested.
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    Cardiff labourer

    Just out of interest Flinny why was that locked?
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    Mark Ross

    Dont trust this man he told me we would be finished by 12pm and we didnt finish till 6 mins past and he is fat.
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    Screeder neeeded

    I need a dedicated screeder for a job in Friern Barnet end of next week,only a days work around 25 m2 i will supply ready mix, and labourer to barrow it in if needed if you dont have one you need to have logistics to pick up a bit of gear and knock it up if short to finish the job should be ok...
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    Spain win

    Not the greatest of tournaments even though the press before it started tried to fcuk it up by finding a few right wing groups and scare people of attending, the only trouble was between a load of dopey Russians and Poles all feedback is how welcoming the Ukrainiian people were to all visiting...
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    What did we all have for dinner tonight myself monkfish baked in lemon and lime and herbs, new potatoes and courgettes fried in butter all washed down with a nice chilled bottle of Chardonnay, fresh pineapple for afters i know it has nothing to do with plastering but plastering id boring.
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    Thats the way to do it.
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    Come on Ukraine

    Come on you Cossacks
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    My mate has just had a website done for loft conversions cost him £400 and pays £1.50 a week to keep him at the top which i thought was a bit dear the designer nicked all the photos and put some phoney testimonials on it my mate aint dodgy and a good tradesman but old school so never takes...
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    Just found one of my old price guides from Sept 1983, this will open your eyes. Render (1:1:6)and set in Siraphite Walls £2.22 m2 Walls to staircase areas £3.36 m2 Walls in Bonding and Carlite finish £2.37 Scrim joints and skim coat to plasterboard Walls £1.48 Ceilings £1.62 Angle bead...
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    Refina render gun

    REFINA render gun 4 sale, never been used £200
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    Fcuking raining again fcast for London rain for most of the week just got a cheap flight to Spain on Thur got to get away from this for a while it really getting to me.
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    Got four boards from Wickes today for a small conny job came to around £30 which i thought a bit trumpy but to busy and in to much of a hurry to worry about it bloke on the till says if you buy five its only £25 OK ile have them, threw one in the skip,WTF.
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    Power float

    Had some screeders in the other week to do a house i was involved in, English bloke with three Russians met them in the morning to let them on site and noticed there was a power float alongside the pump anyway left them to it came back the next morning and it was the best finish ive ever seen...
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    World we live in

    Coming home this afternoon down the Hollaway road and old bill everywhere, pavement cordened of big pool of blood on the pavement i assume a stabbbing must have happenned around 2.30pm on a busy high street on a nice sunny afternoon i just looked at my mate who was driving who is a lifetime...
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    Popped in a pub this evening to see someone 1 pint 20 mins came out and some prick has nicked my wing mirror.
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    Ceiling Rose

    I have a plaster ceiling rose to fix i know they have to be screwed as well but what do people use to stick them with nowadays aint done one for years.
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    Its my birthday today by the way you bunch of Wnkers
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    The new year

    Happy new year to everyone and i hope every one gets a result next year
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    Waterproofing a pond

    As above can anyone recommend a decent additive for the render that will hold up No fish by the way its just a big water feature.
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    Today i experimented with a plastic trowel, simple job 1 bag on board so i thought ide give it a try, two coated with steel and flattened with steel left it a while then hit it with the plastic seemed to work half way between floating and finishing then dry troweled with steel perfect finish...
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    Cant be

    Its 3am is there realy 62 people logged on
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    Reet ime in Glasgy whoes oop for a bevvie tomorrow evening, Casper that Wetherspoons is realy posh the ones round my way are s**t holes
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    New Van

    Bit quiet today so whent to look at buying a new van, trust me i need one so i whent to my local Vauxhall dealer who actualy dosent sell the Vitaro and informs me the nearest dealership is in Cheltenham W.T.F. ime J25 M25, so next to Renault to look at the Traffic nice van but i just think these...