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  1. Danny

    Solar Panels

    Hi all :D Has anybody had these fitted in the last 2 years? Worth doing or not now? I use most of my electric in the day time with 4 PCs running and what not.
  2. Danny

    Alternative to timber for outside building

    With the growing cost of timber my plans to build my garden office are on hold as I work out if it is worth waiting. However I was thinking about other building materials and if any one else has used something else instead of timber? The building will be about 50m2 Any thoughts or...
  3. Danny

    What Are you Doing Today?

    I am still in Bed but now feeling a little more like myself :D Lets see what you are all upto today? I will send a Mug to the most liked photo :D (has to be plastering/buildin/construction reelated)
  4. Danny

    Underground Bunker now a Tunnel

    Always like COlin Furz and after he built his underground bunker which I think is great use of space and land but now he is building a tunnel.... Well worth watching as the guy is nuts :D
  5. Danny


    I have been asked for some feedback here is the question What do you guys think?
  6. Danny

    My van this week

    Wife is away and I have still not got the landy mot sorted so have had to use the buggy Makes the mundane trip fun
  7. Danny

  8. Danny

    Brickies were pants back then as well

    Just taking a wall down and the brickies had obviously messed up so the plasterers were left to try and fix the issue
  9. Danny

    Starting now!!!
  10. Danny

    Chance to win a Dewalt Cordless Mixer

    Just under a week away til the live plastering show.
  11. Danny

    Safeguard condenses knowledge into Dealing with Dampness CPD

    Dealing with Dampness is a revised and updated CPD from Safeguard – the UK’s leading specialist in damp-proofing and waterproofing technology – aiming to educate architects, designers, contractors and other specifiers on the main causes of damp, effective diagnosis, and optimal remedial...
  12. Danny

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    For the last 7 years I have had "skip cars" I fold the seats down and destroy them, using them for all teh crap jobs and so seeing as our house purchase is nearly done a van would be handy for lugging a bit more shite about. I bought a combo about 8 maybe 10 days ago and since then I have been...
  13. Danny


    I think it is about time we tried to look at the bright side of things. Its all got a big negative on here and on other platforms and lets be honest we do all still have a lot to be grateful for. We are not being bombed and stomping about in no mans land, things could get a whole lot worse...
  14. Danny

    Are you a renderer or do you work for a rendering business?

    Johnstone’s Trade wants to hear from you! All you have to do is fill in this quick survey, and as a thank you for your time, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher. Fill in the survey here: For full terms and...
  15. Danny

    Safeguard range beats damp double of mould and condensation

    As winter drags on, windows stay closed and home heating is high, condensation – the most common form of domestic damp – becomes most problematic, especially for households suffering from fuel poverty. Safeguard Europe’s range of anti-condensation and mould-resistant treatments not only assist...
  16. Danny

    Safeguard’s Dryzone Dryrods deliver long-lasting DPC remedials whatever the weather

    While lockdown hasn’t prevented trades working on homes, winter makes external works more difficult – and the advent of spring will see a backlog of damp-proofing projects needed as the poor weather subsides. However, Dryrod damp-proofing rods from Safeguard Europe – the UK’s leading specialist...
  17. Danny

    Let see your Pics

    Its dull and dreary here today so lets see what you lot are up to
  18. Danny


    As part of its extensive LXT cordless range, leading power tool manufacturer, Makita has announced the release of its DCW180Z 18V Cordless Cooler & Warmer Box. The new release is ideal for keeping food and drinks cool or warm in any season...
  19. Danny

    Server Upgrade

    We have a server upgrade happening in the next hour... it should be seamless but it might not be :-\
  20. Danny

    RSJ Calculation

    Morning chaps We are almost ready for the bungalow purchase to go through... (can at anytime fall through though) So we will be moving in fairly sharpish to free our current property up to get tenants in so we will be kinder living in the new place while we do the work. We are having to get...
  21. Danny

    Water meter - can i remove it

    The new place has a water meter.... I dont want to be on a meter... Can it be removed or are there anyways we can get them to remove it
  22. Danny

    Permitted Development for outbuildings and Building regs

    Alright all :D A property purchase is looking to complete very soon :-\ and I need to start thinking about building my office at the bottom of the garden :D (I am not doing an underground bunker now) the thing that is not clear or atleast to me anyway is what i can do.... The garden is about...
  23. Danny

    Future Energy...

    I am in the process of buying a run down bungalow. It has no gas fitted and we are not keen in getting gas fitted as gas seems a little bit old fashioned.... WHo has done what recently?
  24. Danny


    Join Chris Frediani from DIY SOS and plasterers from across the country for a live plastering event. You'll be in for a chance to win a De Walt Paddle Mixer worth £600! All you need to do is follow this link:
  25. Danny

    Loft Conversion with Eco-Trus

    Alright chaps and Lady :D Have any of you heard of this company? I have been watching their videos on Youtube as their Loft conversion system looks interesting. I have had an offer accepted on a bungalow and I need to magic at least one more bedroom out of it so the...
  26. Danny

    Fix Radio & Chris Frediani take The Plastering Show virtual with British Gypsum!

    Following a hugely successful launch of the UK’s only dedicated mainstream radio show for the plastering community, Fix Radio and Chris Frediani (DIY SOS, BBC One, The Big Build etc) are taking the Plastering Show to the next level...
  27. Danny

    Go on who was it?
  28. Danny

    Site Ready Skimming Course Developed into Official NOCN Qualification

    Site Ready Skimming Course Developed into Official NOCN Qualification In a positive move for the future of skills and talent in the plastering industry, British Gypsum has announced that its Site Ready Skimming Course has been successfully developed into a nationally recognised qualification...
  29. Danny

    Cheap Mixer

    May get you out of trouble
  30. Danny

    floating a wall image request for a text book

    i have been asked to help source an image for a text book of someone devil floating a wall... Does anybody have one of them floating they would be happy to use in a text book?
  31. Danny

    Underground Room

    Has anybody built one? We have just made an offer on a property and all is looking well. It has a huge garden but the property itself needs bulldozing. We are going to most likely be getting a static caravan dropped on the site to live in. However the first job is to build my home office so...
  32. Danny

    Losing the use of my hands

    Over the last 10 years I have had problems with my hands. They started hurting in winter, just stiff joints and aches. I get use to it and move on. I noticed a few of weeks ago that I was dropping things like cutlery when eating and I put it down to being a t**t. However it is now looking like...
  33. Danny

    Go On Who was this?
  34. Danny

    Do I need Building Regs

    Hiya Do I need to get building regs for when I knock internal walls down in a property? I don't think I do but I cant see why I wouldn't? Looking at a property that has had the crap knocked about but they have only just submitted planning for rendering and changing the colour of the roof tiles.
  35. Danny

    Lath and Plaster

    Does anybody have any photos they have taken of Lath and plaster? Need photos of the few stages involved etc :D I am writing about it on plasterers news and I need some images :D I will give credit and links to your website etc etc :D I cant find any of my photos from my plastering days which...
  36. Danny

    Thatched Houses and Rethatch costs

    ANy ideas what the costs would be in the region of for rethatching? Looking at buying this, obviously needs a lot of work but it is grade II listed so cant knock it down... but comes with a decent size plot of land and has a fair bit of potential. @essexandy I seem to remember you knowing...
  37. Danny

    Competition Time!!!

  38. Danny


    Please if you find anything you don't like or think it should be reported then please hit the report post button. With 500 odd new replies every day we cant see everything so rely on this report post feature to keep the forum a good place.
  39. Danny

    Sourcing Plaster....

    This will now be the only thread on sourcing plaster in the COVID-19 time....
  40. Danny

    Removable Fence Panel Suggestions

    Alright chaps (and Jess) I have a fence that goes from my yard to my garden where I store one of my kit cars and a trailer. At the moment I just unscrew a fence panel and drive my car out. However I can only really do this because the fence is shagged and I need to replace it. I want to use...
  41. Danny

    British gypsum update
  42. Danny

    British gypsum to shut
  43. Danny

    British Gypsum Corona Virus
  44. Danny

    WHat to Gamble on Now???

    So with most sports off the cards what are you guys going to playing? I am tempted to have a bash at Poker again as I got quite good in the past not sure if I can even be bothered to do anything.
  45. Danny

    Server Crashes

    We have server issues... TPF will be up and down like a fiddlers elbow while we work out what is causing these problems
  46. Danny

    What Advice would you give teh public when looking for a plasterer

    What advice would you give the jo public if they want a plasterer? How would you go about finding one? what tips/warning signs would you give to help then from picking a cowboy? Anything you as plasterers like when a customer calls? Thanks :D
  47. Danny


    Makita has launched the latest addition to its radio range, with the DMR115 Job Site Radio. With Bluetooth functionality and a light weight of 4.8-5.5kg, it is the perfect companion for construction workers.
  48. Danny

    naughty naughty
  49. Danny

  50. Danny


    I need to replace the outside door for a porch area on one of our offices... Does anyone know of a place online I can order doors or is it still best to go to the trading estates?