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  1. pftmonojetman

    Wythenshawe Hall.

    I been lucky enough to have been in Wythenshawe Hall, Been to look at a ceiling that needs doing. Re lath and plaster, cornice to run around the room, recast and re hang 4 corbels and 4 ribs to run insitu. Had a look at some of the restoration work that’s been done, it’s absolutely outstanding.
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    Gutted my best Tyzack ruined, Dropped off the scaffolding handle snapping clean off I’m wounded.
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    Worlds smallest fibrous shop.

    Working from home today I’ve turned the shed into a fibrous shop casting tiles, for a job in Preston :numberone:, time for a bigger workshop I think.
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    No f**k**g way

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    Insitu cornice in lime mortar & casting plaster

    Some photos of a job were on at the moment, private residence in Lancs. Cornice ran in lime mortar and casting plaster. Little bit more mitring to finish then plaster walls and ceiling in lime.
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    Strange things found in a job

    In my case today, it's human bones. I s**t you not.
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    Straw bale eco build

    Another job were on at the moment 3 coat work on straw bale. It's like rendering a f**k**g hedgerow
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    Bedroom ceilings George Washington's ancestral home

    Been doing two bedroom ceilings in George Washington's family house near Lancaster reinstated the laths and three coat work. I'll post more pics when finished
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    Mixer for haired lime

    We've been mixing haired lime now for quite a while, we mix it in half cut barrels or the bath I'm using my PFT whisk, trouble is when you've knocked it up the drill looks like a f**k**g bog brush, I'm concerned that it's taking too much hair out of the mortar. Would a horizontal mixer, ie Lotus...
  10. pftmonojetman

    Holy Trinity Church, St. Helens

    This is a job I'm just finishing at the moment in St.Helens. 3 coat lime plastering. Got to say it's a dingy church not the best building I've worked on.
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    Old school tools

    Thought I go and see my old mentor today, not seen him for 20 years. I was driving past and thought f**k it I'll call in on him, I was wondering if he was still alive tbh. Knocks on his door and blow me he answered still looks good for his age at 84. Lost loads of weight and blind in one eye...
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    Gumtree job opportunity

    Hi, I am looking for a tradesman that has both skills: PAINTER and PLASTERER - you need to be able to do both very well! Please don't contact me if you can only do one of the trades. Job is based in West Norwood and due to start Tuesday 18th January, I will pay cash in hand £80 per day, if...
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    Skimming machine?? Wtf!
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    PFT trigger wiring

    Wonder if someone can give me a pointer as to wiring a PFT mixer trigger. Not sure what goes where, on the trigger it's numbered 1&2 on the bottom and 1&2 on the top, the power cable comes through the handle ,just live and neutral. Into slots 1&2 don't know which is which. Then there are 4 small...
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    Just to say thanks to Paul for sorting me out with a plasterer last week, got to say he come up trumps with a recommendation I've had no come backs so I'm happy with that and it means I've not lost any more work by not being able to do it. Cheers Paul appreciate the contact.
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    Cornice moulds

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    Barnier tape

    Does any know if you can get it in the Uk or do i have to buy it from Germany. They make it in Manchester but wont sell it cheers
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    Dont go fast in a pickup

    Coming home from work the other day had the back of the pickup loaded with tools and buckets and decided to do 85 down the M6 **** me my buckets flew off the back just saw loads of cars swerving to miss them got a few daggers lucky no cops about ill keep it at about 60 from now on. If you saw 5...
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    Feb in white render

    Im on a job in the lakes at the moment wet dashing were using silver sand and white cement but the sand is horrible weve put freeflo in the butter coat but the scratch has waterproofer in so it hangs too long we tried lime in the butter but it was awful to spread so my question is if we put feb...
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    PFT Knauf 1600w Plaster Whisk Morter Mixer not Belle 1600e | eBay Plastering Machine PFT N2V | eBay Couple of cheapies on ebay at the moment, the PFT whisks are fukin awsome id have that one but ive already got two
  22. pftmonojetman

    1.5mm top coat

    Does any one in Lancs know the best place to buy silicone top coat 1.5mm. Will weatherby sell direct to public or do you have to be approved. Went in Keyline they have 1.5mm K-rend at £55 a tub just shopping about need 10 tubs cheers.
  23. pftmonojetman

    Monocouche accelerant

    Is there any thing you can use to speed up the set for mono ? Were using FT at the mo doing same day scrapes but its long days. Im wondering if there was an accelerant to finish it quicker. If so is it worth it and is it any good cheers
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    Do you fancy your chances against the mighty blues tonight brother ?
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    Diy sos

    Did any one see it last night in Swindon was it the same one Les did the photos looked the same On L&D thread
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    Machine plasterers wanted

    PLASTERERS WANTED FOR WORK IN GERMANY Tradesmen / Labour Jobs Liverpool Plasterers with Machine experiance for Germany Tradesmen / Labour Jobs EU Newcastle
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    Im doing a sports hall at the moment ive been floating the changing rooms for the tiler in sand and cement done about 45m2 today mixing my own gear with a shitty cement mixer wheeling it in with a barrow humping it on the spot then handballin the s**t on **** that i want me machine back.
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    Ritmo on ebay
  29. pftmonojetman


    This was advertised about 18 months ago, its only single phase though G5 PFT caddy Plastering machine on eBay (end time 13-Apr-11 14:58:17 BST)
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    A mate of mine is going to mono his mothers house but she has told him she would like corner stones on the house, Hes got a price for them at £15 each thing is he asked me how you fix them and to be honest i didnt know,i never do work like that, i suggested exterior tile adhesive. is there...
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    Is anyone spraying weber atm weve sprayed about 9 pallets and it keeps bridging in the hopper another gang had this too, using a monojet with a d4-2 its silver pearl. It seems to take in quickly too it been crap stuff to be honest
  32. pftmonojetman

    VAT and CIS payments

    If i invoice a contractor for money how is it worked out i cant find relevent info on net, for easy reckoning £100 a day is it ____ £100 - 20% cis = £80+ vat = £96 or 100+vat =£120 - 20% cis =£100 The contractor wont tax me 20% on my day rate plus vat will he? cheers
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    plastering Contractor

    On a job at the moment for Barretts and found out they are building 400 houses down the road from me, me and my mate recon we could do em, can easily get a couple of gangs together NP and supply matts got a rough idea what prices are, really they only pay so much for each design of house...
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    Drylining metal stud tools

    Ive got a couple of bits for sale that i no longer need
  35. pftmonojetman

    bit of kit
  36. pftmonojetman

    Has any one used this site, im after a swiss trowel and they seem the only place to get one just wondering if there ok cheers
  37. pftmonojetman

    Compressed air

    Been spraying sto level cote got it going fine brand new r & s, running from barrels and just a 10m hose only trouble im having is when i finish a section and turn the air off at the gun i come to turn the air back on and nothing happens i have to press the green button on the machine im...
  38. pftmonojetman

    Friday 13th nightmare

    What a c**t todays been ffs, started off to do 40 meters of metal which wasnt ready cos of sparks nuff said so went to spray sto levell cote, just wouldnt go right f**k*d my 20m hose it was ok last time i used it today it was F*****g blocked f**k knows why half way through a spray elecy...
  39. pftmonojetman

    Acoustic studding

    Does anyone know the best way to cut these acoustic studs tried it with the snips no chance thought it might be a small grinder or something cheers, not as easy as C studs to cut
  40. pftmonojetman

    Sto level cote

    Just after the water setting for level cote with a new R&S my flow meter is the same as PFT cheers
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    Just found this on the internet thought you might be interested 8)
  42. pftmonojetman

    Cocking up the quantities

    Check this out, house just been rendered and 230 bags left over :o :o :o ;D
  43. pftmonojetman

    Holy s**t!!!!!

    A G5 has just been sold on ebay for £820
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    Grand wizard

    Says its your Birthday today on the calender All the best mate
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    Is it the same as HP12
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    Usg aquaboard

    Ive got a job to do on Manchester University, outside columns on aquaboard, with a thin coat finish not used this system before, synthetic resin plaster has any one used it, is it like STO.
  47. pftmonojetman

    Here you go

    Here you are boys an online copy of Kirks Favorite book so you can save your dough :) :) :)
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    Gravity fed machines as conveyers

    Ive been wondering about this for some time, can a gravity fed machine ie Monojet, S44 or similar be used to convey wet mortar from a mixer or say ready mixed mortar out of the mortar skips from tilcon and the like, like an N2 or so. Or are they just dedicated mixer pumps, Since you have to have...