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    A 3-2 L, r&s

    You need the flanges for both ends as above.
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    Yeah, I'll stick with doing liquids if it's all the same to you.
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    New Technical Manager joins PRB

    You're a barrel of laughs aren't ya.
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    Looking for a new collated screw gun

    Hilti. Everything else is s**t.
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    Render Advice

    I suspect that waters coming through the joints in the stones and possibly the stones themselves, there'll be a cavity tray positioned a course or so down carrying any water ingress to the facing blockwork and render.
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    Horizontal crack

    Wall ties corroded and causing hydraulic lift is generally the cause of horizontal cracking. If that is the case they'll need removing and replacing.
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    Fattest make of work clothes!

    Englebert Strauss, they have elasticated waistband too.
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    Van Lease

    Mugs game. Just buy one.
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    Go big or go home, Vincent. Sprinter is king of big vans.
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    Parex monorex stockist

    Tekfloor will have that.
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    Mono prices

    You must have missed the joke.
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    Mono prices

    14k per 60m²
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    Van finance

    Don't stop fighting lads, I was enjoying that.
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    Angle plane.
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    Advice on Aqua panel job

    That's interior board, not exterior.
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    Not render but screed! Slurry....

    A coat of primer and 2 bags of levelling compound would have been the simple solution.
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    price m2 - stucco (top coat only)

    Now who's doing banter.
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    price m2 - stucco (top coat only)

    I'll pay you £1pm2 to let me do it.
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    Won’t get another

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    Won’t get another

    That G4 of mine is 60ltr min
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    Won’t get another

    I got a clean m tucked away
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    Won’t get another

    Yea you got me, that was its first outing.
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    Won’t get another

    Gotta keep them clean.
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    Won’t get another

    Why would your machine get that dirty though, it's subject to dust only. A decent rinse with water over whole unit at the end of play and it's good as new.
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    B4-2l rotor & stator

    It's 10lpm at 400rpm. Ritmos spin at close to 600rpm.
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    Competition Time!!!

    What is a grown man to do with a f**k**g gaming chair?
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    Line up, line up. The greatest Ritmo sale in the world.

    It's mad the market for these things. I advertised my G4 for sale and sold it 15mins later for full asking price.
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    B4-2l rotor & stator

    That's right, they are the same. Interesting you say about the soft, but by putting 33% longer r/s your increasing the rolling resistance by 33%. You won't find any extra rpm by reducing load, the soft r/s is designed to ease the machine on start up when it will pull most amps. On paper it's a...
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    B4-2l rotor & stator

    The B is the unit size. All B pumps will have the same diameter as each other but length can vary. The 4 is the ocsilation in mm, as a B4 rotor turns it throws 4mm off its centre line. The bigger this number the more volume the pump will have and therefore more speed. The 1.5 and 2 is the...
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    B4-2l rotor & stator

    You're right that the m does turn faster than the l. As for the rs, no, they both have the same output at the same rpm.
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    B4-2l rotor & stator

    A b4-2 has the same output as a b4-1.5
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    Rude not to

    Let's not.
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    Boat fishing

    Get out on a boat Dannyboy and do it properly.
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    Boat fishing

    South coast, next to Portsmouth. This was a couple of weeks back to be fair, but just come across this fishing section so thought I'd share.
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    Boat fishing

    He has. He gets to spend most his life with me.
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    Best base coats

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    Boat fishing

    A well earned day out in nice weather. Rendering can wait.
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    Look at this smug

    No, because It's not the same.
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    Look at this smug

    Anyone can buy them and import them mate. It's not like they've run out.
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    artex question ??

    It's off the shelf 5' cove. Rip it down, board, skim and fit new cove.
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    Look at this smug

    He has he's imported it from Ireland by the lorry load.
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    Look at this smug

    It's the opposite in fact, if more people have the same for thing for sale the pricing is more competitive. If this guy hadn't have imported these 3,750 bags so far, the demand for finish amongst the people who have gone round buying it up would be much greater and at a much higher price.
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    Look at this smug

    Say he's made 30k from his mark up of £8 a bag then. That's 3,750 bags that he's so far imported and sold. That's 3,750 bags that without him would not be there. That's 40,000m2 of plaster that's gone on the walls which otherwise wouldn't have. That's between .4 - .8 million £'s worth of trade...
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    Look at this smug

    I can imagine they are. We call them Pompey seagulls.
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    Look at this smug

    He's imported it from a country that is producing it. He's not gone round the shops here buying it so you can't.
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    Look at this smug

    No. But I wish I had had the foresight and time to organise an operation like this.
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    Look at this smug

    I don't know why people are hating on the bloke. He's had a supply of finish available through all this. He's stumped up and risked his own cash up to get lorry loads of the stuff imported and is paying for secure storage. If you don't like it, don't buy it, don't go to work. Or, you could...
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    Different setup

    Completely different machine the swing airless. This will only run D and maybe R pumps but is restricted by its mixing unit to 20lpm.
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    Different setup

    Do you think so? I can't see any pros for having this over a mixing pump, atall, ever. There's so many bits to this it's clumsy. The conveying unit is 3phase so you'll need a genie. The mixing unit is 230, so you'll either need a genie with single and triple phase sockets or plug the mixer into...