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    Word of warning!

    I dont normal like To do this but I feel like I had no choice. A member on here by the name of BIG BISH had been carrying out work for me over a few weeks. Helped him out when I could financially and was good to him. He was on a job for me this week and I messaged him to see how was doing and...
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    Work in sydney

    Hi guys Bit of a long shot. A friend of mine is out in sydney and is struggling to find plasterers/renderers. He has an immediate start if anyone knows of anyone or anyone out there looking let me know and I will pass on details. Cheers
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    Renderers wanted

    Looking for renderers, Essex, Kent, London areas. Price and daywork
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    We are looking for someone to do a job in London which will be on a day work basis, ideal for some who wants some experience in scraped renders.
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    Renderers wanted

    We are looking for experience monocouche renderers in the Romford/essex area which is ready to go. More work to follow.
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    Looking for labourers in east london and Essex

    We are a rendering company looking for labourers for jobs in East London and Essex with the the chance of learning a trade along the way. please get in touch for immediate start
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    same day scrap

    Hi guys, just checking if anyone out there is managing to get away with a same day scrap, I'm using weber pral m with temperatures between 8s and 10s doing next day rub and its a bit hard but ok, th problem is we are losing so much time due to the fact that you have to make sure you have two...
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    Parex thincoat job

    Hi guys, Got a job in Cambridge which I don't have the time to do, it's a parex thin coat system, about 200m2 off top of me head, nice job all ground floor, needs start asap.
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    anyone looking for work?

    Hi guys, Got a job in Cambridge that I can't find the time to do it, it's a parex thin coat system, the job is ready to go, if interested give us a shout.
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    putzknecht s44 troubles

    I wonder If anyone can help, Im using weber pral m and while spraying I'm getting a miss in materials also the material is coming out airy ( looks like an areo chocolate bar!) So when I rub I'm getting loads of little air pockets. Have tried all the basic stuff and no joy, any help would be...
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    machine trouble

    Just wondering if anyone can help, I have a putzknich s44 machine And lately I have been getting misses in material while spraying, (using weber parl m)also material seems to be full of air, I.e when scratching up I'm getting loads of little air pockets. I have done all standard checks but I am...