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    Quantity help

    me heads puzzled , how much sand u think for 35-40 metres of dashing for the scratch and top ? Lol me minds blank on it atm and a need it ordered haha
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    @Danny these new ads at the top of the screen r well fooookin it up for me , they seem to distaught the main part of the forum and it goes like behind the main part of the header with tpf etc and just doesnt load up right ?!? Anyone else getting these problems ? Im on a iphone 6 like and just on...
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    Coloured render

    What kind of render is this ?big bro might no ? Its in spain , and a funny texture ? @BigBruvOfEnglandUK found him :-)
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    Top notch spainish rendering

    Lol its mad ive seen sum bang on but most looks s**t lol
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    Cpi compared to ocr weber

    Hi lads , quick question to any one thats used cpi . Whats the difference compared to ocr ? Is it just abit more of a feel of sand cement ? Cheers already :-)
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    Are jub sponsors on here ?

    Im looking to find a colour chart if you could send one out to me for glanen omet :-) im sure jub were on here a while a go ?? If anybody could help me ! Thank you
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    Damp proofing over the top ?

    Sorry for the thread title some people maye think it ment otherwise ...... We are currently doing a damp proofing job for a maintenance company who are on there last job before accedation or how ever u spell it for sovereign. This job in a internal wall and fire place and alcoves , hack off to...
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    Hi all and danny as he may be the one that know why its like this if theres a reason ..... Why do i get notified when i like something etc ? As surely i know i clicked that ? Or is it a way just to quickly get back to the posts you have been liking etc ? Lol a may sound daft for this but ah well...
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    Plasterers grit .... Can you dilute ?

    Any of you lads diluted it before ? With say pva ? Has it worked or ****** up ? Lol was just wondering how to get a extra bit out of each tub !
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    Waiting for customer ....

    Ah well love this , been waitin for customer for 20 mins running late , really man !
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    Sharp sand ?

    Hello chaps , i have a job where peter cox has done the injecting and im rendering and skimming the walls , the bloke has the guarantee already , it says on the waterproofer to use sharp sand , would rendering sand be fine ? Just no good draging stones around every where ? Cheers lads in advance
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    Im starting a extension where the front ,side above garage and gable and then the rear , we arnt using beads on reviels etc , can you return a angle the next day etc for front side and back ?? Puzzled at how to do it apart from very carefully ??? Dont really want to hoy it all on in a day as...
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    Blue grit

    Started using blue grit on a job today and it was making the paint peel off , it was on a newish house well 20-30 year old been skimmed didnt seem to have had a mist coat of paint any ideas ?? Havnt used the stuff before part from abit that had already been dun by sum one else
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    Any one know where cheapest place would be for tounge and groove flooring like the 2.4m x .6 ??? Cud have a lot of it coming up and cheaper the better , i know its not what every one does every day so i expect no one to know any decent places and rough prices lol
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    just bought a speed skim , tips

    when is the best time to get on it ? Straight afta layi g on ? Or let it pick up ?
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    makita collated screw gun bits ??

    Any body know any where near newcastle way to get them or a good website ? Bloody screwfix etc sell the screw guns but no ******* bits ! Hope u's can help :-) its a bz750a think that's the name does 45 to 75mm
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    roll on the new year I wanna get back graftin !

    I hate this time of year , its good for the drinkin no gd for the bussiness ! Let's see what this year brings . . . Any one got anything exciting planned ?