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    Roughcast Ritmo

    I expected to get like for like when I replaced the float tube but just got one with red markings
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    Roughcast Ritmo

    There's no green increments on the back Tom. We had a new R/S on just for the Roughcast and it was a bit tight so machine would JAM. In the end,we mixed up in gorilla tubs and poured it into the hopper which worked well.
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    Roughcast Ritmo

    Not an area I'm experienced in to be honest as never been asked for it till now. I've a Ritmo m and gonna be pumping and then casting a Gable tomorrow. I've a new 10 mil cap and new R/S but my water bottle has the red increments, not the green,but has the green lightweight float?. Any pointers...
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    Next day rub

    To be fair G00 is a very light colour ,so shading issues should be minimal.
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    Any regular fassa users

    Flakes definitely work with Fassa. I have added half a builders bucket of flakes to a 220 barrel. On for 10 and barring for 1pm.
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    Cracked flow tube

    I know and the rubber washers were extra so don't throw em !!!!
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    Cracked flow tube

    Think they're about £70 though
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    Cracked flow tube

    What machine? Easy on a Ritmo
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    Cracked flow tube

    It happened to me when the inlet to the hopper was blocked.I didn't realise this at the time and turned the water right up putting too much pressure within the tube causing fissure cracks everywhere.
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    Basalt grey parex problem

    Yep,Parex colourwash.
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    Does this Render Job look right to you!

    Absolutely fine,it's wet from the rain!!!
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    New parex mpr

    Yeah big 35s,good stuff,sprays well too.
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    Ritmo grill

    Take it to a powder coating firm,they blast it and paint it for not a lot of money.
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    good to any one

    Only for thin coat really,could pump Mono but excruciatingly slow.
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    Render gun

    Huge towable compressor I think
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    Strange,pumps ok with even a Ritmo m .parmurex is or was just like an uncoloured Monorex so never really had any dramas with it ?
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    Weber Pral M - Large Patch of Different Colour Render

    Contact Rendit, they will help here with the product and can also apply if necessary. It's like a paint but drys very matt like the render finish.
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    Weber Pral M - Large Patch of Different Colour Render

    Why would you render over when you can simply put an equalizing solution over which are absolutely spot on colour wise? Pitfalls for over rendering would be stop beads on external corners on view,also scaffolding,'re bead, Rendaid keycoat and Mono top coat. Also consider if window reveals can be...
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    Weber Pral M - Large Patch of Different Colour Render

    Painting the elevation with Weber sil p will solve this problem as it doesn't put a sheen on as other masonry paints can do. The texture won't change as it's basically an external colourwash. If you Google Rendit, they specialise in this sort of repair.
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    Yep,as above.
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    Which set up

    There's cheaper ones on eBay at £19.99 that are perfectly fine and you can turn air off on them.
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    Spraying then rubbing thin coat

    No John, TC 15 k rend sprayed through hopper gun.Usually do 2 or 3 passes and leave it like that ,but there's some large areas and they want the plastic rubbed finish so thought of spraying in a heavy pass and floating as I go?
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    Spraying then rubbing thin coat

    Ok,the job I'm on has no soffits fitted and no windows fitted. TF building and a dream to spray but client wants floated finish rather than just left sprayed as they look different.
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    Spraying then rubbing thin coat

    Didn't say less money lol
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    Spraying then rubbing thin coat

    Yeah,sprayed loads of it and handballed some but find it messy
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    bay Window boarding query

    Needs to be a render carrier board ideally.You can't render onto ply,it would need to have S/S mesh (not Galv) to accept the render,also building paper over plywood first.
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    Spraying then rubbing thin coat

    Think I recall someone on here(possibly Rigsby)doing this? Seems a good way to bang it on and less messy but customer likes the floated finish. Is there a knack, ie 1 or 2 passes etc ,then rub a dub?
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    bay Window boarding query

    There's loads of different cement boards,just check there compatible with the render system you plan to use.
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    Generator Ritmo M

    Think you will need 8kva for the Ritmo.
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    Sand and cement over steel beam?

    How very dare you lol
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    First k rend advice?

    As Gibbo said.
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    Internal corner render

    If you can get tape to stick do that and render away.When the elevation has firmed up ,put your trowel edge against the tape and gently pull tape away pressing firmly on the render. If it's damp,tack some dpc down the already rendered wall with clout nails and remove as before.the tiny holes the...
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    K-rend "White" vs Webber "Chalk White" - which is "whiter"?

    K rend white is whiter than Weber Chalk
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    Can you put Alpine finish over existing alpine?

    Is it unpainted Alpine? Possibly a tight coat of rendaid over the lot then Alpine.
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    whats your scratch render of choice?

    Fassa and Vimark for the whitest
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    Ecorend not setting

    Heard it's slow,Fassa and knauf presto slow as well.
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    Cement board cracking

    Thought that but it's used on one of k trends videos.Its not the render failing,it's the movement and I think the timber behind is still drying out.
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    Cement board cracking

    Doing a job as per Architect spec on a timber frame build. Spec is HP12 on Multirend carrier board to be finished in k rend tc1,5 silicone. 2 weeks ago I based and meshed 3 dormers and went this morning to prime them. I noticed cracks on joints and stress cracks on 1 dormer cheek. I'm reluctant...
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    Compressor and hopper

    Cheers ,what litre tank is that?
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    Compressor and hopper

    No worries,what size compressor do you need cheers.
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    Compressor and hopper

    What pressure do you push thin coat through these hopper guns?
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    Changing water setting

    Take the water feed pipe off before adjusting.
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    Hopper and Compressor for thin coat

    Cool,does it need a different hose As well.Apologies,don't do tons of thin coat but got a job with good areas and minimal maskng but dont like handballing the s**t.
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    Hopper and Compressor for thin coat

    I have a ritmo what would I need to add on a thin coat set up?
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    Hopper and Compressor for thin coat

    As above ,anyone use these for 1.5 thin coat or are they not suitable cheers.
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    Appropriate base coat

    Probably Maite but check with your local rep to be sure.
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    Float and sponge to finish nice material