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    Ritmo L for sale

    Did the ritmo sell ?
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    Wikes rapid hardener

    Hi guys having to hand apply some mono this week how much wikes go go juice are you using per bag we usually gauge it on per barrel but obvz hand apply you work it out per bag cheers
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    The G5

    I rebuilt my 2 stroke motorcross bike lol The pft is by far a better machine than our mtec that was a shocking machine The g5 is simple to use and a lot less to go wrong so it works for us.
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    The G5

    Job today we was there for 7.15 sprayed a 52 meter gable ruled off cleaned out for 9:30 home for 9:45 then back at 2:30 and scraped an cleaned up for 4. 3:45 mins on the job haha all thanks to the g5 could never go back to handballing mono
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    Afternoon sprays yet?

    Which retarder are you lads using and is it ok to run through machine
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    Mono help

    Alright lads been asked to price a mono job its site work but all my mono work is domestic so not sure what the site rates are He wants armoured mono so take it its 1 pass mesh the top out ?? Never done this method before we always base coat an mesh then mono just to cover our backs Its 6000...
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    I'm a brickie, want to k rend top half of my house.

    As much as a nice mono job looks i dont think you can beat good stonework Id use a renderer pal mono can be hard at the best of times bever mind if you have never done it before. You could always offer to help maybe then at least you can still say you have helped do it
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    Weber on top of K-Rend

    Would suppliers stock both k rend and weber there competitors arnt they? Seems they had some left over or cheap bags
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    Bin it or give it a go!

    Its sh#te stuff anyhow, we did a test wall a couple of years back with the rep video recording us an asking questions throughout the set, next day we went in an tried a magnet on it an it slid straight down the wall haha
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    Wall paper backing paper help!

    did you not ask if you can skim over it??
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    Wall paper backing paper help!

    I think ull find you said would i be able to pva it and skim with no problem in the future or does it all need to be off? To me that's asking if you can skim over wallpaper, you learn things like that when your starting out not 6 years in,
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    Wall paper backing paper help!

    In ur other thread you say you been plastering for 6 years? You cant honestly be asking if you can skim over wallpaper
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    One day a good labourer the next f**k**g crap

    Hard to come by are good labourers, the good ones usually switched on an start spreading so want more money and the ones thay dont ask for a rise are not interrsted ya cant win,
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    Wanted G4 or G5

    Thanks for that i bought the g5, cracking machine was well worth the 12 hour trip, cheers
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    M tec m300 for sale

    2007 mtec m300 for sale £2150 open to sensible offers See ebay add
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    Another Ritmo for Ireland

    What site is that on bud
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    Wanted G4 or G5

    Do you have a number i could get him on please and what area are you based pal
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    Wanted G4 or G5

    Please if you could mate
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    Wanted G4 or G5

    machine an hoses only we have a jenny Based in leeds/bradford but will travel for the right deal Cheers lads
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    Wanted G4 or G5

    machine an hoses only we have a jenny Based in leeds/bradford but willing to travel for the right deal cheers lads