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    Have you got a bag of IOTEX? seriously thinking this might be a sleeping giant...with the UCAM blockchain camera lots of use cases etc.
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    What do you do?
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    I'm in holding and long term staking.
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    Tax returns

    Same takes a while to get used to the volatility not many can stomach a 50% loss and not sell. All mine is in locked staked getting interest between 10 and 20%. Will hold through the next bear market and add more.
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    Tax returns

    Better off buying Crypto if you can stomach the volatility.
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    Plasterer needed Bristol BS3

    What about Simon @sptplastering
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    Plasterer needed Bristol BS3

    He was working for a big Bristol contractor las time I spoke to him about 5 years ago...
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    Plasterer needed Bristol BS3

    I'm in Bristol but fully booked until New could try Jordan but I know he is also very busy. £300 a day is the Bristol rate.
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    How to plaster open fire chimney breast

    Don't use sand and cement it will crack I've done loads of openings. You need hardibacker 12mm. Prime brickwork then dot and dab boards on to get them level back and sides. Once dab has dried secondary fix hardibacker with screws to brickwork (countersink). Use heat resistant caulk for internal...
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    Questions from a weak plastering novice Wedi boards are lightweight and can be plastered or tiled over. Going to cost alot in materials though
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    Youtube wankers!!!

    Thread closed?
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    Pva problems

    Drywall adhesive to fix beads then
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    Pva problems

    Knock wall down, re build, board and skim. On a serious note only problem I've found with PVA at the mo is cost
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    Questions about Lime

    Daily rate is a load of b*llocks everyone should just give a price of what they want for the job. For example a ceiling patch...some people charge £200 including labour and materials...but from my experience most customer will go for a price around £460. Always price prime when you are there and...
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    We can't all be millionaires...thanks to Bob down the pub quoting on the back of a fag packet some of us have got a chance... Anyway millionaire is nothing these days new target is billionaire Looks like we are all going to burn soon anyway so best just enjoy what you got.
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    Looks like shrinkage cracking to me...should be fine if you get a good quality masonry paint over it a few coats. 3-1 too strong...we have always gone 4-1 then 4-1-1...rendagrip for your key.
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    Skimming over ocr ??

    Don't use Weber OCR unless you are going prime with grit before skimming as skim does key well to it even if you have a good key. I've tested a few and the only viable one to skim over is CPI general purpose.
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    Shite multi

    It is greasy and is's like they have whacked some clay in there to bulk it out as it sticks like sh*t to a blanket to the buckets...they tried to save money with thinner bags didn't suspicion is the mix has been bulked out with something in the last 5 years...@BritishGypsum
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    Grit fail

    Don't think I've ever had a refusal on overboard done a couple of thousand
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    Poor K rend finish

    Get some up/down lights on it will look good. Did a nice job of keeping the line under the sill to be fair. I think most would charge around 12-15K for warrantied job How much did you pay £2K?
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    Sparky £100 per hour

    This is true and it's harder than ever to get into a trade now...the cost of a van, insurance, storage, tools are prohibitive for most. I've had improver ads out and get very little interest. There has to be a massive shift in government policy from the Blair days of encouraging everyone to...
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    Sparky £100 per hour

    Plasterers do get paid the sh*test of all trades and one of the hardest trades which no customers or builders want to take on? Doesn't add up... When we take our car for MOT we happily pay £45 per hour for labour even a driving lesson £55 per hour but plastering some people charge as little...
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    Self cleaning renders

    Doesn't take much probably over half the population believe that a homemade mask will protect them from COVID.
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    Self cleaning renders

    Self cleaning, breathable all a load of b*llocks...we the people ain't going to be taken the piss out of anymore.
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    Sparky £100 per hour

    So lets talk about what to charge...granted this is in Cambridge and he probably has some filthy rich clients...but £100 per hour?...and you have Pimlico charging higher rates for plumbing in London. I'm actually thinking that I have been underpricing at £300 per day. Obviously got the gift...
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    Sounds fair thats what Gina was getting and spent most of the day with her hand down Hancocks trousers...and we the taxpayers were paying for that hand job.
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    Advice needed from good renders please

    On realistic planet...have to charge to invest in machines, vans, everything else business related. This job was priced by a chancer...the price should be double
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    Advice needed from good renders please

    Don't think he is going to be happy he is working for peanuts as it is. Most on here would have charged double what you paid. Pay less pay twice. You can't expect attention to detail for what you paid. Just pay the bloke and grow a creeper up it or spray it with Corksol.
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    I've been thinking about charging for quotes best time to start when it's this busy. Had alot of people saying they can't even get plasterers around to quote. I'm thinking £50 then knock it off the bill if they go ahead.
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    asbestos worries

    Looks like a re build.
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    Lime Products.

    Try Lime Gr**n
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    People working from home

    Be careful out there I had a mate who when leaving a peep show booth in Amsterdam slipped on some cum and broke his wrist
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    Van prices

    The prices increases at the moment are nuts. I'm just trying to squeeze as much out of every job as possible. Always price prime the customer (including labour and material increases). We are lucky in a way because our work is generally weighted around 80/20 labour/materials.
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    4-months in plaster won’t dry

    Sure you have heard the expression 'pay less pay twice' this is prime example except it's going to cost some serious money now as everyone is flat out and materials prices have gone through the roof. Needs membrane. Try to find the source of the issue looks bad. Good luck - I reckon around 6K.
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    renovating plaster and tanking

    Don't use tanking slurry...use a membrane...PB2 from Permaguard, then dry line and skim. Damp on chimney breasts can be condensation or salts attracting damp or penetrating. A membrane will sort all the issues and never see damp again. I've done around 50 breasts and never seen damp again.
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    Retarding bonding

    Any tips to re***d bonding? I find after mixing it up in the same bucket (even giving the bucket a good clean out between mixes) a few times it starts setting in a 1/4 of the time. Don't want to use a new bcuket every few mixes or spend hours getting them completely spotless.
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    Getting to easy

    Where you based mate? Do you do 2 tubs a day 140m2?
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    Cement strength

    Rugby premium 32.5. 4 -1 scratch and top is what I've always done for traditional.
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    My van this week

    Nice the storage compartments look smart.
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    My van this week

    This is 100% the worst thing about plastering especially when you have family.
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    Sponge coat.

    Yea but you sure work for it if you take into account all the time spent other than working we work 12 hour days and weekends doing paperwork etc. If someone offered me 40K for 7-3 house bashing...and I didn't have to kill myself I'd probably take it.
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    Sponge coat.

    One thing for sure sponge float method is effortless
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    Roughcasting is rough.

    I don't think it's that bad a job...nothing worse than a nitpicker. It's a bit untidy in places but overall looks like a good job.
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    Sponge coat.

    Of course it would be criminal to put 2 coats on plasterboard...but maybe its worth giving it the one coat wonder on old walls...just a nice thick coat, spat, brush, sponge. Only problem is the internal corners.
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    Sponge coat.

    I've perfected the method...but annoyed that I still need to do 2 coats
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    Sponge coat.

    Works for me...what's your method then?
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    Sponge coat.

    Those who use the sponge float method... Anybody just put one thick coat on...spat then sponge on old walls? I'm doing 2 coats (without cleaning out bucket between mixes) but thinking is 2 coats necessary. Definitely no need to do 2 coats on plasterboard...but old walls?
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    Need advice on a job guys

    Foam machines is good if you have alot just hire one and coat the whole house...suggest to customer foam (sausage) party at same time.
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    Need advice on a job guys

    £200? thats cheap £300?
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    Show me the money.

    Enough already of your 'woke'