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    Herniated Disc

    I'm absolutely f**k*d. This is why spreads across the country should be charging £250 a day as a minimum
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    Football tickets

    Has anyone been to many games this season? There's a massive demand for tickets at my club this season and getting them has been a nightmare. Anyone else noticed this?
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    Ritmo L turbo for sale

    I'm considering selling my Ritmo L Turbo. Full setup including spray gun, water bosch, pumb and all hoses. Bought last year from Pft Wales for £8k+. Very low running hours and in very good nick. Would anyone be interested
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    Brum/cov work, reliable spreads needed

    Any lads over this way wanna jump on. Full board and skim jobs on multiple hmo's.
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    Gyms opening

    Anyone else counting down the days?
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    Do you do the lottery?

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    Covid vaccine

    @Dollar don’t trouble yourself
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    Do ya

    Why @ChrispyUK
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    Mikita drywall cut out tool

    Anyone tried one? I’ve got a rake of boarding with that habito board and it’s a bitch to cut
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    Been working out whilst locked down

    What do you think to my progress @Casper
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    Worlds best fans
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    I’ve got Covid

    Just had my results back. f**k**g fuming. Got s**t loads of work to do on the house now! FML
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    Blocked Rondo hose

    Has anyone got any ideas on how to unblock a 25mm material hose on the ritmo? I can get water and the cleaning ball through but the render gets clogged and jams the machine
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    Labs got covid

    The c**t came in on Wednesday an sat in my van, told me later in the day he had no sense of taste since Sunday. Test came back positive last night now I’ve got to isolate for 14 days because of him. I could kill him
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    Refina power float

    Any one got one and do you rate it?
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    Danny what’s up with the ads

    Who do they think they’re targeting here
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    Kraft flex

    Anyone got any experience with these? Only used a kraft trowel a couple of times but never the flex
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    Transit vs transporter

    I’m about to buy a transit custom but until recently always wanted a transporter. What would you go for and why?
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    Works picking up boys, had about 8 enquiries today
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    The holy grail deserves its own thread everyone should own this trowel
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    Are they taking the piss
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    Machine recommendations?

    So I’m looking at buying a machine, predominately for spraying pral M and K1.its only me and a lab and we mainly do jobs of about 50m2 but I’ve got a few 200ish booked in now and f**k trowelling that. Would rather electric over diesel. What do you lads reckon I should go for? Ritmo L? @themucky1...
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    Skim for sale, left over from job

    In date board finish. £20 Ono, it will be gone soon so act quick k
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    Plaster stock

    Any update on plaster becoming available?
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    How skint must you be to want to profit off half a bag of multi for fcuk sake
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    Anyone else been bombarded for render and mono quotes? I’ve had one a day for about 10 days. Not out of the ordinary but I’ve had maybe 3 internal enquires in that time.
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    Covid peak

    Come from nhs circle
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    Stay healthy

    Try this app lads if you need help keeping active while off. Last thing you wanna do it get injured when you get back on the tools because you’re unfit.
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    Idiotic people

    I’ve seen a few articles about people not adhering to the rules and some of them are f**k**g mental. Let’s see who can find the most r******d case of this. I’ll go first
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    For sale

    Bids starting at £2500
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    Open to offers over £1000
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    UK lockdown this friday

    Heard it here first. Army to guard supermarkets due to riot fears
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    Any spreads in Birmingham

    I’m looking for any good reliable spreads in or around Birmingham that wanna jump on?
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    I know most don’t want to talk about pricing but just wondered if anyone else had noticed an abundance of work lately and domestic customers willing to pay good prices? I’ve been creeping them up (started off at a decent rate) and still getting 90% of the jobs I price
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    What’s the going rate per m2 for dab, float and skim at the moment? got a right pig of a job to price and it’s gonna have to be ppm2 to get it right.
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    Cheeky b*****d

    Customer text me this today. the ceiling was 4x2.5 over artex too
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    It will probably be passable when painted but I think this looks rough as f**k
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    K rend accelerator

    Anybody used the K rend accelerator much and Have any idea on timings?
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    Wtf is this supposed to be

    Any ideas? Plastering Plaster Scraper, Stainless Steel Wall Decoration Scraper with Easy Grip Handle, Wall Scraper Decoration Wall Plastering Tool for Home DIY Wall Treatment
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    Who did this

    Spotted West Midlands safari park
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    Every year