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  1. JVplastering

    Meet and greet

    so, being a lonely old plasterer from mid Wales was wondering if the forum ever has a get together p**s up. Surely being spreads this is mandatory? But seriously would love to catch up with some of you dudes.
  2. JVplastering

    Demand or deterioration?

    So I’ve been looking for a lad to join us on render/skim/screed jobs but doesn’t seem to be may out there? Years ago people use to say get a trade under you belt won’t do you wrong! I’m in mid Wales/Shropshire boarder if anyone is interested!
  3. JVplastering

    Scraped render

    Looking for alternative render to LW1 k-rend to be scraped/scratched finish onto ewi board.
  4. JVplastering

    Painted render

    After the best way on adhering to painted (solid) sand and cement render. Cheers
  5. JVplastering

    New one on me!

    so I went to site today to price up some coloured render and the builder says that there’s another chap who’s pricing some sort of a system with metal mesh and thin top coat troweled on to a stipple affect. Anyone done or heard of this system?
  6. JVplastering


    Been using Cemfloor (a cement based liquid screed) since January and find it great stuff with no need to sand any latence. Question is how far can it be traveled? The company providing it say no more than 1hr 1/2 but always seems ok when we get it! Any horror stories when it’s been in the...
  7. JVplastering

    Are LFC gonna catch Man Shitty

    Slightly in love with LFC at the mo!
  8. JVplastering

    Well done sir.....

    can I just say that I have been using this forum for advice and info for a fair few years now and find when ever I google a plaster issue it comes up with a solution. Only recently started posted but find it very addictive! Anyway hi and my names James.
  9. JVplastering

    Electric Machine

    looking for render machine for spraying mono on domestic size jobs. If nothing suitable probably looking to buy MTec 200 new. But thought I’d see if there’s anything out there??
  10. JVplastering

    Electric Machine

    Looking for an electric render machine for spraying mono. I’ve got a SP11 which I use on commercial jobs but need something a bit more controlled and smaller for doing domestic and extensions. Open to suggestions and advice as I haven’t looked at them too much. Thanks in advance
  11. JVplastering

    Mineral Wool Insulation

    Hi All, Got a job coming up specified using 50mm mineral wool insulation with a LW1 K-Rend scraped finish. Looked at the Rockwool, however seems expensive, but can’t find any alternatives. Anyone know or used anything different? Thanks
  12. JVplastering

    K - Lime

    Has anyone had any experience using this product? Outside render to do, 200 year old farmhouse, take of S/C and redo in lime. Thanks:RpS_cool: shades are for when the sun comes out!
  13. JVplastering


    Hi everyone nice to be here. Been a great source of info for me as a plasterer of only 28. Been on the job since 16 but still learning! glad to be a part of it.:RpS_cool: