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  1. CeeVee

    Ready mix render

    Does anywhere still do the pre-mixed big bathfuls of s/c render delivered onsite?
  2. CeeVee


    OMG....the questions :crying: Mind numbing! F*ckin Awful! I'm paying £1200 for this JUST F*CKIN PUT ME THROUGH! I think they write these stupid questions just to put you off :LOL::LOL:
  3. CeeVee

    Applying for jobs

    I'm halfway through the level 3 AET and Level 3 NVQ plastering in preparation for changing from plasterer to teacher. Does anyone know where I could apply for a job without using an agency? Seems their cut is massive
  4. CeeVee

    Help needed in Sheffield next week

    Hi. Can anyone give me a hand next week? Just skimming a student digs for day rates. Not sure if I should put rates up so PM please! Cheers
  5. CeeVee

    Be careful out there

    A mate just called me to say his son just fell on to his trowel. He's severed the artery in his arm and gone through to the bone... Luckily someone was with him to apply a tourniquet and they made it to hospital before he bled out. He's currently in surgery. Be careful. We're all basically...
  6. CeeVee

    Some GREAT work...

    So...went to do a job today, a favour for a joiner whos been working for a bloke who sacked his plasterers. Basically we were there to finish off what they left when they got booted off. Here is what we found of their work....and this wasn't even being reskimmed...
  7. CeeVee

    Vincey saves the day

    Well got to give a big shout out to @Vincey who came over with his ritmo to save my bacon. Picture this... Driving up to the job I see in the darkness a huge grin...who is this? At this time? Early? Yep...Vince...ready for his day's (sorry half day's :LOL:) graft. He sets up his machine with...
  8. CeeVee

    Microgob or not?

    I've got some parinter and some monogris e thats been on a week and been scratched and keyed. Should I give it a coat of microgobetis before topping or not?
  9. CeeVee

    Man and machine required

    ...for next week in Sheffield ... just for a day for a 55m gable to help us get it on. As some might know my machine fooked up so I'm now without, and I was already obligated to do this job. Might be rest of extension too if you want it. PM me please
  10. CeeVee

    Is there a 'customers forum'?

    Coz if there is I want to go on there and raise some s**t!
  11. CeeVee

    If plasterings so good....gimme a job.

    Ok f**k this s**t. I've had enough. 25 years experience. I'll give you two good gauges a day. Clean and tidy. Good with customers. Internal and external. Gimme a steady job someone if you think its so good.
  12. CeeVee

    Good wages in 1980

    Found a newspaper from 1980 today... Works out at just under £43 a day...
  13. CeeVee

    Do I need a new radio?

    I think there's life in her yet... Anyone else need a new one?
  14. CeeVee

    Eze mix, Eze24 compressor etc FOR SALE

    Selling my stuff, not a complete set up but if anyones interested... Eze mix in top condition just bought from P1SS for £1500...just throw a bag on and it mixes Gentilin compressor used on one job on;ly...cost £700 5kva Transformer Eze 24...I took the motor off to replace the steel bar and I...
  15. CeeVee

    Anyone got any spare limelight?

    Can't get any anywhere. Just need a bag or two....
  16. CeeVee

    Probe into ethnicity of vile gangs
  17. CeeVee

    Anyone interested in a tadelakt job in Sheffield?

    Doing a fair bit of lime work on a property and the customer wants a tadelakt wall or two in the bathroom. Anyone want the job?
  18. CeeVee

    Best way for NVQ 3 help needed.

    I need my NVQ 3 and I've emailed various firms but they never get back to me. Prices range from £1200 to £5400 for the same thing...and some wont accept the advanced learner loan which I'll need. I need onsite visits...can anyone help?
  19. CeeVee

    Eze 24 packed in...smoke everywhere

    Just finished 120m weber no probs. Came to do a wee 30m parex and crack...whole thing sounds like I'm churning marbles. Took hose off and smoke coming out of r/s. So...cleaned it all out and changed r/s to the spare....crack....whole thing sounds like I'm churning marbles. 16m of hose filled...
  20. CeeVee

    EZE24 problem

    Anyone know why it wont work on auto now...only manual? It stopped half way through a spray so I had to switch to manual and therefore couldn't turn the gun off.
  21. CeeVee

    Non payers. What do you do?

    What do you do with a non payer? I'm not sure you can give em a hiding anymore...or can you? Pester em? Bombard them with calls/texts? Court action? Revenge on feedback sites? Vandalism? Write it off?
  22. CeeVee

    Did I do it right?

    Ok so theres no manual to download for my EZE24 so I just went in blind and changed the mixing shaft....but did I do it right? Unbolted the motor to expose the shaft Around the shaft was about a centimetre gap that was filled with what I thought was old mono...but I'm pretty sure it was some...
  23. CeeVee

    Needed a spare part

    For the EZE...just a piece of metal nothing more. I think I'm paying for everyones time off to watch the royal wedding :mad: £225
  24. CeeVee

    OMG Eibenstock Petrol Mixer

  25. CeeVee

    Best system over flat painted s/c

    Whats best to go over sound painted flat s/c? Never done any do you get to find out about them?
  26. CeeVee

    New Toy

    I feel like a proper Mester now No idea how the feck it works yet!
  27. CeeVee

    EZE24 parts

    Ok so the bar with hooks on it that attaches to the rotor/stator...the hooks are nearly there a replacement bar? Ain't got time to send the machine away so could do with DIY... Mainly for @Plasterers1StopShop coz Ryans not the best at answering PMs (y)
  28. CeeVee


    18 - 30" stilts Never used...spotless and as new £30 Come collect only from Sheffield
  29. CeeVee

    Gentilin Compressor spares/repairs

    These are £700 new. 110v Needs a small weld and output pressure gauge. Collect only £60
  30. CeeVee

    Horizontal Continuous Mixer

    Ok I've seen the EZE one...but I cant find anywhere else that you can buy these bloody types of mixer from. Are they THAT rare?
  31. CeeVee

    Finally used the magnetic gear...

    Ok so I got round to using the Smarter Surfaces stuff. I built my daughter a bunk bed and coated the wall above. I couldn't get on with it I'm afraid...the wall was so uneven to start with that the stuff went on too thick in parts and slumped. Tried to do a second coat really tight but again...
  32. CeeVee

    Got skim set up...yeeesss

    Skim set up arrived from p1ss yesterday and I've got 6 bags of thistle spray finish to play with... I'm back to being enthusiastic about plastering again!!
  33. CeeVee

    Eze mix or similar

    In the next few months I'm thinking of getting the eze mix to complement my eze24. Got a fair bit of mono coming up and some nice newbuild internals too (gonna try spray finish at last) Anyone know if their up to the job? Anything similar out there in the same price bracket? I'll eventually...
  34. CeeVee

    Mono up to sprayed windows

    Ok so I'm starting a mono job and I've just been informed the guy is having his upvc windows spray painted first. I'm very concerned about taping them up...I'm certain I'll pull the paint off and even scratch it when scraping the reveals. The window people insist they cant spray them after...
  35. CeeVee

    Weber spec and pricing

    Pricing a job up to mono a hotel and Weber have come out and specified 30mm pral m. This is double the thickness I usually do and in my mind is gonna take twice the effort to apply. 1. Should I be charging double? ( seems stupidly pricey) 2. Would you still go wet on wet (on wet again)?
  36. CeeVee

    Anyone use Thistle Spray?

    Never hear of anyone using it. I'd like to start. Has everyone just skipped a step and gone to airless?
  37. CeeVee

    Forum WTF?

    No! Cant see or do anything! Dont like it! Whats happened???
  38. CeeVee

    Left wing anti semitism Good old Corbyn
  39. CeeVee

    Whats your minimum?

    I've used my EZE24 when I've had just 10m of mono to do. I HATE handballing. Whats your minimum metreage to justify getting any machine out?
  40. CeeVee

    Eze 24 compressor spec

    Anyone know the spec for an Eze24 compressor? I've been on the p1ss site and the only ones they've got...looks like they're over a grand. Fook that.
  41. CeeVee

    Mono on stone spec

    Been asked to mono a gable thats made of stone. First thoughts were to hack off, dub out with OCR before rendaid and mono. Any issues with OCR on soft stone? Should I be using something different? Never gone over something so...rough. Dont know why theyre sideways...
  42. CeeVee

    Want a well paid job?

    :LOL::LOL: Lowest paid scum us.
  43. CeeVee

    BNI meetings

    Anyone ever gone to these? Been invited to a group. Anyone had any success?
  44. CeeVee

    Something inbetween MT and s*p*r*lex

    Looking for a good trowel thats not as hard as MT and not as soft as a s*p*r*lex. I'm finding the MT isn't flattening as nice on this new gear, and the SF just leaves it greasy and bumpy until the final flick. Any recommendations?
  45. CeeVee

    Damp issue on microcement shower

    Did a shower in micro and I gave it a coat of clear matte. Then when the guy has a shower these damp patches appear. I said it would need another coat of clear but I was working for the bathroom fitter so he gave it a coat as I was busy. This is still happening when he showers....why?
  46. CeeVee

    Wheres the work ethic gone?

    I see this in most people in the construction industry under 35...sorry if you're not one of them! Geezer I work with and I both have keys to job, when I get there first I'm inside cracking on. When he gets there first he sits in his car and waits for me. On day rates at the moment and...
  47. CeeVee

    Tackling problems with microcement and venetian

    Thought it might be a good idea to start a thread about dealing with problems should they arise... Halo's in micro, tears in venetian, burnishing issues, knock and bump damage? Anyone had to deal with any of these yet?
  48. CeeVee

    Keeping the van clean

    Ok say you've had your vehicle a few years and its time to sell. Why wont the inside of it clean??? And how the hell do you stop the carpets, dash and everywhere getting covered in plaster dust??? Does my nut in. I've just got a new truck...its spotless and I want to keep it that way...but how??
  49. CeeVee base

    I was told on a course I did early this year that you could if necessary give a microcement finish using no base. The first coat of fino has to have a key.... Anyone done this? Any advice? I don't want to do this often but I'm now in a situation beyond my control where I have to on this one...
  50. CeeVee

    Apple advert song

    Can't get this bloody thing out of my head. Didn't realise its an old kinks song!