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    Johnsons base coat

    The machines really don't like this s**t you never know how it's going to spray after you've turned it off for any amount of time it seems to absorb moisture up the mixing chamber I've use machine for years and have never really gotten on with it anyone know a way around it cheers
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    Ritmo l slimline

    Hi everyone I've heard these struggle with k-rend products I've got one on order and was wondering if anyone have had any issues I'm basically troubleshooting before I run into any potential problems with the machine any info would be much appreciated thanks
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    Vip mono

    What's it like to use through the machines only put a few bags through a g4 and couldn't make my mind up on it, initial thoughts were it didn't like it
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    Top coat

    Out of the two which is best to work with and best overall in your opinion and what is the difference really, silicon vs acrylic
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    Pebble dashing

    Hi there got a job coming up with extremely large pebbles to throw much larger than average probably 30mm just looking for any advice as this will be the first time I've thrown anything as large as this cheers
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    The f**k**g sun

    Anyone else horrified at how the sun at the right angle makes perfectly good rendering look bad for 5 minutes usually whilst you are talking to the customer
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    Eze spray caps

    Hi Guys I'm looking for information on the range and use of the eze 24 spray caps I think they range from 3mm to 8 mm I've recently bought one with little knowledge of what cap I should use for various reasons I'm sure someone will educate me in detail Cheers
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    K rend cracking

    Hi guys krend and warm weather do not go well together it will crack even in the shade if the air temperature are up It goes over night brilliantly through the winter months No other product cracks shortly after being applied and I mean while it's still moist Anyone else have this problem I'm...