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    10 x 10ltr tubs "gypbond" un opened located near Windsor SL4. £25 per tub or the lot for £200
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    Skimming Legoland Windsor

    61 bed hotel at lego land Windsor £3/mtr Rooms all loaded out ready to start next Wednesday Mike 07979 906140 Mansell finishes ltd
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    flex giraffe 700

    One of the carbon brush contacts has snapped on mine does anyone know a repairer in the Staffordshire area?
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    dabber wanted stoke on trent

    Dabber needed for housing site in leek st13, £2.50/m2 paid weekly 07539644332 Mike
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    Cscs Labourer/improver wanted stoke on Trent

    Immediate start available on going work for the right lad most work in the north staffs/South Manchester area transport provided from St4/st5 postcodes send me contact details on here and I'll be In touch or email
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    Drywall Banjo

    Does anyone on here from the north west or midlands have a working banjo they want to sell, I could do with one by Wednesday, cheers.
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    Job for spunky

    Directgov jobs and skills search - Job details
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    labourer stoke on trent area

    CSCS carded labourer needed in the stoke area must be in st5/st4 postcode or be able to get there for 6 am experience of mixing k rend would be good but not essential
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    I section

    Are they easy to get the hang of? they look like they take a bit of donkey work out of the rubbing up Ive never used one but just started for a firm doing quite a bit of mono ive ever used a scratch pad to rub it up
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    Been a while

    Just a quick hello again dont think ive been on here since it changed to new forum format so howdi!
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    mono suppliers in north west and costs??

    Alright lads anyone got a an idea of suppliers for mono an rend aid and how much i should be paying never bought it for myself will need around 35 bags of ivory coloured 5 dark coloured pref brown if you can get it?? and 7 rendaid
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    scratch coat wont go off

    scratched a couple of walls on on sat and i can still press my fingers into it today it was over old dash 4:1 with a 3 in1 additive jewsons plastering sand an lafarge cement
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    its been tough this year

    we may not have earned as much as we would of liked to and money maybe tight so get your wife/girlfriend a cheap an cheerfull present this year merry xmas
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    Apologies to anyone who may be suffering from the cumbrian disaster but i think its great! the firm i work im subbying to at the min are based in Cockermouth and have already started the insurance ripouts plenty of work in the pipeline now ;D
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    axminster board trimmer

    anyone used one are they any good?
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    anyone know what its like to skim over? got a load left from a job an was thinkin of using it instead of hardwall on a a job i got coming up
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    240v minijet

    finally found some info on the minijet, can any one tell me how many bags of hardwall it will spray in about 4hours and can it spray mono and ocr. is the 3 phase version a much better machine?
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    floating over cavity closers?

    Done 19 rooms no problem, now some other spread turns up refusing to float the reveals saying they will crack on the cavity closers ??? and that they all need to be dabbed, now our work is gettin questioned as the gaffers aint got a clue fecking right pissed off
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    dashing over dashed house

    ive got a house to re-dash top half/mono bottom half its already been dashed twice will it be safe to go over it again or is it best th old stuff comes off?
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    in A&E an a glued head wound i fukkin luvs rugby i do
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    Refina feather edges

    any one use them? are they any good? need to get a couple of new edges an not used the refina ones before always had these bensons tools things that a bit heavy really
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    crazy bastids
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    Drywall sander

    any of the tapers in here let me know if this kit is any good?
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    roof mousse anyone seen this stuff before ?
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    EIFS Training

    Can anyone recomend a decent training centre that offer courses in EIFS preferably in the north west
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    k rend mortar

    anyone got any experience of this been offered a garden wall to do the fella is a mate and says he can get a pallet of this stuff, can i just mix it up with water and use it as the scratch and as the top coat and does it rub up just like s&c also how coverage do u get from a bag is it like mono...
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    applying undercoat plasters

    do you apply the same direction as you apply your finish a few lads on that job i was on last week were applying the hardwall backwards ie right to left ( if your right handed) and all seemed to think i was in the wrong for applying it left to right
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    fhdsjakfhdsauehgwde german word french word

    cant belive im taking it on but need must £4 a square hardwall an skim only plus is measure through windows an doors and bigish areas and im having to travel nearly 2 hrs for the job. when will things pick up
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    CITB Levy

    Is it legal to pass this 2% fee on to subbies as ive noticed some deduct it and others dont
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    tape and joint

    any one got a half decent price on a 8" an a 10" or 12" box and a corner roller
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    a guide to applying textured coatings  ;D ;D A textured coating will level up uneven surfaces and cover cracks up to around 3mm (1/8in) wide - the coating is flexible, unlike normal paint, and reduces the possibility of cracks reopening. Textured coatings can be used to provide a number of...
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    Plasterboard types Wallboard or plasterboard is a flat panel of gypsum, sandwiched between stiff lining paper. It comes in several types and sizes and is ideal for timber framed buildings, loft conversions, stud-partitions and ceilings. The most common size is 2.4m by 1.2m and is grey or ivory...
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    Alltek spray plaster

    Any one used it just been offered a start up in perth im tempted like the fella seemed genuine told him id never used it before he sed its easy once u get into it £2/squre as ive never used it i dunno wether thats a alright price or not
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    got my first half decent job since xmas, mono on the bottom half of 6 houses and and a few panels on a small block of flats, relieved - i think so, anyone know of prices of hiring a machine and if it will be worth it really cos i reckon i can hand apply 1 house in 2 days theres about 60-70m2 in...
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    work south coast

    PORTSMOUTH, S. COAST, LONDON Hours5 DAYS Wage ON EXPERIENCE Work PatternDays EmployerClameg Construction Ltd Closing Date20/04/2009 PensionNo details held DurationPERMANENT ONLY Description sub-contract works for plasterers/renderers/dryliners. Experience with STO & through colour renders...
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    17 sites

    as the title says ive been to 17 sites in liverpool and manchester over the last 2 days and nothing jobs ive had lined up keep getting put back had nothing decent since before xmas really. Asmuch as i hate domestic work think im gonna have to get advertising again >:(
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    Lord & Downing

    any one know what their finance rates are like?
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    spray plastering

    Are the projection plastering courses worth the money is there work out there? ive watched mono being sprayed and it looks easy enough (or am i being nieve) espacially after me an my mate have just hand applied 100m2 these guys are puttin 300m2 without breaking a sweat the thing i dont have...
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    magnesium V's aluminum

    whats the difference in the marshall handboards ive never used a mag one anything special about them that they are worth payin 8 quid more for?
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    adjustable corner trowel

    anybody use one are they any good?
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    thought id say hello while watching a jeremy kyle re run, this credit crunch is great!!!!!
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    Site work anywhere

    Does anyone know of anything were based in liverpool but traveling/digs aint a problem