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  1. FreeD

    Sparky £100 per hour

    So lets talk about what to charge...granted this is in Cambridge and he probably has some filthy rich clients...but £100 per hour?...and you have Pimlico charging higher rates for plumbing in London. I'm actually thinking that I have been underpricing at £300 per day. Obviously got the gift...
  2. FreeD

    Retarding bonding

    Any tips to re***d bonding? I find after mixing it up in the same bucket (even giving the bucket a good clean out between mixes) a few times it starts setting in a 1/4 of the time. Don't want to use a new bcuket every few mixes or spend hours getting them completely spotless.
  3. FreeD

    Sponge coat.

    Those who use the sponge float method... Anybody just put one thick coat on...spat then sponge on old walls? I'm doing 2 coats (without cleaning out bucket between mixes) but thinking is 2 coats necessary. Definitely no need to do 2 coats on plasterboard...but old walls?
  4. FreeD

    Patching after electricians

    Had second fix done the other day on a development I'm doing and electricians had to relocate and run more wiring... I've been left with about 10 of these...cut out with hole saw... Unfortunately couple are right next to wall lights. So obviously I know how to patch these but I don't want any...
  5. FreeD

    Material price increases

    One leading manufacturer has had massive prices increases 25% plus...check the price of SBR, PVA, Silicone etc in the coming weeks we are all in for a shock! Apparently shortage of raw materials and shipping costs. Can anyone work out why customers have it so ingrained in their heads that all...
  6. FreeD

    £35 per hour

    Got chatting to the guy delivering kitchen today...told me he gets £200 a day for delivering kitchens, but he also does removals and charges himself out at £35 per hour...£45 with his mate... His only overhead is his van...
  7. FreeD

    Green Deal Axed 'The government said many households were reluctant to apply for the grants - up to £10,000 - because they feared catching Covid from contractors coming into their homes.' Hahahahahaha what utter b*ll***s...oh I'm too scared of COVID to...
  8. FreeD

    Turnover test - 5th Grant

    5th 80% grant will be available to those whos turnover has been affected by at least 30%. My question is do the grants count towards turnover for April 2020 - April 2021? X
  9. FreeD

    Bath clean air zone

    15th March - Commercial vehicles will have to pay. £9.00 per day. We work there occasionally...anybody live there or work there regularly? We will be charging for quotes and then itemising the charge separately on the estimate/invoice. Nightmare for those living in the zone...going to cost...
  10. FreeD

    Hardwall through EZE24

    Anyone sprayed hardwall with EZE24?
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    Headline news.
  12. FreeD

    Salt neutraliser

    Why does it say on the back of the jerry can to wet down the surface before applying the salt neutraliser?
  13. FreeD

    Best plasterer in UK

    Anyone ever wonder who is the best UK plasterer? Shame there is not a nationwide competition... Lots of things that could be judged speed quality of finish attention to detail etc
  14. FreeD

    Labourers Rates

    Been on a couple of Facebook job groups for labs...they are demanding £14-£20 per hour. Some adverts recruiting at £20 per hour. I'm thinking about trying to raise my rates to £300 per day.
  15. FreeD


    Has anyone else heard this term been thrown around? This is what us experienced trades are now known as. Not sure what I think about it...hated it at first is it an Australian word?
  16. FreeD

    Spraying blue grit primer

    Anyone sprayed it? What did you use?
  17. FreeD

    Accredited local suppliers So basically Rishi will announce these vouchers that only can be used with 'accredited local suppliers' I'm guessing that means the large companies that will just pocket this cash and carry out terrible workmanship Will probably be out of reach of...
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    So we have all heard them all when customers have been left in the lurch for whatever reason...maybe they are a nightmare, penny pinching, carrot dangling, bad attitude, don't provide enough tea, provide tea but no biscuits, only have herbal tea, provide tea but with only 1 tiny biscuit etc etc...
  19. FreeD


    My phone has gone nuts...2 months booked in 6 jobs to long will it last? Anyone else feeling the pressure all of a sudden?
  20. FreeD

    Retaining Wall

    I've got to price a job on an old retaining garden wall...I know these jobs are high risk...wall generally looks in good condition...but existing sand/cement render is shot. I've looked at all the options and tanking...weep vents not an option so I'm thinking of battening the wall out either...
  21. FreeD

    Sourcing Multi

    Has anyone got a source for multi...are people seriously working and paying £30 plus a bag...just seen a 30 bags on Ebay for 1K :oops:
  22. FreeD

    Boris in ICU

    :cry: Hope he makes a quick recovery we need him back at the helm.
  23. FreeD

    Petition...keep the pressure on.

    We are all hoping the government will provide a comprehensive financial support package for self employed ASAP...there is a possibility it will come soon but we need to keep the pressure on. Please sign and support this petition that is gaining pace...
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    Anyone used them?
  25. FreeD

    Not often you see this!

  26. FreeD

    Posh plasterers

    Anyone ever met a posh plasterer? you know the type that plays watches polo...goes on shoots etc...?
  27. FreeD

    Asbestos Artex removal

    Just wondering if anyone has experience working for an asbestos removal do they deal with lathe and plaster ceilings covered with asbestos artex...especially if they show signs of cracking they seal off the room and remove the whole ceiling?
  28. FreeD

    Speedskims, spatulas...finishing trowels

    I've used a Refina spat 600mm for a few years now ceilings and walls for quick flattening off... Just wondering if anyone is using...for example a speed skim then a finishing trowel only? and no longer using MT... For refurb work not site work...where the walls are all over and blue...
  29. FreeD

    No more dither or delay...lets get it done :)

    If you haven't decided who to vote for this may be of interest as to how your business could be affected.
  30. FreeD


    I've got a wall with a mix of paint and what looks like distemper...some of the paint is hard to remove...some is flaky (I've scraped the loose off) Anyone know if it's ok to Zinsser Gardz over the lot i.e not remove the paint where sound? or does all the paint need to be removed?
  31. FreeD

    Surveyor specification

    Had a specification for internal insulation...fix insulation boards direct to wall with frame fixings to avoid gap where condensation could form...solid wall which has had damp proofing carried out previously...evidence of condensation and possible minor rising damp. I've always membraned...
  32. FreeD


    As the long standing members will know I'm coming up to 38...2 years off retirement age. Just wondering if anyone is still plastering over 40 and how it feels...because ever since 36 I get funny aches and pains everyday, some the same some new...and I think I'm getting slower and more expensive...
  33. FreeD

    Agency labourers

    Anyone ever used agency labourers we need an extra hand now and again...but not enough work to take someone on full time...thinking about paying £13 an hour to agency...
  34. FreeD

    Skimming over render grip

    Can be done but expensive
  35. FreeD

    Site mix dashing

    Can someone please provide me with a site mix dash some patching to do :) I'm guessing a 5-1-1? Thanks Or can I dash onto Weber OCR?
  36. FreeD

    Time it takes

    The one thing that pisses me off most when on a job is when a neighbour makes a long will you be?...what are you doing in there? (indicating it's taking a long time) or the most annoying...what you doing in there plastering the whole house? Utter c*nts... Can't they just...
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  38. FreeD

    Internal Hardwall and Sand/Cement

    Hardwall in particular and sand and cement in my opinion are shite...the amount of houses I've seen which have solid plaster and have hairline cracks all over the place which come back through after skimming unless you use a mesh. Don't know what the cause of the cracking is but maybe because...
  39. FreeD

    Feature breast

    Just finished this one...what do you reckon...all lime render.
  40. FreeD

    No bog brush?

    I've been coming across this quite alot recently on domestic bog brush in the toilet, not good if you have had a curry the night before. What's your technique to get rid of the skid marks if they don't flush away? or do you just leave them?
  41. FreeD

    Non flushers

    What is it with some customers...they go to the bog while your working and don't flush...I've opened the lid and seen it all now...bright yellow piss, used bog roll...logs... I don't understand the reasoning behind it? to save water? to pretend it wasn't them?
  42. FreeD

    MF internal insulation walls

    Is it suitable for retrofitting insulated plasterboard to rendered solid walls? Usually we use treated battens...but have started using metal frame for ceilings and its quick... When dry lining walls do you have to use a GL8 track around the perimeter e.g ceiling and floor? if so what do you...
  43. FreeD


    Anyone else struggling to get payment from customers at the mo?...they are all making me wait, last one 5 weeks gave me every excuse under the sun, had to chase daily...then said he had to borrow the money from his mum!? c**t Changed my payment terms from 7 days to on completion and still...
  44. FreeD

    Mud cracking

    Been to see a re skim...fine hairline mud cracking on all the walls...around about 80s build sand/cement backing coat with multi as finish coat. I take it this is just shrinkage cracks from when the works was originally done? Or should I be meshing before skimming?
  45. FreeD


    So you think money grows on trees? :hueco:
  46. FreeD

    New Build

    Anyone ever bought a plot, built a new build and sold on? I've got the opportunity to do it...I won't be doing the building work just project managing. Much profit in it?
  47. FreeD

    MP Finish

    Anyone used it messy spraying it through the Ritmo e.g on ceilings? How many metres could 2 spreads do comfortably?
  48. FreeD


    Is it possible to get a good finish on this...without too much hassle? Got a job large areas...wants solid finish, was thinking this would be quickest if finish is multi? How many meters could a 3 man gang do with a Ritmo a of the gang being a unskilled lab.