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  1. Curry

    Labourer / Appreciate need Kent

    We are looking for labourers to work with us in and around Kent. Ideally a younger lad with transport. We are based in Medway We are hoping to find someone with the right attitude who we will place on a college course to gain NVQ 2 in solid plastering. Call Steve 07837755801 leave a...
  2. Curry

    weber our waterproof?

    Hi guys has weber ocr got waterproofer in it? Need to do a scratch coat for some dashing and would normally use CPI which has s**t loads in but can't get any for next week
  3. Curry

    Farm store conversion

    Nice job we are doing at the moment. This is airless finish, airless surfacer primer with one coat of paint. all sprayed
  4. Curry

    Airless job

    Pics if a airless job pre sand
  5. Curry

    Plasterers needed canterbury kent

    Looking for cscs carded plasterers for work in canterbury kent Immediate start with good day rate pay Call steve 07837755801
  6. Curry

    Airless plastering - central london - May

    Looking for guys to work on a high end project in central london. Cscs card needed. We will be using airless spray plaster and are looking to show decent guys the system with repeat work in the future Anyone interested mail me
  7. Curry

    Tackers/Plasterers - Poole Dorset - March/April

    Look for tackers and decent plasterers to work on a project in Poole Dorset Good rates of price work and digs provided
  8. Curry

    00098656 Bag squeezer for PFT RITMO cpl

    Been spraying a lot of pre-mixed with the ritmo through a 19mm pipe and skim gun. Its awesome so we are now looking for the bag squeezer attachment. Prices?
  9. Curry

    Airless Vid

    Hi guys just posted a new airless vid which shows the process. Any questions?
  10. Curry

    Plasterers Required Kent/Sussex/Surrey

    We are looking for guys to work with us on various projects in Kent/Sussex/Surrey. Internal new build float & set as well as skimming Refurb float and set + over skim External mono and acrylic work We also undertake airless plastering which i need to be training people up in ( no experience...
  11. Curry

    Ritmo top inlet help

    Hi guys can someone with a ritmo m or l give me a idea how big the inlet hole is on the top inlet? At the moment we are running without the plastic insert as we only had a blanking cap in the top inlet when we purchased the power coat. I'm having issues with wet mixes when we stop and then...
  12. Curry

    Apprentices Needed - Medway KENT

    We are looking to take on some apprentices. We undertake all forms of plastering and rendering. We will want them to go to college etc. If anyone is interested or knows anyone send me a email
  13. Curry

    Lime pointing

    Just looking for confirmation that its fine to render over a wall with s+c on a wall that has lime pointing. One of the render manufacturers is saying we have to use lime render. Any truth in this?
  14. Curry

    Jointer needed Kingston London

    Hi we need a taper with a automatic taper (bazooka) to tape in front of us so we can follow along after and apply Knauf Airless Plaster. This is just to apply tape and fill tapered board joints. Also need someone to follow with a sander and vac The job is in Kingston London and is ready to...
  15. Curry

    Is this a better method then normal gypsum skimming? Currier Plastering discuss pro's and con's
  16. Curry

    Acrylic hose price

    Can any of you PFT guys give me a ruff idea of the price for the medium hose for the Ritmo? Don't want to be using the chunky hose that needs the adaptor on the gun. Also is there a r/s for the Ritmo which will slow the delivery of acrylic down a little? Would be helpful if it wasn't so quick...
  17. Curry

    Smooth Acrylic Stainless Float?

    Hi guys I have customer that wants a smooth finish to his DPR. Smoother then the samples he has been sent. He has mentioned that Parex have told him a stainless float may help. Any one have any experience in this? Thanks for any help
  18. Curry

    Knauf Plaster Roadshow Gatwick

    Any one else going Thursday?
  19. Curry

    90 Degree Mortar Hose Coupling?

    Does a 90 degree mortar hose coupling exist? I want one for when spraying acrylic not renders
  20. Curry

    Movement bead Help

    Can you form a movement bead out of 2 stop beads in a acrylic system? If so how? My understanding is that a specialist movement bead is used with a pealable protector which allows for a 6mm base up to each edge. After a topcoat is applied directly over the top and once its semi set the...
  21. Curry

    Brush marks in Parex Blanco du littoral

    Has anyone ever experienced brush marks in Blanc du littoral before. scratched back lovely then I brushed it and now have what appears to be slight colour variations where I have bushes up and down. Is this normal? Will they come out as it drys?
  22. Curry

    Well done British Gypsum

    Have to post to congratulate @british Gypsum. Your Thistle Spray Finish is now excellent. It sprays nice, flattens a treat and is easy to trowel up. Please take note that the extended set time I have been experiencing over the last few days is exactly a required. One large hit is the way...
  23. Curry

    Plasterers South East

    Looking to work with GOOD spreads in the South East. We currently have numerous skimming projects that we need a hand on starting next week. MUST HAVE CSCS If your interested please email me with your details or call me 07837755801
  24. Curry

    110v help

    Looking for some technical help regarding running 110v stuff. We have a 110v ritmo and have to use the chunky 110v wires otherwise it's internal fuse blows ( not sure why???) Anyways I'm trying to run the Ritmo 16a, water pump 16a and air compressor off our genny together. It's 7kva so think...
  25. Curry

    Spreads/Labour for spray crew Dagenham

    Doing the internals of a school down in Dagenham and am looking for guys to join one of our spray crews to help move the project along at a good pace. Spreads + labourers. It would be beneficial if you have used MP Finish before as well as speedskims and spats Start date is in about 7 May...
  26. Curry

    Spreads for spray crew BRIGHTON

    Hi all Ive just got the internals of a large school down in Brighton, Portslade and am looking for guys to join one of our spray crews to help move the project along at a good pace. Spreads + labourers. It would be beneficial if you have used MP Finish before as well as speedskims and spats...
  27. Curry

    Acrylic Spray Tips

    Hi guys look for tis and adviseof others that spray acrylic top coat. I sprayed with our ritmo for the first time today and wondered what settings anyone else uses? First tip from me is make sure u have enough access! spraying in tight areas is difficult!
  28. Curry

    Quote Alerts

    Forum is giving me alerts when I have quoted something which is a bit pointless as I know ive just quoted something
  29. Curry

    krend e grade on insulation?

    whats the standard spec for krend mono on insulation? Being told its hpx primer then silcone e grade is that correct?
  30. Curry

    Enter button dont work

    Danny my enter buttons don't work to finish a paragraph. This has happened since a IE10 upgrade. Don't know if its IE fault or the forum software not working. Anyone else having issues. ps the button does work in chrome
  31. Curry

    Pft Powercoat Ritmo 208m2 hit vid

    208m2 MP Finish one hit! - YouTube
  32. Curry

    ritmo remote lead wiring diagram

    Hi guys could one of the PFT guys please email me a wiring diagram for the remote lead for the ritmo? Many thanks
  33. Curry

    135m2 Flow Screed Ashford

    I have just talked ourselves out of doing a floor screed by hand and have recommended to the builder that he does a flow screed.:RpS_thumbup: So we are looking for someone down our way to come and do a flow screed in Ashford Kent. Its only two flats with a total of 135m2 direct to builder. Be...
  34. Curry

    CPI Delivery Woes

    :mad: 14 Pallets CPI ordered for delivery to site by 7.30am. Access is only available to 8.30am as its a office car park. No Show 4 Blokes sitting on site waiting for it, to unload and then spray this afternoon. Muppets! Thought we should share info like this
  35. Curry

    Makes Me Laugh

    Priced a job up the road a few weeks back and didnt get it. Ive been driving past watch someone else do it. These are the final results.....
  36. Curry

    Parex Parinter on Roughcast

    Just used this on painted rough cast and have to say its excellent and though some people may be interested in our results if they have never used it before.
  37. Curry

    Who was looking for mono gangs in london???

    Dont worry found it now
  38. Curry

    Anyone know any good flow screeders that cover SE?

    As the title says really looking for a decent company for flow screed that do work in the south east and london. Would rather use someone recommended then just pot luck.
  39. Curry

    Product lead time?

    What would you guys think is a acceptable lead time on quite a few pallets of gear? I feel let down at the moment and just want to see if im being unfair on not :confused:
  40. Curry

    Skim machine hire?

    Hi guys we need another machine for spraying finish so was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that hires machines capable of doing this? Another ritmo would be best however any make or model would do i justy need to be able to hire something for the time being. It doesnt even have to be able...
  41. Curry

    Spray skim plasterers SE

    Hi looking for anyone else in the south east with the capability to spray BG Thistle Spray Finish. We are getting a lot of interest and will need to sub contract some work out soon. Pm for rates.
  42. Curry

    Finish on pre-frabricated concrete

    Hi been asked to price for spray finish on a lot of prefabricated concrete in a school. Whats the normal spec here? we only have the bill of quatities and it very vague. Im thinking its either mp75 or thistle spray finish with the conrete primed with Bond-it. Any thoughts from guys that have...
  43. Curry

    Edit wont work

    Having a issue with saving post after editing them, anyone else?
  44. Curry

    Need a Method Statement or something

    Right ive been asked for a method stament for the Ritmo spraying finish. What is this and how the hell do i get one? Also they wanna see certificates for all electrical tools, same question what are these and where do i get them. Im guessing its PAT test but all our stuff is brand new. Im...
  45. Curry

    H&S for gennys

    Just wondered if there is any think i should know relating to helth and saftey when having a genny on site. Im guessing indoors is a no go.
  46. Curry

    Can't wait to go back to work tomorrow!

    I can't wait to go back to work tomorrow! Christmas has done my head in this year, since mid december everyone seems to shut down just when i wanna be making progress. Does this make me either A: Workacholic B: ****** Up C: Old enough to not care about christmas
  47. Curry

    German Ritmo For Sale

    Could maybe be good for someone! Google Translate
  48. Curry

    Remix Internal and External Render - Ritmo 110v

    Hi guys just checking that our 110v Ritmo will spray this stuff ok? Its the same a cpi but we are getting it for a fantastic price as the bagging plant is only 9 miles away so no delivery charges :RpS_thumbsup: Has anyone used this before? I think gibbo said he had
  49. Curry

    Which genny for ritmo m?

    Which is the best genny for the 240v ritmo m? Can seem to get the answer through searching and need to know before i got to the bank manager next week thanks
  50. Curry

    Where to buy/lease a ritmo?

    We are looking to get a ritmo and need some more info about purchasing one. We are based in to south east is there anyone round that area that is a supplier?Can you lease them?Anymore info on this new BG spray finish?Any info greatly appreciated