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  1. rt88

    Overcoating ewi - dry dash finish

    Not posted for a while. Bought my house 9 years ago, ewi was done 11/12 years ago and the dry dash finish could be doing with a freshing up in the next couple of years. I've overcoated plenty of dry dash with enewalls exposed aggregate top coat and the stone pack equivalent. So there's no...
  2. rt88

    Pinning mesh

    In the next few weeks I've got a job where it will be the first time I'm using a spec which recommends pinning render mesh to the existing render. Mostly all the jobs I've done up until now have been striped right back to the brick. Using my common sense I would reckon it should be pinned while...
  3. rt88

    New builds in scotland

    Just wondering if anyone here from Scotland has done much site work and how is it? I know its only really render and roughcasting for us as basically all internals are and taped and filled. In the 9 years since I left school I've always done refurbishment or domestic jobs but getting boring...
  4. rt88

    Scratchcoat for dry dash

    Not posted for a while but got conflicting ideas on how to go about a job. I've got a chimney to dry dash which isn't a massive job. When working with my dad and his boss I was always taught scratcoat one day then dry dash on another which obviously on a full house or whatever is how I would...
  5. rt88


    Got a pair of stilts given too me today by another plasterer that couldn't get the hang of them. Used them for a small ceiling this morning and could definitely see myself using them alot, only problem I have with them is the top strap didnt feel tight enough (probably my daft skinny legs) and...
  6. rt88

    rendering over paint

    Have been asked by a friend to do 2 or 3, 1m2 patches to his render(floated sand and cement), the problem I have is he has already freshly put on his first coat of paint. Looking for the best way to get the paint off as I have never had to do this? Cheers
  7. rt88

    Universal One Coat

    Has anyone tried universal one coat over artex? Got a full room to do, 4 walls and ceiling over quite thick artex and someone mentioned trying this?
  8. rt88

    dodgy multi

    was out doing a homer today, went to b and q for plaster, gear set after 25 minutes in the bucket? why is going on???
  9. rt88

    apprentice looking for advice

    Been a while since my first post but just looking for some input from experienced plasterers. Currently serving my time with the local council, have 1 year til my trade test. Just wondering what everyone's Input is on wages? my dilemma is try go out myself or work on sites and make 600/700 a...
  10. rt88


    gaffer phones, there's a couple of holes in ceiling to be patched, sparks couldn't find a cable.
  11. rt88

    First Post

    Hello, first time posting, basically I'm still an apprentice and the question I was wanting to ask is, if any, how much work is there in fibourous plastering. I have laboured for several years doing patching after rewires and small ceilings etc and finally got an apprenticeship. But as I work...