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    Boat fishing

    A well earned day out in nice weather. Rendering can wait.
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    An easier life

    I've just fitted this under the van for lifting the machines in and out. It folds up and auto retracts under the van out of the way when not in use. Brilliant addition, makes loading so much safer and easier.
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    What pressure washer do you use?

    As above, I have a long run of existing property's to render so I'm going to upgrade. I Currently have a 6.5hp Honda powered washer with a turbo nozzle which will is a nice powerful pump but I want to blast through a bit quicker. I'm looking at a 13hp Honda engine with a 2:1 gearbox for...
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    Wanted, Monorex GF G10

    I'm hoping by chance someone has a spare pallet I can come collect. Being told 6 week wait from everyone at the minute. Thanks
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    Plasterer wanted, Portsmouth area.

    Plasterer wanted for domestic and commercial work in Hampshire. You must have a driving licence and your own transport, be polite, punctual, experienced and efficient at plastering, boarding and rendering. Long term work for the right person.
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    Best screwgun?

    My Senco screw gun has packed up again, only 2 years old. It's going in the bin. So i'm after a new gun, what is regarded as the best screwgun available? Make and model, I aint really interested in decent enough or it does me. I want the most powerful, most reliable, most durable on the market...
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    19mm pipe for texturing on the ritmo

    Anyone sprayed anything other than acrylic through the skinnier 19mm pipe? Did a small Tyrolean job this morning and had fun and games getting the gear through the pipe again, it gets blocked right at the end where the size reduces as it hits the metal sleeve. Any ideas for setup? Already have...
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    What stilts?

    I'm renewing some of my kit at the moment and fancy a new pair of stilts. Seeing as their a sponsor now I've been looking at the latest version of the Dura-Stilts Carobyn Has anyone on here got Dura-stilts? Is it worth paying the premium? You can get the copys for £60 off ebay. My brother...
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    Talk to me about....

    Power floats, im after something for scraping back mono, and maybe floating up s/c. What's your experience of them, and what's a good one to get? Do pft do one or did I imagine that? Thanks.
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    Ritmo, swing gun and parinter.

    I have to spray a thin coat of parinter with the ritmo, I shall use the swing gun but can i spray it with a 19mm hose instead of the 25mm or will it struggle pushing it through the skinny hose?
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    Spraying CPI GP Render

    Next week we will be using cpi render for the first time through our ritmo m, having not used this material before, has anyone got any pointers? Thanks in advance.
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    Marshalltown Trowels

    Im after a couple of new trowels, in the past I have preferred marshalltown. I have been round the local tool shops and they only have the 'permashape' trowels, they're like bannanas!Surely they must still make/sell straight trowels? Has anyone a recommendation for a good quality trowel? Thanks...
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    Any wallcreters in the Portsmouth area?

    Is there anyone in my area that uses wallcrete? I've been impressed with warriors work he's posted pictures of and would like to see some in the flesh. Unfortunatly I couldn't make the dates for the training days in Newbury that have just been and gone:RpS_mad:
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    25 Bags Monorex GF

    We have 25 bags of monorex gf in pale yellow, collect from Hayling Island near Portsmouth, open to offers. Glenn 07734951216
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    Checking in.....

    Hi lads, been snooping about a little while now, thought I better make my self known. Im from Hayling Island, near Portsmouth. Been spreading for 10 yrs now, and still enjoy it everyday..... Well, most days! Love the banter on here too, its just like being back on site!