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  1. Olican

    End of year returns

    Whose done theirs? Are you finding it slower than usual? Were you quizzed on grants? Be interested to hear people's feedback from HMRC after reading a few things on farcebook :coffe:
  2. Olican

    Refina repairs

    Has anyone had experience using Refina for repairs? Am I better off using local ? Refina charge about £60 to collect / service and run diagnostic.
  3. Olican

    Work available in Plymouth

    Work available in Plymouth if anyone is looking
  4. Olican

    So it's settled then..

  5. Olican

    Board mate

    .... I have a pair of these in my tool bag and probably only use them a couple of times a year but when I do they are a god send. Boarding sloping ceilings today on my own and boards where all floppy. Handy on overboarding on your own to (y)
  6. Olican

    Food banks

    Good evening fine folk . I saw a feature on local news last year about a foodbank not far from me. It showed some of the people using them and the extremely commited folk running them. I was surprised to see some genuine hard working folk using them and others that had just hit hard times...
  7. Olican

    Thank you ...

    @Groove37 aka Mike .. Mike jumped in on a big job I have going so I could get on other stuff and did a bloody lovely job, kept the job running... Bloody nice bloke to boot :love: Gave him a little bit of sausage today, should of seen his face light up . :bananas:
  8. Olican

    Aqua panel question..

    One for @Runswithscissors or anyone else in the know, viewed a job and client has fitted Knauf Aqua panel and asked for it to be skimmed, I advised that this wasn't suitable for plaster. Client told me Travis Perkins said they were. He called for clarification and was told again yes suitable for...
  9. Olican

    How gutted ?!
  10. Olican

    Massive thank you @essexandy

    Thank @essexandy who after hearing my collated packed up kindly sent me one foc. Proper gentleman Andy , thank you bud :numberone:
  11. Olican

    Size 13 workboots

    Can never seem to find them let alone ones that are comfy to render/skim in all day. Any of you larger chaps have this problem?
  12. Olican

    Looking for a new collated screw gun

    Afternoon folks. Looking for a new collated, has anyone seen any deals or have any feedback on theirs. Thank you (y)
  13. Olican

    Universal one coat heat resistance

    :coffe: I was on a job recently and chaps installing a log burner finished the alcove with universal one coat claiming it has sufficient heat resistance to prevent cracking. New one on me, they said they do it all the time. Any validity to this claim do you think? If so it would save an awful...
  14. Olican

    Horizontal crack

    Evening fine folk, hope everyone is well and safe. Been asked to evaluate the render on side of this house. The render is solid but has a crack from corner to corner. Few other houses showing stress but no sign of subsidence or settlement issues. Lack of expansion or belcast along the apex...
  15. Olican

    Leicester lockdown @britishgypsum

    Good evening @BritishGypsum Will the Leicester lockdown affect production at your Barrow-upon-Soar plant. ? Is that still one of your busiest plants? Deliveries down here in the Southwest are getting sparse, how do you expect output this month?
  16. Olican

    I'd make one for the van....

    If I had time for lunch :coffe: Nice idea though.
  17. Olican

    Board finish for sale...

    Saw this on Farcebook, this product description made me smile/grimmace ..
  18. Olican

    An update and an appeal

    This is a quick update on the Charity 'Jolly Josh' that we raised money for on here through our last fundraiser. For anyone new or that missed it we ran a fundraiser on here for a small independent family run charity created out of the tragic loss of their little boy Josh...
  19. Olican

    Queueing for 4 hours... get in IKEA? Never been that desperate for a meatball myself :rayos:
  20. Olican

    Micro job in South wales

    @Smudger1 @Omz Nice little job job in Penarth if your interested.
  21. Olican

    New skim tub..

    Got you that new skim tub you wanted @algeeman . I'll drop it round at the weekend, hope it's big enough bud :birras:
  22. Olican

    Alternative to a belle mixer

    I've been doing this for a few years now so thought I'd share it for anyone that doesn't think a good whisk could take it. On smaller renders I find using a large tub and whisk easier than a belle. I find it much quicker as I can mix up the equivalent of 4 or 5 belle mixers in one go and has...
  23. Olican

    My first pint..

    ..for a bloody long time.
  24. Olican

    Rate my splays @zombie

    Be honest @zombie , I can take it :X3:
  25. Olican

    Fancied a Mcmuffin..

    So made my own ... @algeeman :coffee:
  26. Olican

    F**"""ing how MUCH?!?!?

  27. Olican

    Make good plaster

    @Plasterers1StopShop Morning Bryan ;) Looking forward to get some feedback on your new multi, hopefully some reviews will be posted on here. How are stock levels and how regularly are you getting replenishment? x
  28. Olican

    Some interesting statistics..

    If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in Delta Airlines one year ago, you would have £49.00 today. If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in AIG one year ago, you would have £33.00 today. If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in Lehman Brothers one year ago, you would have £0.00 today. If you had...
  29. Olican

    Multi finish auctions

    £58 for one bag... £266 for 10 bags still bidding.. Thistle Multi Finish Plaster 25kg bags X 5
  30. Olican

    Homemade bucket scoops

    Got this idea off the forums cuddliest member. The man ,the myth...housewives favourite... women want him want to be him. The one and only @algeeman . Obviously you can buy these , but I've got the length just right ( phnarr phnarr ) on the handles. Effortless scoops, perfect hawkful every...
  31. Olican

    Asbestos report

    A client asked if there was a chance of any asbestos in his Artex ceilings, we had an asbestos test and these were the results. Ceilings are all light stipple Artex, the kind we've all scraped and skimmed a thousand times. After seeing the report I asked how much of a risk this was, testing...
  32. Olican

    Retraining later in life

    This topic often comes up so I'd thought I'd share this story, bear in mind this all happened pre-lockdown. A friend of mine is a retired policeman of 18 years, prior to that served in the Army. He has always done his own renovations and has picked up a solid skill set. Last year he told me...
  33. Olican

    "can you mesh and base coat these boards?"

    I've had a message off a client, wants to render these. :frenetico: look a bit flexible to me.
  34. Olican

    Use your best photos.. advertise :estudioso:
  35. Olican

    Multifinish bargain

  36. Olican

    Never used a poly derby before

    Never used one or seen one used . Found this one, :coffe:
  37. Olican

    Spot the....

    ....slight indiscretion in this work :coffe:
  38. Olican

    My good lady...

    ...wants to move to the North East. :rayos: I'm heading up there end of March for a gander, hopefully if the moon's align I can catch up with @Arti for a brew. Any insight would be interesting, :frenetico:
  39. Olican

    How would you advise on this render

    A client has rung asking advice about the render on their new persimmon home, they are concerned that the ghosting and if this could cause problems down the line. How would you advise? @Dansouthcoast84 @Rigsby
  40. Olican

    Ever heard of this plaster?

    New one on me
  41. Olican

    Walabot wall scanner

    I personally think the technology is still too fresh but I think all plumbers and sparks will have something like this soon
  42. Olican

    110v leads getting stiff

    If your 110v lead is stiff to pull out of transformer then rub a pencil around the edge and it will be easier to pull out. Could of filled this post with innuendos :rayos::coffe:
  43. Olican

    Made me chuckle...

    Reading this book... And this bit made me chuckle...
  44. Olican

    Do you think this will last?

    A section of a roof canopy came away so they've boarded with mr plasterboard and skimmed with multi. Do you think this will last ? :aburrido:
  45. Olican

    Been busted

    Had an email via my website, guess I'd better pay up :endesacuerdo: Remember kids, always cover your webcam when mastubating in front of your laptop .
  46. Olican

    Anybody know owt about bikes?

    Morning all, clearing out garage and was wondering if this is worth owt before it goes in skip (y)
  47. Olican

    One coating plasterboard..

    Been reading on a Facebook page how this is becoming common practice on lots of sites, I can't see it being a good standard. Never seen one coat work done well, could be wrong
  48. Olican

    Bulk buying

    Buyer's market this time of year, loads of good bundle deals available. I mentioned to @Vincey about bulk buying scrim..'s this deal sound to you Pete?
  49. Olican

    Hang on spread!!...

    ..I've got to spray some firefoam behind them linings before you start!! worries bud, do a clean job now.. ..yeah no problems..